This is my love

A story about a famous movie star trying to find the girl he loves after she disappeared 10 years ago,what he doesn't know is that she is closer than he thinks.


4. 4:who is she

Brandon's POV

She cried for me and she lied to protect me,but I don't even know her name.She was willing to help me,a stranger,so I'm going to do anything I can to protect her,I'm gonna find her.

She looked about eleven or twelve years old,so My first stop is my town's only elementary school,WoodCreak primary school.I wait out there for about twenty minutes,I see her come out.

"Hey kid remember me,"I said."Brandon how do you know I come to school here,"she said curious."well this is the only elementary school in town,"I said laughing."

"Did you get out early today,the people in high school come out an hour later,"she said."Silly I skipped school,"I said while smiling.

Lily's POV

He's such a nice guy,its hard to believe he's gotten in trouble so much and above that he skips school.If he continues like this,he's gonna get nowhere in life."Brandon can you do me a favor,"i say worried."I'll do you any favor,but in exchange you have to tell me your name,"he said grinning."my name is Lily park,"I say.

"Fine ask anything of me now,"he said with a big smile on his face."Brandon,stop skipping school,I don't want anything to happen to you,"I said worried.

Brandon's POV

I was shocked when said those words to me,but none the less I respond quickly,"fine I'll stop skipping school,but in exchange you have to let me walk you home everyday,"I said absentmindedly."she looked to the ground and said"Brandon I don't think that's the best idea,maybe you could meet me at places after school."

"Fine,that's ok by me,"I said.As I saw her walk away,I got very curious,so I followed her.Im no stalker,but the way she told me those things,made me worry,I couldn't help it.

I follow her and that's were I realized she lived in a very poor neighborhood,she walked in the most Dingy apartment complex there.That explained a lot to me,that's why she had a torn backpack,that's why she had worn out shoes,and why she wore ragged clothing.

If I was worried before,I was way more more than ever she needed my help.Im gonna do anything I can,to protect this feeling I have.

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