This is my love

A story about a famous movie star trying to find the girl he loves after she disappeared 10 years ago,what he doesn't know is that she is closer than he thinks.


39. let’s get back to work

Delilah’s POV

I waited impatiently next to my computer for the next update of the story Brandon promised to send me tonight.suddenly,I get a notification on my phone,and sure enough it was the update.i let out a loud sigh and said,”took him long enough.”I closed my eyes,sat back and listened intently to what I had to write next.

Brandon’s update

Were the hell did I leave off the last time,ohh wait,now I remember.Lily lied to protect me,from that very moment,I wanted to take care of her,know if she’d eaten,or if anyone was hurting her.I didn’t even know her name,but I wasn’t planning to give up this easily.Luckily there was only one primary school in our little town,and I well guessed she might have been around the age eleven or twelve.I skipped school as always,because as you now know,I was a bad kid.I walked to that little elementary school and waited at the front gate and sure enough,she walked out.she didn’t even notice me when she walked though the gate,so I had to get her attention.i obnoxiously said”hey kid remember me.”she turned around quite surprised to see me there,and asked me what I was doing here.she then asked why I wasn’t in school and if they let me out early.

When I had told her I skipped school she looked at me with an expression that was full of worry,she then said the words that i never forgot,”can you do me a favor and not skip school anymore,I don’t want anything to happen to you.”no one had ever worried that much for me,those words really stuck with me.i then smiled and said”only if you tell me your name.”Now that i think about it,that a very dumb thing for me to say.Anyhow,she told me her name was lily park and that now I had to put in my side of the bargain.i guess I pushed it to far when I asked if I could walk her home everyday.she instantly told me that she didn’t want me to and that I’d be better for us to met up and hang out at places instead.i had a bad feeling,so I followed her,believe it or not,lily is the first person,I’ve ever been worried for.i’m no stocker, I just couldn’t let her go home by herself,what if something could have happened to her.i followed her to her apartment complex,and it was in the worst neighbor hood in town.she walked in the worst complex there, a priest and nun suddenly went up to her and gave her a box.

Lily then walked back inside,I then overheard a conversation the nun and priest were having.i couldn’t believe what I heard,they talked about lily having to take care of her sick grandmother and how her grandmother was soon going to die.when they walked away,I feel to the ground and started crying,in that moment I regretted everything I had done to my parents and sister.i was so worried about lily, from then on there,I did my best,so that she could confide in me,but I was narrow minded,I blew it.

Delilah’s POV

When the message ended,I was full blown crying,I didn’t even know why.i had a mental image of Brandon crying outside a dingy apartment complex.i don’t have a clue,what’s happening to me.

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