This is my love

A story about a famous movie star trying to find the girl he loves after she disappeared 10 years ago,what he doesn't know is that she is closer than he thinks.


5. 5:will she ever tell me

Brandon's POV

Assume,the word that only makes you and me look like an ass.I assumed that life is just another thing that you can play with.How wrong was I,life is a gift that has no price,and no matter how fucked up it is,it always has meaning.God isn't the one that's fucked up,its us,because we don't see it in a good perspective,we don't see how beautiful it is ,and we don't know how important it is.

As Lily was about to walk though the front door of the apartment complex,she was stoped by a priest and a nun holding a box.I saw how Lily refused the box at first ,but eventually she was convinced and received it with a smile.

She has such a warm,kind,charming smile,that would make anyone smile in return.She then said a few more words,that I couldn't make out,and then she walked inside the apartment complex.

I walked closer and was able to hear the conversation that the nun and priest were having."Its such a pity that she has a burden at such a young age,she has to take care of her sickly grandmother,but I don't think she comprehends how little time her grandmother has left father Martin,"said the nun concerned."Sister Tera,you know there's a middle aged couple that is interested in adopting Lily,she won't be alone,"said the priest full of hope.

I was shocked about what I heard,to think Lily had such hardships in her life.

The nun and priest then walk away and as they left I dropped to my knees and my eyes started to water.Im such a fucking asshole,I don't appreciate my parents,and Lily doesn't have anyone,but her grandmother.

There's only one question in my mind.When will she tell me,about everything?If she doesn't tell me then how can I help her.I need to help her.

The next day I went to school and after that I went to Lily's school.When I saw her approach the exit,I walk in front of it.When she saw me,she ran to me and gave me a hug.

Lily's POV

School sucks,everyone makes fun of my clothes,but the main cause of my bullying are my shoes.They have holes in them,and people keep making fun of me.finally I can go home.I see Brandon standing in front of the exit smiling. I felt the biggest euphoria,and I happily ran to him and hugged him very tightly,it was such a nice hug,I don't want to let go.

Suddenly Cristina Perkins,the girl who bully's me came toward me."Wow look at the retarded orphan,looks like her shoes have another hole in them,"Cristina said making fun of me."look who came,the mother of Isis,"I said sarcastically.

"At least I have parents and clothes,something you can't ever have,"she said.I began to tear up,and suddenly Brandon took note of this."Hey little bitch,how about you shut your mouth,you look fucking pathetic making fun of things that are materialistic,she has something you'll never have,"Brandon said out raged."What can she possibly have that I don't,"Cristina said laughing.

"She has me,and I'm not going to permit you hurting her,do I make myself clear,"Brandon said with anger in his eyes.Cristina angrily walked away.Suddenly my heart skipped a beat,I think I'm in love with Brandon.

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