This is my love

A story about a famous movie star trying to find the girl he loves after she disappeared 10 years ago,what he doesn't know is that she is closer than he thinks.


34. elevator

Delilah's POV

I'm walking on water,each step I take, I see a new memory of Brandon."why am I here,"I say to the never ending pool of Crystal clear water.I hear a beautiful voice say"Do you not remember.""remember what,who are you,"I say frightened."Shouldn't that be a question you should ask yourself,"the voice then said."What are you saying,of corse I know who I am,I'm Delilah Swanson,"I say."no,that's not your name,that's not the name he remembers,"the voice suddenly said."That's always been my name,and who is this "he"your talking about,he must be confusing me with another person,"I said looking around to see where the voice was coming from.Suddenly, I see a teenager walking with a girl,"wait that girl,that's me,"I said shocked.

"yes,that is you,the real you,"the voice said."what do you mean the real me,and who's that guy I'm walking with,"I said confused."Thats Brandon Peterson at the age of fifteen,the age when you both met and fell in love,"the voice announced."No he met Lily Park when he was fifteen,I'm Delilah Swanson,"I said."This name Delilah Swanson,is not your real name,it is the name bestowed on you by your wicked mother,who caused you to forget,your name is Lily Park,"the voice said."wait what to do you mean,"I say.I then see the person who the beautiful voice belonged to,it was me in my early twenties.She laid her head against mine and cried"please remember for the both of us.""what do you mean for the both of us,"I said.Suddenly,I look up and she wasn't there anymore.suddenly,I hear foot steps and then someone put their hands over my eyes,"guess who,"said the voice of a man.I strangely feel a sense of euphoria,i suddenly say"Brandon,is that you."I turn around and sure enough it was him."Lily,I finally found you,"He said leaning closer to me.

Suddenly,my alarm goes off,it was all a dream,a really weird dream.Im getting way to into this job,I'm getting so delusional.I got up and took a quick shower,I then put on the clothes I had laid out the night before.I quickly do my hair and makeup and rush to the bus stop.I wish I could afford a car,so that I didn't have come to the every morning.As I get to the studio,I was met with Brandon's manager waiting outside for me."right on time Ms.Swanson,come I have the check for half the money in my office and while I'm at it,I'll show you around,"he said as he ushered me inside.

Sure enough he showed me around everywhere,and finally he gave me the check."Thanks James,"I said.I then walked away,when I got to the elevator,as the doors opened,I saw Brandon.We quickly passed each other,but as the elevator doors closed,he turned his head to look at me.His eyes suddenly widen and before anything else could happen the elevator doors many thoughts collided though my head.why is my heart beating so fast and why do I feel like crying?whats wrong with me.

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