This is my love

A story about a famous movie star trying to find the girl he loves after she disappeared 10 years ago,what he doesn't know is that she is closer than he thinks.


3. 3:where it all started

Lily's POV

I walked down the road I take to go to school and walk home.Its raining so hard today,suddenly I hear a screech and I look around me and all I did was stand there in fear as someone driving a motorcycle ran over me.

Brandon's POV

"Fuck I crashed again,"I say standing up.well at least I didn't get hurt,I look next to me and I was horrified,I had ran over a girl.I started to panic so I crouched down and I say in a very worried voice,"hey kid ,get up,please wake up."No respond from her,I lift her up and carry her on my back and ran as fast as I could to the hospital.

Lily's POV

I woke up from the darkness and realize that a guy is carrying me on his back running,I assume to the hospital.His back is so warm,I tighten my grip.I never want to let go,I then fall back into darkness.

Brandon's POV

I'm in the waiting room at the hospital and I feel uneasy,I see the doctor walking toward me ,he then said"the girl you brought in will be fine."I let out a sigh of relief and say"can I see her."the doctor smiles and said "yes you may go see her."I walked into her room at the hospital and the cops are there.As the police arrest me I look back at the girl and realized she was crying.

Lily's POV

I woke up in the hospital,and there were police in my room."young lady what happened,we know Brandon Peterson was behind this accident,"said one of the officers.Brandon Peterson,so that's his name I thought as I remember how I tightened my grip,when I was on his back.Brandon walks though the door,I started to smile,but then suddenly the officers got out a pair of handcuffs and that's when I started tearing up,I watched as they arrested him.

No,I can't let this happen,I can't let him go to jail,he saved me.A nurse walks in my room and I manage to say"please tell me where they are talking the guy that was arrested."The nurse then said,"the police told me he was gonna be in jail over night and in the morning he was going to appear in court,the one on Main Street."

Brandon POV

I'm in court and I know what's going to happen,"Brandon Peterson I hear by announce,you guilty and you will stay in Juvenile detention for six months,"said the judge.My parents start to weep and then my mom says"there must be another option your honor."Before the judge could say anything,the girl I saved runs though the door and says"Brandon Peterson didn't run me over,I fell on the ground fainted because I didn't eat well that day,he saved me your honor,please give him another chance.""fine Brandon all charges will be lifted,but promise me you will never end up here ever again,Brandon god has given you a second chance use it,"said the judge."yes I will your honor,"I said as I smile,I looked back to where the girl was standing,but she was gone.

She lied for my own well being,I wanna take care of her,I wanna know if she's eaten,I wanna know if she's being bullied at school,I wanna help her.

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