Head over Heels (18+)

Adrian moves to California to start her new adventure with her dad, whose a lawyer that is transferring to a new firm. She meets the famous celebrity Justin Bieber she absolute despises. They make a bet with each other which pulls them closer together, Justin exposes his love to her as she keeps it a secret.


36. Sorry.


Facing Adrian while she said her vows made me even more guilty. I couldn't go along with this without telling her. When it was my turn to tell mines, I started to stutter and get a little sweaty. I could tell she thought something was wrong which it was. I stopped and took a deep breath letting her hands go.

"I'm sorry. I can't do this" I said, the excitement from her face faded away. I know I kind of embarrassed her in front of our friends and families. I didn't mean to, but I wanted to tell her. I walked back inside the house pacing back and forth rubbing the back of my head thinking about what I just did. She stands in front of me with a clueless look on her face, as if she wanted to cry or know what was going on.

"Justin. Are you okay."

"No. I'm not, I just-- I can't marry you, Adrian."

"W-what do you mean can't marry me. Do you know how humiliated I am right now? My friends and family especially yours telling me that you can't marry me on our wedding day! What's going on? Is it because of Patricia--"

"God no it's not because of her. It's because of Caroline" I said whispering.

"Caroline? What about Caroline you hadn't seen her since a couple of years ago before you got arrested for fighting Jason."

"She came by here yesterday..there was a little girl with her. She said it was mines. I remember I've fucked her and fucked her just to get over you but I couldn't...Adrian I don't want you to be a third wheel. I don't know if it's mine. I can't marry you putting you in that situation" I said, she chuckles sarcastically rolling her eyes.

"Y'know it's funny when I told you about my abortion with Jason's baby, and I thought about you. I thought about all the shit I would lose..and it was you. You threw a tantrum because I got an abortion! I didn't want you to be the third wheel Justin now the tables have turned--"

"I know. I'm sorry I just don't know what to do..what do you want me to do Adrian? I don't want to lose you at all. Do you really wanna get married if it's mine" I said. She started to cry, cleaning her eyes with her hands. Her make up was messing up, I pulled her into a hug, hugging her tightly kissing the side of her head.

"It'll be okay."

"It's not gonna be okay! I sacrificed a baby for you, Justin. So that we could be together...now that I can't give you what you want..you have it with someone else. And I can't give you that satisfaction. This was such a waste of time..you knew and didn't tell me sooner. You wanted to wait until this day came to fucking tell me you have a daughter!" She says pushing me off of her.

"I'm sorry. I'll take a blood test okay will that make everything okay. It's not my fault I fucked her"

"Then who's fault is it! It's not mines! I was in a tough situation you're the one that stuck your dick in every bitch you could sit down with. Don't you dare point fingers at me? I don't think I can ever forgive you for this humiliating day. I don't-- I don't want to lose you, Justin, not now. But I can't stand by and watch you and Caroline play house together."

"I don't want Caroline. I want you; I want a family with you. I don't want to believe that little girl is my daughter."

"I know how bad you want a kid Justin. You can't just abandon her; she needs a dad in her life so--"

"Please don't say it" I begged.

"Be in her life. I won't stop you from doing that, at least it's the right thing to do."

"Doing the right thing doesn't always make a person happy. You said that Adrian. She doesn't look like me at all; Caroline could be saying that shit just to get something out of it. Maybe she's not like that, and she just wanted me to know that it was mine I don't know. I'll get a blood test and know for sure" I said.

"And if it comes back positive..then what."

"Nothing. Nothing happens after that; I'll give Caroline money to make sure everything's okay with her. To support her that's it; I don't want this to become an issue. I'm hoping she's not mines. I see where you're coming from now with the whole abortion thing. Can we just get married and pretend this never happened."

"I think this was a mistake. We have our people here thinking that we're getting married."

"We are, what are you trying to say. I know I did shit in the past, I'm changing for you..for me. I'm not going to be that angry guy anymore. I can't make you stay with me, but you can't stop me from fighting for you" I said. "Maybe-...maybe we just need a break from each other. Until we figure out what we want" I added.

"Yeah. I think that'll be great. I hope you figure out everything Justin" She says hugging me, I didn't want to let her go, but I had to. I didn't want to put her life in jeopardy again; I couldn't see that happening again. I had to get better, work on me. I love her to death, but sometimes the things you love most can also hurt you. Not that she's hurt me, but I hurt her.




(Thanks for reading, I've started a sequel called I Only Want You, check it out.- nxke)

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