This is my love

A story about a famous movie star trying to find the girl he loves after she disappeared 10 years ago,what he doesn't know is that she is closer than he thinks.


29. 10 more years...

Brandon's POV

It's 2017 and my acting career sky rocketed,but even so,Lily still hasn't come back.Her smile burned in my mind,with all of the blurred out memories of her.I'm one of the most famous actors out there,but what use do I have the money for,if Lily isn't here to share it with me.The T.V series"years"ended two years ago,but I was afterwards offered part after part in movies,dramas,tv shows,you name it.

After all these years,woman after woman asking me to go out with them or confessing their love for me,but always getting the same response.I still love Lily,I can't go out with anyone else,I just can't.I wish she would just come back so I could at least tell her how much I love her.I've come to the last resort,it's probably the only way to get Lily's attention.Im going to hire someone to write a biography of mine and Lily's love.

Everyone was on board with it,at least that's what I though.Bella Morgan is against the idea of writing this biography.Shes what you call rich,pretty,and talented,her father owns a record label here in L.A and she's a model and an actor.Shes been in love with me ever since my career in 2004 started,but like every other woman,I rejected her.

Despite everything,I accepted to be Bella's friend because being an actor sure is lonely.We spend a lot of time together,but she's like a little sister to me,I can't think her romantically.My manger says other wise,he's my age and we are also best friends.He's the type of person to judge people by their looks.

"Dude what are you thinking Brandon,your going to let your chance with Bella Morgan go away because of another girl you can barley remember,"he said."James,you don't understand,I love Lily,and Bella is just a friend,"I said disappointed."Brandon your my friend and I will support you no matter what,I'll hold interviews for people who are ghost writers,"he said patting my back.

"what the hells a ghost writer,"I say confused.He rolled his eyes at me and said"A ghost writer is someone who writes a book for others and they keep their identity secret in order to live normal lives.""Thanks man,"I say.

Bella's POV

Brandon can't write that story about that girl,he can't.Ill never tell him about my discovery.The truth is I hired someone to find Lily and I managed to find her after years and years,no wonder it took to long,her name was completely changed.Im going to do my best to ruin her life.

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