Head over Heels (18+)

Adrian moves to California to start her new adventure with her dad, whose a lawyer that is transferring to a new firm. She meets the famous celebrity Justin Bieber she absolute despises. They make a bet with each other which pulls them closer together, Justin exposes his love to her as she keeps it a secret.


29. Time For A Change.

I could imagine a life with Justin..a future. He makes me smile, laugh, and even makes me feel confident in myself. I don't know where I would be or what I would do without him. He sits up on the bed ordering room service; I'm sure tomorrow will be a big day for us to spend quality time with each other in Paris. I know Drew was supposed to take me, but I never had the time to, either I was pregnant, lying on that hospital bed, kidnapped or had to go to college. Once the food came, Justin and I sat in the bed watching a horror movie. After that we cuddled together, of course, he ended up falling asleep first. I slid out of his grip slowly..going to the bathroom to throw up. I flushed the toilet putting some water in my mouth spitting it into the sink. I grabbed a towel and dried my mouth off. I looked at myself in the mirror; it doesn't even look as if I was sick. I ran my fingers through my hair...a handful of my hair ended up in the palm of my hand. I'm fighting back the tears. I didn't want to lose my hair...my life or even Justin. I quickly cleaned my face looking at myself in the mirror again. 

"I'm a fighter," I said to myself proudly. Nothing was going to stop me from who I am today. 

"Hey," Justin says leaning by the bathroom. 

"Hi.. you startled me what are you doing up," I asked hiding the piece of hair behind my back. He softly chuckled walking closer to me. 

"What are you doing up? I'm the one that should be asking you that question...what's that behind your back."

"Nothing. I don't know what you're talking about" I said. He had that suspicious look on his face grabbing my arm from behind my back looking at the handful of hair. I could tell he was speechless and wanted to cry but didn't. He just smiles kissing my forehead.

"It's gonna be over soon," He says. I smiled running my fingers through his hair. He removes my hand looking in the drawer to find something, pulling out hair clippers handing it to me. 

"Justin...a-are you sure about this."

"Yeah..I'm more than sure, just cut enough where I can still feel the hair on my head," He says pulling a chair out in front of me sitting down. I plugged it in turning it on. I thought to myself if he started to feel sorry for me. I'm sure he wouldn't want to ruin his perfect soft hair. I slowly moved the clippers towards his hair cutting his hair. When I kept cutting it...most of his hair was on the bathroom floor. He rubbed the top of his head and started to laugh. I started laughing too to keep me from busting out in tears. He gets up looking at himself in the mirror; he's a whole different person now. Not in a bad way, he's still good-looking, overprotective Justin I've fallen in love with in high school. 

"You didn't have to do this," I said. 

"I wanted to. Time for a change anyway, it's just hair" He says with a smile. I smiled too. He grabs the clippers from me putting it back into the drawer cleaning his hair from the floor. "I don't want my girlfriend to feel left out I know how hard this is on you..it is on me too, but I'll deal with it. Now...can we please go back to bed" He says grabbing my hand. I smiled following him to the bedroom laying down. He wraps his muscular arms around me snuggling his face into my neck falling back asleep. I kissed his arm falling asleep too. I woke up the next day, the split doors were open by the balcony. Justin was outside sitting at a table with breakfast. I got up and went out; I smiled leaning against the door. 

"Morning," He says. 

"Morning. I almost forgot who you were; you look so different." 

"Yeah, that makes two of us. Come on sit down" He says getting up pulling out a chair for me. I sat down, and he sat across from me. 

"How are you feeling." 

"I'm okay. I threw up last night. What about you."

"I'm feeling good. I'm in a good mood today, not because we're in Paris but because I'm with you. How was college."

"A pain in the ass, so happy I got that out of the way..should've done two years instead of four. So Kathy and Drew are dating, did you know that"

"Yeah, they're always all over each other. Are you okay with that."

"Yeah, of course. Why wouldn't I be" I asked?

"He's your ex..and she's your best friend."

"We only dated for a day or two it's nothing. I'm okay with it. She deserves happiness too. He will take care of her. I haven't spoken to her in a couple of days; they moved in with each other. Do you still hate him" I asked, he shrugged? 

"Let bygones be bygones. I admit he was good to you; he did the right thing letting you think things through with me. I'm sorry about all that."

"Things happen. I get that; I'm happy you're here. I'm also happy that I didn't give it up to anyone else, even though you did give me the go-ahead to see other people. I just couldn't. I'm happy you did the same" I said. 

"Oh don't worry, I wasn't interested in giving it up. The past relationship I was in, those fuckers were crazy. I couldn't risk having anything else happening to you. I knew we would be back together..I was just afraid you would've found someone." 

"Of course not. You may not have taken my virginity but..it felt like you did. I felt the connection between us on that pool table" I said giggling. He laughed. 

"Yeah..it was a good first time. I didn't want it to end."

"It didn't have to, yes I been horrible to you but that didn't mean we should've stopped. We were a roller coaster, and I wanted to hop off of that ride and start something real between us...but it was too late." 

"I know. I did too, have you talked to Kristie" He asks changing the subject. 

"Yeah. Kristie and my dad are getting engaged."

"Holy shit, that's good." 

"Yeah. He's happy with her; he wanted to put a ring on her finger so...they're getting married in a few weeks. I like Kristie, she doesn't replace my mom though, but it's nice that he's moved on. She wanted him too..both of us. I don't want you to feel sorry for me." 

"I won't. I love you Adrian" He says, a smile came upon my face. I couldn't help but blush it's nice to hear those four words come out of his mouth. We finished breakfast, showering together touring Paris. It's good to know that I don't have to wear some sort of disguise being seen with him. I guess he doesn't want to hide the fact that he's out with me in public. A group of fans started to screaming running towards him with their cell phones and photos of him. He smiles at me telling me to join him in the picture. It would feel weird if I was a total outcast and took pictures of him and his fans not that I don't enjoy it but it's nice to know that he wants me involved too. I have nothing against his fans; I wouldn't want him to change who he is around them. He hands them their phones back grabbing my hand; they walked away chattering happily that they took a picture with the Justin Bieber. We walked up on a bridge; both sides were filled with lockets from other couples. I dug in my bag pulling out a locket that I've kept from high school writing A+J locking it on the fence. I smiled to myself wrapping my arm around his waist resting my head on his shoulder. He kisses my head wrapping his arm around my shoulder, starting to walk. I couldn't believe that I am still with this asshole, overprotective, loving, crazy, and obnoxious kid from high school.

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