The girl

a girl goes into 7th grade when she ends up getting lost in depression and it gets bad but it all changes by one person.


5. Cole

As i quickly take the pills i slowly drift off to a place of happiness in the middle of life and death didn't know where i was then  everything changed i seen cole who i dated before rose it wasn't a good relationship at all infact one of us loved and the other one was a prisoner. I thought he would be nice and kind but that was only a mask he wore for other people.Yet to me he was a monster he hurt me and expected me to be okay with it and expected me to love him it was a mentally abusive relationship and just all around abusive i couldn't stand him yet here he was face to face with me and rose was on the other side pleading for me to hold on and not to let go i didn't know what she meant i tried running to her and going in her arms then he held me back as i screamed for her and begged him to let me go that she treated me right that he didn't own me anymore then i dropped....rose grabbed me and i woke up in  a hospital bed with rose next to me doctors around her mother there yet my family wasn't i ended up going home with them it felt awkward at first but her mom actually liked me and treated me more like a daughter and a person more than my mom ever did.

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