This is my love

A story about a famous movie star trying to find the girl he loves after she disappeared 10 years ago,what he doesn't know is that she is closer than he thinks.


35. goodbye

Brandon's POV

As I walked out the elevator,I caught a glimpse of girl with long strawberry blond hair.The same hair color Lily had,I turned around and saw a girl in the elevator,she reminded me so much of Lily,but before I could do anything,the elevator doors closed.Who am I kidding,I shouldn't get so worked up,any girl could have that hair color.

I walked though the office and said a few hello's,suddenly someone put their hands over my eyes and said"guess who."I could tell from a mile away it was Bella,I turned around and sure enough,it was her.Im tired of her always being so clingy,why won't she get it,I can only love Lily."Bella I don't have the time for this,please leave me alone,don't you have anything better to do than pester me,"I said annoyed.

Bella's POV

I don't understand,what does she have that I don't.He talks about her with such love in his words,but he talks about me,like I'm a nuisance.His words break me a little every time,but I won't give up.Even though he just called me a pest,I have to try."Brandon,can I please have a word with you,I promise I won't cling to you,"I said looking at him with a hurt expression.

His annoyed expression turned rather soft,into an expression of comprehension."Fine,but I have to take care of some Business,wait for me on the roof,I'll meet you there in 15 minutes.

Brandon's POV

When I told Bella to wait for me on the roof,her expression turned rather euphoric and she happily walked away.i quickly walked into James's office."hey dude,did the author come by for the paycheck,"I said."She sure did,but she just left,damn I wish you could've seen her,she's such a beauty,"he said with a sigh."so dude does that mean that,your into her,"I said confused."no,shes beautiful,but she's not my type,she seems like the type of girl who's way to pure,"he said laughing.I give him an apologetic smirk and say"that's a relief,that means you won't pester her and she can just do the job."

"She said she wants to start writing tonight,is that fine with you,"James said looking at his phone."Of corse,the sooner she starts writing the better,plus,I was planning to send her a video recording every night,"I said."that's great,she seemed very enthusiastic about the job,"he said smiling.I look at my phone and see that eleven minutes had passed,"hey,I've got to go,I have an issue to resolve,"I said as I casually walked away.

Bella's POV

It's been twelve minutes already of me waiting for him,I don't care how long it takes,I love him.As I almost lost all hope of him actually meeting me here,he ran up to me and said while catching his breath"what did you want to talk about."I'd thought all night of what to say,and now it was time to let it all out."Brandon,my feeling for you will never change,but you know something,the good memories we've had together are all I need,the memories of our joyful times are enough for me,and even if years later our friendship never becomes romance,I'll still be ok with it because that alone,is a type of love,"I said looking strait in his eyes.

He had the sound of joy in his voice"I'm glad,that you can understand what I had been telling you for many years,I appreciate it,I'm busy,I have to go,"he said walking,I can't do this,I need him,I tug on his shirt and hug him from behind."However,I'm not going to keep what I feel for you bottled up in me,I'm going to express it,"I said.he turned around and pushed me away,"Bella,I don't love you,"He said with a hurt expression."really Brandon,after all these years of friendship we've had,you've never once had a Romantic interest in me,"I said teary eyed."No,Bella your like a sister to me,"he said holding my hands."stop thinking that way,because your blinded by the love of a girl that doesn't love you back,"I yelled."how would you know you spoiled brat,"he angrily said.

"She left you and she hasn't come back,she doesn't love you,"I yelled."you don't know that,"he said."I can be a replacement for her,I don't care anymore,"I cried.He looked at me with a hurt expression and said"goodbye Bella,"He then walked away as I tugged on the part of my dress,where my heart was,I cried there,in that same spot for hours.

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