Head over Heels (18+) COMPLETED - JB

Adrian moves to California to start her new adventure with her dad, whose a lawyer that is transferring to a new firm. She meets the famous celebrity Justin Bieber she absolute despises. They make a bet with each other which pulls them closer together, Justin exposes his love to her as she keeps it a secret.


33. She's Dead.

He lifts my ass up a little while my face was still printed into the pillow. He slides in holding my hips starting to thrust. He grunts squinting his eyes biting his bottom lip.

"Damn you're so fucking tight," He says picking up the pace. I scream into the pillow digging my nails into the sheets. My pussy starts to get tighter, nipples got harder, and body gets sweatier. I lift up my head, spread my legs a little arching my back fucking him back. He stops as I moved my body back and forth on his dick. I started to cum still going. I moan his name sucking on his finger. I stopped fucking him kissing his chest up to his lips. He lays down as I put my sweaty body on top of him kissing him. I pulled away, and he smiled rubbing my back.

"Promise me not to have another abortion," He says, I looked at him making eye contact, he was waiting for me to reply, hoping I would promise I wouldn't do it again.

"Justin-- I don't regret doing it. I couldn't take the pill to get rid of it in time; I had to go through with it."

"The fact that you wanted to get an abortion when you had Adriana..it haunts me. I had to stop you."

"I know. It's just Jason was drunk that night he hit me and hit me because I didn't want to have sex with him. That morning I was laying there naked, he knocked me out. I couldn't have his baby Justin you have to understand that" I said. He kisses my head stroking my hair.

"I understand. It's just we can't have a baby because of that."

"I know. I had to do something; I couldn't have you and his baby. I needed to choose, and I chose you" I said.

"I don't agree with abortions, I think it's stupid, and no one should go through with that. It's a human being."

"Justin you have no idea what other people are going through, maybe you shouldn't be so focused on people killing a baby you should think about why they're doing it. People have different reasons for it, and no one should have to change someone's mind about it. Yes, I was selfish that day, but I don't care. I had to think about myself I didn't care what other people thought that's why I kept it a secret from you because you're judgmental."

"Well, that's true. It's just— the thought of you going through that without informing me or me being with you makes me upset."

"You were too busy banging other females and drinking. You forgave me; I don't want to think about it ever again."

"Okay. I can't believe he's been hitting you. God, he just doesn't know how bad I wanna fuck him up."

"Please don't get into anymore trouble. I can't take it" I said. He nods kissing my head again.

"I'm so happy you're my fiancé, I don't know what I would do if you weren't with me."

"Me either. Have you talked to Kathy? Are you sure you're cool with them dating."

"Yeah. I know Drew is my ex, but she deserves happiness. He can give her that, just like you give me" I said smiling. He smiled too and kissed me "What about your mom, what if I do have the chance to get pregnant and she shows up," I said. He just looked at me without saying a word; he kept trailing his fingertips down my back sending chills up my spine staring at the ceiling.

Justin's POV
Adrian fell asleep on my chest. I never thought about my mom until now; now I feel pleased that I didn't get her pregnant because she might end up coming back. It was a brand new day; I slowly got out of bed without waking up Adrian to take a shower and brush my teeth cooking breakfast. Soon as I finished breakfast and eating, I grabbed a duffle bag going to the bank. Once I left, I texted Patricia to meet me at the Beverly Hills hotel for brunch. I pulled up outside the hotel getting out dropping the bag on the ground.

"Hey son, how are you," She says happily. "I hope you don't mind me ordering all of this. I just told the waiter that my son the Justin Bieber is paying for all of this"

"Yeah whatever," I said sitting down in front of her.

"So what's up. What is it that made you desperately want to meet me here. What's in the bag" She says starting to eat.

"Almost half a million dollars," I said. She chuckled taking a sip of her orange juice not believing a word I said. I unzipped the bag and leaving it open. She stopped cutting into her pancake with the fork and knife still in her hands looking inside the bad.

"What's the catch."

"Stay away from Adrian," I said.

"Why? She's your girlfriend I want to be in her life too. I am your mother."

"Look we've been trying to make a baby and obviously she can't because she got an abortion," I said.

"Well that was pretty stupid."

"She got raped! She didn't want to have sex with her stupid ass boyfriend, he was drunk, and he beat her until she was unconscious. She didn't want to have his baby so...I understood why she did it. I don't know why I'm telling you this shit like you're the parent worthy. Anyways, I'm gonna keep trying to give her a baby you don't have to come around because I'm giving you money."

"You're engaged to her aren't you. Get a prenup, a girl like her she's way smarter than you. Next thing you know she's going to divorce your ass and take everything that's yours. I want to be at the wedding."

"No, fuck you. You don't know shit, stay away from her and stay away from her family" I said.

"Okay. Doesn't mean I can't stay away from you. Come on she's going to be my daughter in law. I don't wanna miss the wedding Justin let me attend and help you; I'm trying so hard to be back in your life again."

"I'm paying you to stay away from her. That's 500 grand in that fucking bag, don't get greedy. Now that you have money pay for your own damn food."

"We're not finished here. I know you haven't been talking to your dad-- and I know you think it's my fault that I cheated on him. He's dangerous I loved him--"

"You don't cheat on a person you love. He's the one that loved you" I said.

"Oh yeah? I'm sure you cheated on Amanda and Tiffany. You don't beat on someone you love, so you never cheated on Adrian."

"I never cheated on her. Do you know how long I fought for us to be together? We broke up because I was going on tour and she wanted to go to college; I've never cheated on her. I may have cheated on Amanda and had sex with Adrian but..that's never the other way around. I love Adrian, and that's why I want to be with her she gets me. We get each other, and I want you to stay the fuck away from her. You're nothing but trouble. She doesn't know you like I do, you abandoned me, and I hate you for that."

"Yeah. I'm still your mother, and you can't change a god damn thing about it. So suck it up. Thanks for the money though, I honestly thought I would have to rob you blind. Smart boy"

"Rob, your own son? That's kinda fucked up don't you think" I said.

"Wow you finally said the word son, I've never heard you say that. I didn't abandon you, Justin. Music wasn't your thing."

"Don't tell me what's not best for me. I knew what I wanted to do. It was a gateway to get the fuck away from you after all the shit you put me through. You framed me! Putting drugs into my car almost costing my life in jail! What kind of mother does that? No wonder why I'm just so angry and irritated driving me to drink and do drugs."

"I never drove you to do those things, Justin. You did that to yourself, I got in your head, and you got upset, so you started to drink and do drugs and a lot of crazy shit you've probably done. Yes, I put those drugs in your car, I just wanted to see you."

"In jail!"

"No! I didn't plan for it to go that way but it did."

"By putting weed in my car," I asked.

"Look, Justin, I was stupid for doing that I could've done better. But I knew Adrian was going to tell you that I came and you would get mad and try to talk to me. But the other shit you've done was all on you especially driving under the influence. I love you."

"No you don't, you don't love anyone. Just stay away from Adrian, if we can make a baby which I'm hoping, stay away from it also" I said leaving. I got home tossing my keys on the table making my way into the kitchen looking inside the fridge.

"Hey, where have you been" Adrian asks.

"Nowhere, just had some errands to do. What are you doing out of bed" I said wrapping my arms around her waist.

"I came down for food. I guess you cooked before you left."

"Yeah. Can't leave my fiancé starving to death. How are you feeling."

"Feeling a little tired. I'm really exhausted, but I just wanted to come downstairs and eat breakfast."

"I can bring it up to you, go back upstairs. You're wearing my merchandise."

"Yeah, this shirt is comfy. You like" She sings with a smile.

"Of course. Go relax, besides you look horrible" I said, she scoffs playfully hitting my arm.

"Shut up, y'know I was hoping I would wake up next to you this morning. I could imagine doing that after the wedding and...the day of the wedding. It's so exciting. We're finally off of this roller coaster, and it feels great because if we just kept going on and on back and forth, I would end up barfing. I just want you to be able to tell me anything y'know. We are getting married soon, and we can tell each other anything."

"Like you didn't tell me about the abortion."

"Yeah, but I told you that's what matters."

"No. You didn't tell me, I had to find out, thank god they're banning it. I don't understand the concept of that" I said.

"They can't do that! God, so women are forced to have a baby, we don't want? What if someone gets raped and they're forced to have a baby? Fucking idiots, what world are we living in? I know you hate abortions but just be glad I told you about it."

"Adrian you just can't get an abortion when things get too hard for you."

"What is this about," She asks, I removed my arms closing the fridge door walking off.

"I gave Patricia money."

"Money? For what" She asks crossing her arms.

"To stay away from you. From the baby, if we have one. I gave her half a million dollars."

"You gave her 500 grand to stay away from me! Justin what the fuck, what the hell was you thinking."

"What you said last night. I thought about it. I couldn't let her come back into our lives again. So I went to the bank, put money in a duffle bag and told her to stay the hell away from you."

"That's stupid Justin. Even though you paid her doesn't mean she's actually going to do it! Were you thinking at all."

"Adrian it's just money, okay I have plenty of it I'm worth way more than that. Babe, it doesn't matter okay. Can we stop arguing" I asked?

"We're not arguing just debating," She says, I let out a big sigh.

"Look. I did the right thing; I'm sure she got a clear understanding. Maybe it was stupid, but all she wanted was money, she can't take a baby away from us if we have one."

"That's not gonna stop her Justin, I know you're trying to protect me from bad influences and the world, but you can't always be the hero. You have to understand that, I explained why I did it. And you're making me feel way worse than I was before. I'm not proud of it, but I didn't want to have a baby or be a mother. I'm not ready to give a baby away for adoption."

"So what about Adriana. Were you thinking the same thing about her, because you were pregnant with her first."

"Justin, I don't know okay. I wasn't ready. But I didn't fall on purpose and don't say that to me! Because I know exactly what you're going to say. You weren't ready to be a father anyways. We just fucked, and I was stupid enough to get knocked up."

"I wasn't ready, but I was happy to be a dad. Adriana was going to change my life. I got her clothes, supplies, a bunch of stuff."

"Justin if we had Adriana, I wouldn't have gone to college, you wouldn't have gone on tour. There's a lot of things we couldn't have done if she was here. I'm not saying it's a good thing she passed but..it happened. Maybe it wasn't meant for us to have her. Maybe it's not time for us to have another baby" She says.

"Yeah maybe. I don't want to rush this Adrian. We are so eager to have a baby and become a family. We've been trying for months, and there are no results. Maybe we should take a break" I said.

"Justin, you came inside of me last night..twice. I'm starting to give up."

"Yeah. The time will come, go upstairs I'll bring you your breakfast" I said. She walks off as I take a deep breath rubbing the back of my head. I grabbed a tray putting a few things on there taking it upstairs sitting it on the dresser.

"I don't wanna have any regrets," I said. "I don't want to regret being with you, protecting you, marrying you, starting a family any of that. You may have some regrets yourself--"

"I regret waiting. Throwing those months away just jumping into a relationship and arguing with each other constantly."

"Yeah. I regret that too. I love you" I said, she looks up at me and smile.

"I love you too. I'm happy I'm getting married to you."

"Great, which leads me to ask if you want to invite Kristie and Dan over for dinner...Kathy too, of course, she loves to eat at other people houses" I said. She chuckled.

"What about Drew"

"Is that an option."

"Yes, they're together Justin. They've been together for a while now. Can bygones be bygones remember that."

"Ugh! Fine whatever eat your breakfast" I groaned sitting on the bed, she smiled and kissed my cheek. She chuckled softly grabbing my hand.

"I'm not hungry for food Justin," She says.

"What? Then what are you hungry for? I thought you said you wanted food."

"I know but, I changed my mind. Maybe I want something else" She says grabbing my dick. "Do you want me to."

"Someone's a little aroused. Was it because of last night."

"Yeah..maybe it was," She says I pulled her by her waist pulling her closer to me. I start to make out with her; she squeezed my dick massaging it. She bites her bottom lip looking down at my pants. I unbuttoned my pants, she reaching in pulling it out sucking on it. She puts a piece of hair behind her ear. She sticks her tongue out deep throating.

"Damn baby, are you trying to swallow my whole dick," I asked moving her head up and down. Her strands of shit and her cum were on my dick when she took it out. She cleans her mouth eating breakfast.

Adrian and I laid in bed all day; I didn't want to leave her side because she was feeling a little sick. I guess it's either migraines or cramps that she's having, really didn't know for sure.

"What time is it," She says snuggling her head into my neck.

"4 in the afternoon. Why? How are you feeling."

"Worse. Don't worry I'm still up for dinner tonight. Do you think Kathy could be our surrogate, it's just a crazy idea I thought of" She says.

"A surrogate? Has Kathy carried our baby? Are you sure about that Adrian, we don't have to rush? I don't wanna rush."

"I know, I know. It's just losing Adriana made me realize something. That I was so shallow to give up on her, she basically kept us, friends."

"I don't think she kept us as friends. I still would've wanted you, Adrian. That never changed at all. If it's anything, she would've made us into a family. Maybe you were right about if she were alive I wouldn't have had time for a tour and you going to college. Not in a bad way, we just needed to figure out how we were going to do that, and it was always about the baby, not what we wanted to do. I want us both to agree on this before we even start thinking about having someone carry a baby for us. It's a big step in our lives and also the surrogates. It's not that I don't want one I do but, maybe not now. Let's wait a while at least to clear our heads, think about what we want to do and then a baby. I'm not going anywhere" I said. She smiles kissing my cheek. We both took a nap on each other; I guess we were both still exhausted. I woke up to Adrian coming out the bathroom putting her earrings on, wearing a tight red dress. She looked amazing, her ass poked out, her curves fit perfectly in that dress. I couldn't do anything but smile.

"Hey sleepy head, get up they're coming soon," She says sitting on the bed beside me.

"You look beautiful. Do you know how lucky I am? I was crazy to choose those girls over you...especially Amanda. I couldn't keep my hands off of you."

"I think that's why I got pregnant at first" She chuckles.


"What's wrong? You don't look alright."

"It's nothing. Just happy we can call this our home, husband, and wife. This feels nice...just us" I said.

"Yeah. Now come on get ready" She says getting up, I sat up grabbing her arm pulling her close to me before she walked away. She giggles as I cup both of her ass cheeks squeezing them.

"Want to skip dinner and move on to dessert," I said smacking her ass.

"What has gotten into you."

"Nothing. You're just-..you look incredible."

"Thanks, now come on," She says helping me off the bed. "You wanted this dinner, so you're having it."

"Alright fine. Fuck! Did you make anything."

"Of course I did. Everything's taken care of I'll meet you downstairs" She says walking out.

End of POV

I walked downstairs finally the doorbell rung. I opened it seeing Kristie and my dad laughing with a big smile on their faces holding up bottles of wine.

"Congratulations on the engagement," Kristie says hugging me.

"Thanks, come in. Justin is getting ready" I said inviting them inside. They went to the table before I closed the door, it got stopped by a shoe in the doorway.

"Hi, daughter in law," Patricia says walking inside.

"H-hi how are you."

"Never better, congratulations on the engagement he told me about it and let me tell you I was just so happy. You're family now; you have to meet his little brother and sister. Where's Justin"

"He's upstairs..I'm sorry it's just I'm trying to progress in my head that you're here."

"Of course I'm here, and I will definitely be at the wedding," She says walking towards the table.

"Hey what's wrong everyone's here," Justin asks kissing me fixing his watch.

"About that..your moms here."

"What? My what?"

"Patricia, your mom she's in the kitchen with my dad and Kristie," I said kinda nervous. I could see the anger build up inside of him; he has such an issue with lashing out. I grabbed his arm before he walked off. "Justin it's okay..okay? Let's just get this dinner over with, please. Don't do anything stupid" I said placing my hands on his face. He looked me into my eyes nodding.

"Okay, I'm-I'm good."

"Y'know to keep your mind off of it, maybe after dinner, we can move dessert upstairs, you can eat cake off of me," I said wrapping my arms around his neck. He chuckles, I love the way I can make him smile and forget about all the bad things going on in his head. 
He smacks my ass gripping on it kissing me.

"You're such a bad girl. I'll take you up on that. Thanks for trying to make me happy."

"Trying? Am I really trying" I asked? "I know you're gonna end up lashing out sooner or later during this dinner. Try to control your temper okay, I'm here" I said. He nods, I kissed his head. He walked off to go to the dinner table as Kathy and Drew walked in.

"It's been months," She says hugging me.

"Yeah. How are you guys" I asked.

"We're good. Kinda expecting"

"Expecting? You're- are you pregnant" I asked. She smiles at Drew and then back at me nodding. I've missed so much these past months without talking to her. I'm happy for her honestly; it just took me by surprise that she would ever get pregnant.

"I'm happy for you two, really," I said hugging Drew also.

"Thanks," He says.

"Before dinner starts I just want you to know that Justin's mom is here. She showed up unexpectedly, and they're not on good terms..he hates her so..just letting you know before things get weird" I said. When dinner started it was mostly silence, Justin didn't have any say in anything because his mother was here. She was the one that did all the talking. She had no filter at all. After dinner no one wanted to stay for dessert because of Patricia, Kristie and dad left and Drew caught a ride with them so I could talk to Kathy.

"The fuck is her problem," She says pouring a glass of wine, I quickly took it away from her pouring it out into the sink.

"What the fuck is your problem. Are you drinking while you're pregnant" I asked.

"No.. maybe a little. I know it's bad it's a habit jeez. Where's Justin"

"Talking to Patricia upstairs. I'm sure they're yelling in each other's faces right now" I said.

"That bitch is crazy, can't believe she's your mother in law."

"Yeah me either, she's the one that sent Justin to prison. His career almost died after that shit."

"Well he was right...she's a bitch. I'm happy you two are together. He can protect you and keep you happy. Jason didn't even do that shit. He's not Justin and never will be what's the hold up on being a family."

"I can't get pregnant because of my miscarriage," I said lying to her.

"Ugh so glad I hit that Tori bitch."

"Gosh is everyone a bitch to you."

"Apparently yes," She says with a smile. "I'm gonna get going..walk me out" She added. I walked her outside to her car talking to her about Justin and Drew. When she left, I went back in the house seeing Justin on the floor rocking back and forth with Patricia on the floor.

"Help me" He cries out nervously. I was shooked, she's fucking dead. I walk out for a minute, and she's dead!

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