This is my love

A story about a famous movie star trying to find the girl he loves after she disappeared 10 years ago,what he doesn't know is that she is closer than he thinks.


8. 8:Truly lost

Brandon's POV

I was startled by my alarm clock,at 11:00.I can't believe I sleep for that long,I quickly take a shower and rummaged in my closet to find something decent to wear.

By the time it's 11:30 I dash out the house.I can't wait to see Lily,it's so fun whenever we're together,it's as if all the problems in my life are distant.

Suddenly Mason and four more guys walk toward me.As I had nothing good to say to any of them,I walked passed them."Let's go have a bit of fun with that elementary school girl he hangs out with,"Mason laughs.

I stop walking and turn around,"If you ever touch her,I'll kill you,"I yelled.I charged at them and hit Mason,that was the start of the fight.It was me against five guys,I didn't stand a chance.

They pushed me to the ground and started kicking me in the ribs.As I start coughing blood,I blacked out.

Lily's POV

Brandon's going to pick me up at any minute,just me an him,it feels just like a date.I waked outside my apartment at 11:55,and I waited and I waited,but Brandon never came.I waited outside like a complete idiot just standing there in tell the darkness of night surrounded me.All I thought about was an old saying"Don't cry when the sun is gone,because you won't get to see the stars."what stars?All that I see around me is the darkness of betrayal.That night I walked inside crying.

Brandon's POV

I woke up dazed,as I looked at my surroundings I realized I was in the hospital.My mother called the doctor and he said"Brandon this may be a shock to you,but you fractured your ribs and that trauma caused you to be in a three day coma.""I was in a coma,"I said shocked."yes,but you will be out of the hospital in a couple of days,"said the doctor.An hour later my mom went out to get something to eat.I was bored out of my mind,I look next to me and see a book of poetry.I picked up the book and skimmed though the pages.Suddenly,I came across a poem that brought me to realization of my feelings toward Lily.

You made me realize

You made me realize the meaning of true love,the true meaning of affection in life,things we were not meant to be,things I could not see,then why did you leave me and go,I truly want to know,why did you leave me alone,my love I feel so low,without you there is no life,without you I can't survive,because I loved you.

That poem go to me and made me realize what Lily had meant that day when we were at the park and to be honest we now share the same feelings because now I have the word to describe what I feel for Lily,love,I can say it now,I love Lily,I love her so much It hurts.

Lily's POV

I haven't seen Brandon in four days,I hope nothing bad happened to him.When a I got to my apartment complex,I tearfully saw as they took my grandmother out of the apartment by a stretcher."grandmother,grandmother,"I screamed as I ran after the ambulance.

When I arrived at the hospital they said I needed adults to come in with me,so I called the nun and priest from church.We waited impatiently for the doctor.when he finally approached us,he came with bad news"your grandmother doesn't have much time left,I will allow you to come in to say your last words.I cry as I walked in the hospital room.I had no words to say,but my grandmother did"Sweetheart I want you to go with the nun and priest because they told me that someone is interested in adopting you,this can be your chance to have a family,"she said coughing."yes grandmother,"I said crying."I love,so much,"she said taking her last breath.The monitor showed that her heart stopped beating."Grandmother wake up,please wake up,"I hysterically screamed.The hospital said they would cover the cost of the funeral.tomorrow I will have a new family.Brandon,I love him so much,I didn't get get to say what I wanted to my grandmother,but to him I will.I left him a note in the shoes box he had give the shoes to me in and I left without looking back.

Brandon's POV

Yesterday I was released from the hospital and now I'm gonna confess my love to Lily.I stood outside her door and no one answered.I turn the knob and to my surprise it wasn't locked.when I look inside all the Furniture was gone everything except for the shoe box I gave Lily.I open it and there was a note inside.It read,"Brandon thank you for everything,I will never forget you."I stood there for hours trying to comprehend what just happened,I remember all the good times we had,the poem I read came true.I pick up the note and shoe box and ran out the apartment.It was night and the stars were out,I didn't know where to go,but I found myself at the park we went to.U stood on the edge of the fountain and yelled though tears"Lily where are you,Lily,Lily I love you,Lily why did you have to leave me."I cried and cried and when I was out of tears I walked home,she's gone,she's truly gone,and I'm afraid that when something is truly gone you can't get it back.

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