Head over Heels (18+)

Adrian moves to California to start her new adventure with her dad, whose a lawyer that is transferring to a new firm. She meets the famous celebrity Justin Bieber she absolute despises. They make a bet with each other which pulls them closer together, Justin exposes his love to her as she keeps it a secret.


25. Spread Your Wings.

We got out of the shower, getting dressed. I went downstairs to make breakfast. He came downstairs kissing my cheek pouring him some orange juice sitting at the counter.

"I'm in a bit of a hurry right now, I'm supposed to be leaving in ten minutes to pick up Kathy, and then I'm nervous about this college it's just all so stressful."

"Don't worry; you'll be fine."

"How do you know," I asked.

"Because being nervous is normal. Everything will be okay. You got this" He says, I smiled and walked over to hug him.

"What would I do without you," I said chuckling.

"Still be up Jason's ass," He says, I pulled away and punched his arm. He laughed eating his breakfast. I did the same getting ready to leave.

"Good luck," He says grabbing my face kissing me. I smiled between kisses hugging him.

"Thanks. See you later, oh and you think I forgot about your birthday today. How come you didn't say anything."

"It's just any other day that's why. Enough about me, go before you be late."

"Okay. See you tonight" I said leaving. I got into the car picking up Kathy to tour the college. It's not that I don't want to go with Kathy to college. It's just things change, we're not little kids anymore, and you'll never know what to expect in life. I looked forward to being her roommate and become colleagues, but I want to follow my own path, and that's applying to other colleges. We got lots of information about the school, Kathy went ahead and got everything ready while I was still trying to figure out where I wanted to go. After that, we went to get some lunch, getting our nails done and doing a little window shopping.

"So, it's Justin's birthday today. What are you two gonna do."

"Well, he kept his birthday from me. He didn't even bring it up this morning. So I bought him a Rolex" I said.

"Holy shit, they're expensive as hell. I'm happy you two came to your senses and started dating, you're just so cute together. I can see a future with you and Justin. He's never cheated on you, never hit on you. He's good to you and so protective, I don't think he's ever done that to his past girlfriends" She said with a chuckle.

"Yeah. We're progressing slowly; I have a date tonight that's what he wants to do for his birthday."

"Wow..no party? He's a celebrity they're always throwing a party. Wow I'm surprised."

"Me too," I said blushing just thinking about him.

"Have you talked to Drew, he's supposed to take you to Paris remember. He's such a sweet guy."

"Yeah he is sweet, don't try flirting on him. You're dating his best friend."

"Hey, you can always go after the best friend."

"That is so breaking girl code" I chuckled.

"What is girl code."

"When you go after the ex-best friend. Knowing he's gonna be the rebound guy to make your ex jealous," I said. She rolled her eyes taking a sip of her drink.

"Get real; no one gives a shit about breaking a girl code. Guys do the same thing, and it's okay for them to do it? Ugh! Pathetic. Drew is cute."

"What about Troy? Are you still considering dating each other after going separate ways."

"No. We talked about it; we don't like long distance, so we make the best of it. By having sex. But on the other hand, Drew is going to college here. I know he got tons of people fighting over him to join their basketball team but, he decided to go here. I don't know why he's smart though. I'm sure he could've picked a college where I know he will fit in. I guess Justin isn't considering college."

"No. He's focused on his career now. He has to release his album today so, I'm sure there's not gonna be a party just yet" I said.

"He wants to spend time with you. Have lots of sex and orgasms you can't even imagine."

"Oh yeah, I can imagine. He takes care of me. We take care of each other"

"That sounds sexy. You guys can take care of each other in many ways."

"Exactly," I said giggling.

"Come on, let's find you an outfit. I don't know why but I love to pick out your clothes" She says grabbing my hand. We went into the store to do some shopping for my date tonight. A dressy off the white shoulder blouse, with a pencil skirt. She smirked at me handing them to me.

"You are so getting fucked tonight."

"Oh my gosh Kathy, I know," I said. We both started screaming like total idiots in the store everyone looked at us; I didn't care. Once I paid for the outfit, I went home to check if I got any mail from colleges that I've applied for.

"Hey, nice to see you home. Justin's birthday is today. Why don't you invite him over for dinner."

"Uh...about that, we have a date. Sorry"

"It's fine; I'm getting used to you having plans anyways. Just-- just make sure that you use protection last time I said that it was too late" He said, I chuckled.

"Dad, I got the shot. And I'm on the pill so don't worry. The shot lasts a year or two; I'm sure you won't have to worry about that while I'm in college."

"About college. You're still considering New York."

"Yeah. Kathy and I took a tour at Berkeley this morning. She got her things ready I'm just waiting on what New York has to say. I applied for others it's just in case if they don't accept me."

"They'll accept you," He said sitting on the bed next to me pulling me into a hug. "I'm proud of you, even if I don't say that very often. But I am. You came through a coma, through death, through getting abused, miscarriage. I'm happy Justin was with you through it all. I misjudged him; he's not so bad."

"Yeah. I love him" I said with a small smile. I can't believe I actually do love him; I just feel butterflies when I say that. He has been through all the good and bad with me and never left my side. He smiled kissing the top of my head. I checked my emails scrolling through them. I saw the admissions title from New York. I opened it scanning through it. I screamed jumping up and down.

"I got in! I got in!" I yelled.

"Oh my god, are you serious?" He asked picking the laptop up. He started laughing with a smile; I could tell he was really proud now.

"What are you gonna tell Kathy? Is she upset you can't be with her."

"No. She's not upset, I mean we talked about college together being roommates and stuff but, I'm an adult now, and I have to make some decisions" I said.

"Sometimes choices make you, and you make choices. If you want to go to New York, then go ahead. You don't have to go down the same path as Kathy, long as you're both successful. Your mom would be proud; I gotta call Kristie and tell her the news" He said walking out. The rest of the day, I spent time with my dad and Kristie. Celebrating getting accepted to NYU, we grilled talking around the fireplace outside.

"Don't you have a date to get to?" Dad says taking a drink of his beer.

"Yes, I do. I will see you both, in the morning" I said hugging them. I went upstairs to take a shower; I got out brushing my teeth, curling my hair adding some makeup, putting my clothes on, going over to Justin's. Once I walked up to the driveway, I saw Justin's car...his yellow Ferrari. I went inside, the lights were dimmed, red and white rose petals are trailing to the kitchen, music was playing, and the smell of food cooking smelled so good. Okay, I'm a bit nervous, I know that this is our second date, but it's Justin Bieber. I get nervous around him every damn day; I don't think that'll ever change. I followed the trail leading to the table that was made up nicely, next to it was Justin. The most handsome guy you'll ever see.

"You look....stunning," He says. I smiled.

"Thanks. Kathy sort of picked this out for me, y'know she has a thing for picking out my clothes" I said. We both chuckled. "Are you nervous? Or is it just me."

"Both. I don't know why but, I get nervous around you all day, every day. I guess it's something that we'll have to get used to."

"Yeah. I'm so surprised you didn't throw a party, celebrities always throw parties for their birthday."

"I know but, today that's gonna change. I rather spend it with you" He said pulling out a chair for me to sit down. I sat down, and he sat next to me. There was an awkward silence for a moment until we spoke up.

"I'm so nervous," We both said at the same time.

"I know I don't take you out or, take you places but-- it's just a rush y'know. Drew was supposed to take you to Paris, he offered, and I didn't"

"We're just friends. You don't have to spoil me with material things, that's not why I agreed to date you. It's just...you, as a person. I just love your confidence and the way you protect me. God the memories just makes me smile, the first day in high school I was such a bitch to you. If you wouldn't have made that bet, I don't think we will be facing each other today."

"That bet didn't mean anything. I wanted you before I even made that bet. You're smart; you were going to pass it anyways without my help. You're the one that helped me with English" He said, and we both laughed.

"You were pretty bad at it" I giggled.

"I know. But we both made it out...together, even though you had to deal with some of my crazy ass ex-girlfriends. I still love the way you carried yourself. We're more than just bed buddies; we're Bonnie and Clyde" He laughed, and so did I.

"I'm still here. I got kidnapped and died but, I'm happy I'm still here."

"Me too. I don't think any girl can make me smile like a little girl when I see you. I'm happy you came to California Adrian, your dad too he keeps me laughing."

"And Kathy," I asked.

"She's insanely weird...but I do respect that she has no filter, anything that comes to her mind she says it"

"Yeah. I've noticed that about her too. Oh! I got you something" I said taking the box out of my purse handing it to him.

"Adrian, you didn't have to. I told you it's like any other day."

"Well. I'm not going to sit around and not give my boyfriend anything for his birthday. Open it" I said. He chuckled and tore the wrapping paper untying the ribbon opening it up.

"A Rolex," He said surprised.

"Yeah, and it's not even out yet until another four months. I know you have all the money in the world, and you can buy hundreds of them, but I just wanted to get you something special. Do you like it? It was really expensive; you can't imagine the price of that thing."

"Yeah. I love it, I do. And I love you. Thanks" He said pulling me into a hug kissing me. I smiled and pulled away. "Speaking of gifts. I got you something too. Just to make up for what I didn't give you for your birthday," He says handing me a bag.


"Don't stall, just look and see?" He says. I sighed taking the wrapping paper out from the bag spotting a box that was way bigger than what I gave him. I took it out and opened it. 

"Justin is these real diamonds," I asked trailing my fingers on the diamonds of the necklace. 

"What kind of boyfriend do you think I am. Of course, they are. You deserve something real; I don't take no for an answer."

"I'm so speechless. Justin this must've cost a lot."

"Yeah. The money that was in the bag along with coke and guns I used it to get that for you, here I'll help you" He says getting up wrapping it around my neck. It felt so heavy knowing how real they were. "You're not like my crazy ex-girlfriends. I like that the most about you" He says sitting down. "So how did it go with touring the college," He says lifting up the silver platter over our food.

"It was good. Kathy got her things ready, and I got accepted to NYU. Found out when I got home. My dad and Kristie are proud of me...even my mom."

"I'm proud of you too. I knew you could get in."

"Yeah, thanks to you for my high scores for my test. I'm sure I wouldn't have gotten in if it wasn't for you. You're a good tutor, for a guy that's horrible in English" I said. He giggled kissing my hand. Once we ate dinner, we talked more, eating cake.

"How was your day? I saw that you got your car back."

"Yeah. I know it seems like I can buy all the cars I want to but, that car is special to me. The yellow Ferrari that picked you up when it was raining on your first day of school. I'll always keep that car, it just brings back a lot of memories" He said feeding me some cake.

"Yeah. The car that almost killed my dad and I" I giggled.

"I'm sorry" He chuckled. I dipped my finger into the icing smearing it on his cheek. He smiled doing the same thing to me; I gasped worrying about my makeup. He grabbed my finger, licking the icing off. Now that my mind is off of my expensive makeup, I was more focused on how sexy it felt when his wet tongue was on my finger. A smirk came upon his face; I bit my bottom lip. I stood up over him; he grabbed the bottom of my skirt lifting it above my waists exposing my blue lace underwear kissing my thigh.

"God I don't know what to do first," He says softly. I slowly pulled my blouse off throwing it across the room. Unclipping my bra dropping it on the floor.

"Do you know now?" I asked. He got up standing behind me cupping my breasts playing with them. His hands felt so good on my tits; I closed my eyes resting my head on his shoulder.

"Do you like that? Does that feel good."

"Mhm. It feels so good" I said. We started to make out as he played with my tits, rubbing my hard nipples. I turned around without breaking the kiss shoving my tongue down his throat. He picks me up, sitting me on the table, he pulls away looking me in my eyes. I smiled and kissed him.

"What is it," I asked.

"Nothing, you're just so beautiful. I'm the luckiest guy ever." 

"Oh really? You're the hot celebrity; the girls drool all over you. It's crazy that you picked me out of the bunch" I said kissing him again. He sat down opening my legs pulling my panties to the side sliding his finger in. I gasped holding onto his hand. My body starts to tense a little as he moved it in and out. He rubbed on my g-spot making me so wet, as his thumb played with my clit. He pulls me closer with his free hand placing my leg on his shoulder. I moaned loudly grabbing my tit, pulling my nipple. He sucked on another finger slipping it inside of me.

"Justin you know how sensitive I am" I moaned.

"How sensitive are you," He asks moving his thumb replacing it with his tongue. My eyes rolled to the back of my head, throwing my head back. I felt like screaming my ass off right about now, catching an orgasm.

"It's okay to scream; no one can hear you" He mumbled against my pussy. He removed his fingers sucking on my clit. I arched my back moaning his name. I moved my leg; he stands up pushing me down on my back pinning my legs back. Oh my god I love it when he separates my legs and pins them back. I could feel his tongue licking all over me; I pushed his head down with both of my hands. Once his tongue started to play with my clit, I tried to push his head away.

"Damn it, Justin! I'm gonna cum" I said. He spits on it, eating me out more. He lifts his head up kissing my inner thigh. He wiped his mouth helping me off the table. I crawled onto the bed, kicking my heels off. He got behind me pulling my skirt off leaving me in my panties. He kissed my ass, slowly taking my panties off.

"I love taking your panties off," He says throwing them on the floor, turning me around laying me down.

"Why aren't you undressed," I asked pulling his shirt off. He quickly unbuckled his belt taking his pants off standing in his Calvin Klein boxers. I smiled sitting up, crawling over to him pulling him closer to me by his boxers. I trailed my hand all over his muscular body, massaging his dick. I smiled at him pulling them down wrapping my hand around his dick jacking him off, spitting on it. He pushed my head down for me to start sucking it, I put it in my mouth and sucked on it.

"Fuck Adrian you're so good," He says thrusting his dick inside my mouth. I held his balls while he stroked into my mouth hitting the back of my throat. I started to choke; he grabbed both sides of my head pushing it further, shooting his cum down my throat.

"You like being choked, you dirty girl," He asked. I nodded as his dick was still in the back of my throat. Deep-throating it, moving my head back and forth as my spit and cum dripped from my mouth. I took it out of my mouth wiping my mouth. He kissed me pushing me down on my back. He crawled over me, pulling my body closer to his sticking it in. He moaned starting to thrust. I bit my bottom lip moaning pulling my hair.

"You like that baby," He asked.

"Mhm," I moaned as the headboard hit the wall as he made every stroke. He went faster and harder having me hanging off the bed, we both moaned. He leaned down and kissed my chest, sucking on my tit, biting my nipple. He moaned my name, picking up the pace. I moaned wrapping my legs around his waist. "I'm gonna cum again" I screamed digging my nails into his back.

"You're so fucking tight baby," He said doing a few more strokes until we both came. I didn't feel like going all night with him, plus I had things on my mind that was bothering me. He laid down, and I laid on top of him, our sweaty naked bodies pressing against each other. I smiled at him rubbing my thumb across his bottom lip. He smiled too and kissed my hand.

"What's wrong," I asked.

"Nothing, it's just...thinking about you going away. New York is two thousand seven hundred and ninety-six miles away from me. Four hours if it's by a plane, it doesn't sound like a lot but,  I'm happy for you really it's just I don't want you to give up your dreams. I'll be on tour anyway. It's just we won't see each other for a year and a half, I'm worried. What if we have to break up because of the long distance thing...I don't want that. I don't want to break up because of that, I love you, and I can't stand the fact if I see you with someone else. I want to be with you even though we're away from each other; I'll stay loyal no matter the distance" He said.

"I know, but it's life, Justin."

"Yeah. It's funny that I don't believe in forever, or happily ever after it just seems like a fairytale to me. I'm happy you got in really, it just sucks to see you go."

"I know. How was the album release."

"It went okay. Decided not to have a party, didn't feel like celebrating. Just wanted to be with you" He said. I smiled kissing his cheek.

"So what do we do, since we're going our separate ways in a couple of weeks."

"I don't know. But if it comes to if we have to break up, then we'll do that. We'll find another way back to each other I can promise you that. I love you, and I will wait as long as I can. Just to have you back in my arms again. You don't have to make the same commitment, just know that I'll always be by your side. Whenever you need me I'm just a phone call away" He said with a soft chuckle. "Once you leave, I'll pay for your tuition and everything."

"No Justin it's okay. My dad and Kristie are helping me; you don't have to. I'm not asking you to; I don't want your money."

"I just want to make sure you'll be okay. Have everything that you need to be ready. Consider it as an acceptable gift. It's okay to be nervous about it, it's normal. What's not normal is if you weren't nervous. Meeting new people, and following your dream is what you always wanted. I can't stop you, and I don't want to be in your way. Sometimes if you love someone you have to let them go at some point so, spread your wings, your legs or whatever else you want to spread" He said getting up. I covered myself with the sheets thinking to myself if he really meant that, wondering if we just broke up or not. I got up to take a warm bath; I needed that after a long stressful day.

Adrian went to take a shower; I heard her phone vibrate on the kitchen table. I reached over to get it seeing it was just Kathy texting her about how excited she is for tomorrow. I swiped open and headed towards her gallery from the beginning. 
It started out good; I smile at her cute little selfies of her, Dan, Kathy, and us. The further I went through, it started to get bad. She took photos of Jason abusing her. One with a bloody nose, one with a bruised forehead and her black eye. I felt sorrow. I actually wanted to cry, but I didn't. I should've killed that son of a bitch when I had the chance. I stopped looking and put her phone back, looking at those pictures made my heart ache I couldn't take looking at them and picturing her face knowing I couldn't do anything about it. I mean I stopped it all, but the sad thing is I wasn't there in the beginning when he first started doing it. I wanted to throw up, even lash out. I didn't want her to know I looked through her phone. I didn't want her deleting them; it's crazy how nice girls get treated so poorly by douchebag guys like him.

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