This is my love

A story about a famous movie star trying to find the girl he loves after she disappeared 10 years ago,what he doesn't know is that she is closer than he thinks.


7. 7:who is she to me

Four months later.....

Brandon's POV

Lily and I are walking in the shopping district in the busy city of Lake view.

She stoped at a shoe store and admired a pair of white lace Converse."Those are cute,aren't they Brandon,"she said with a smile."ya,they suit you,"I say.As I walked her to her apartment complex and into her apartment I say,"tomorrow after school let's go to the park and eat ice cream."she smiled and said"that sounds pleasant to me,thank you for the invitation."She then walked inside her apartment,I wanted a hug,wait what am I thinking.As I walk out of the apartment complex,I got an idea.I walked back to the shopping district and bought the shoes she liked,with the help of her grandmother telling me her shoe size,a size 5.

Lily's POV

It was nine thirty at night when I heard a knock on the door."Brandon must have sent us more food,what a nice guy"said my grandmother.When I opened the door,I look to the floor and see a shoe box on the floor with a note on it,it read"Lily I hope you love this gift:Love Brandon.I open the box and find the shoes I admired at the shopping district.

He's way to nice to a poor girl like me,I don't deserve his kindness.

I walk back inside and look at the unopened box the people from the church gave me,I open it to find a pink ruffle skirt,a white shirt with a pink heart on it,and a beautiful sparkle pink heart barrette.Tomorrow I'm gonna take Brandon's breath away.

Brandon's POV

The next day as I waited in front of Lily's school.I could believe what I saw,she looked so beautiful today,and she wore the shoes I bought her,my heart skipped a beat,I excuse it as nothing.

"Brandon,"she said as she jumped into my arms for a hug.As we walk to the park I said"I like your barrette.i chuckle as I saw her blush as she touched her barrette.

You could cut this Tension with a knife,I quickly try to make conversation"so what do you wanna be when you grow up,"I say to Lily."I wanna be a famous actress"she said with a look of proudness."really,why is that"I said."I want to become an actress so that I can find my mother,she left me when I was born,but I forgive her,"she said smiling.

We go to the ice cream parlor and grab two Vanilla soft-serve ice cream cones."I was so lonely,without a mother,but I'm not anymore,"she said smiling."why"I said curious.she blushed and said"I have you now,to keep me company."

We get to the park and we sit at the fountain next to a tree"she said"I like you,every time I see you my heart beats faster.""you like me as a brother,"I said."no because a brother and sister can never be together,and if we are separated one day,I will remember you by just looking at your back,"she said smiling.

I walked her home and said"tomorrow is Saturday so I'm gonna take you out to eat lunch at twelve.""ok Brandon,"she said.

That night my parents and my sister were watching T.v and my mom said"That blonde actress is so pretty,I hope your sister is as beautiful as her.""Mom that Actress is nothing compared to this beautiful girl I know,"I said grinning.I then walked to my room and fell asleep.

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