The girl

a girl goes into 7th grade when she ends up getting lost in depression and it gets bad but it all changes by one person.


4. Life

             Rose kept texting me as I just stared down at my phone then she began to call over and over. I didn't know what to do then her mother kept calling I freaked out a little next thing I knew someone was banging on the bathroom door I didn't know who because I was home alone. I quickly wrapped a towel around me before opening I put my hand on the knob as I stopped when I heard Camila's voice in my head repeating over and over "Nobody loves you, they're tired of you, just take the pills already you wimp!" I backed away from the door as the person kept screaming for me to open it. I took a while then they said " Clem it's me Rose just open the door baby I promise everything  be alright just come with me you can move in and we can help you." I quickly opened it but it wasn't rose It was Camila

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