This is my love

A story about a famous movie star trying to find the girl he loves after she disappeared 10 years ago,what he doesn't know is that she is closer than he thinks.


28. crying

Brandon's POV

Crying cleanses the soul,but mine is to far from ever being cleansed,I can't stop thinking about her,she was my everything.There was so many things we did,but in the end,it wasn't enough.Luna told me she's pregnant and I'm so glad,I really am.

She told me to hang out with her today,but I just can't.The darkness of my soul has consumed me and I can never go back to the way I was before.I then realized,"it's Friday,the audition is in an hour,"I said.I hear her voice in my head,"your gonna be great actor someday."

It's fine if I don't want to do this for myself,but I'm gonna do it for her.I just barley made it for the audition.As I walk up on stage,the directors in front of me say"what your gonna do is some improv.""ok,what's the scene,"I said."you looked everywhere for your love,but she's far gone and you start talking about her,go,"said the directors.

It then came to mind what I did that night when Lily left me again just a few days ago.Shit I think i'm gonna fucking cry,but I have to try for you Lily.I then start the scene that comes in mind,the one of my own story.

"I looked for you everywhere,I've asked everyone if they've scene you around dozens of times,"I say as a tear runs down my face."Even though I always get the same response,every single time.People call me an idiot because you left and never told me about it,you didn't even have the courage to say goodbye.They say you didn't love me,but you however used me,but I don't have the courage to believe them.Unless you say it,I won't believe a word that they say because my heart was yours from the first time you said the three simple words that I never had the chance to tell you,the words I love you and I always will,"I said as a sea of tears came down my checks.

I looked down and the directors were on the break of tears,except for one because she was already crying."give him he script,"she said.they quickly hand me the script and I read it aloud"I remember the first time I met you,these kids were calling you poor and retarded and you only cried.I ran up to them and because I was quite a bit older than them,they ran away.You looked to me and the first thing I noticed were you striking hazel eyes.I always called you my princess because I didn't like your name,but you seemed to like the nickname.You were my first love,but all those memories were long gone,you left me all alone.Its never hurt so much to be this alone,but I am to keep my promise,the same one I made to you the day we met,the promise that id never forget you,"I said full blown crying.

As the directors were wiping their tears they said"all the other actors cried with such falseness,but it was as if you poured your heart and soul out for us,you get the part,the lead.""what,I thought the female was the lead,"I said confused."We changed that a few days ago the male is the lead now,come tomorrow,"they said."Thank you,"I said.I then ran out of the studio and looked up at the sky,I had finally gotten my big brake."Lily,I'll find you,this is for you,"I cried.

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