Head over Heels (18+)

Adrian moves to California to start her new adventure with her dad, whose a lawyer that is transferring to a new firm. She meets the famous celebrity Justin Bieber she absolute despises. They make a bet with each other which pulls them closer together, Justin exposes his love to her as she keeps it a secret.


32. Seduction.


All I wanted to do was take my mind off of things. Especially the baby, abortion, and everything else. Justin has been good to me, but in a way, we've been bad for each other. I caused him to get arrested, to fight and with drugs and he caused me to get a miscarriage and all the other crazy stuff. I wouldn't pin the miscarriage on Justin, but of course, he had to pretend to date a crazy person who had me tumbling down the stairs losing our baby. I just wanted to leave the past in the past. We started to order dinner, everything looked and sounded terrific. Justin holds up his phone taking a picture of me. I smiled putting my menu down taking it from him.

"What are you doing, don't delete it," He says. "I don't have any pictures of you."

"You don't need a picture of me. I'm all yours" I said with a smile kissing him.

"Speaking of all yours...there's something I've wanted to ask you for a while..should've done it a couple of years ago, but I just didn't have the courage to do it," He says, I chuckled taking a sip of my wine. He gets up from the table digging into his coat pocket.

"Justin..is this going the way I think it's going," I asked with my heart beating rapidly. He takes a deep breath getting on one knee. "Justin--"

"Before you go any further..I know these past years have been a blur..to the both of us. We fought for each other, stood by each other, have incredible sex together. I don't want that to end..I forgive you, for what you did. We may not become a family, but we don't need a baby to be one. I want you to know that I won't ever stop fighting for you..for us..a future together. It's been you all along Adrian; you don't know how happy I saw you on that bench, waiting to pick you up" He says, I giggled. "I can go on and on about you. You taught me that love is easy and it can be a bitch sometimes. I've learned to stop rushing into things with you and with our relationship. It's just I'm scared someone can come out from nowhere and scoop you off of your feet without even knowing. I've also learned that anything can happen within a blink of an eye. Everything is different with you when I'm around you, I forget about how famous I am, how much money I'm getting, who people want me to be. The last thing I want to do is be unhappy with someone that's not you. So, will you marry me, Adrian? It's funny you never told me your middle or last name."

"I don't have a middle name and my last name is Philips...I figured you were proposing and...yes" I said. He stood up smiling putting the ring on my finger kissing me. "Holy shit..its huge. How much was this exactly."

"Over 500 grand," He says sitting next to me drinking his wine.

"5-500 grand!"

"Yeah. The one I gave Amanda wasn't even close to that much; she was a gold digger."

"Wow, you finally noticed. Well, it's gorgeous. Justin, I don't want your fans or anyone thinking I'm like Amanda. I'm not; it's just...I know in high school I kept denying my love for you, and I didn't want to date you. I didn't know bad things were going to happen. I apologize for that; now you make me realize what I was missing. I was a stubborn bitch. I never wanted to be the one that had you put in jail. You didn't have to fight Jason or protect me from your mom."

"Don't worry about it; it's in the past. You made me a better person from what I was a few years ago. I'm just happy you can change that" He says, I smiled kissing him.

"I'm always here. You can talk to me if you're feeling doubts about something. I'm happy that I'm now engaged, and I'm happy you supported me with my dreams and with the whole cancer situation. I don't even think I would be sitting here if it wasn't for you. Thank you" I said, he smiled and kissed me, sliding his tongue in. He places his hand on my cheek making out with me; he pulls away taking a fork dropping it on the floor.

"Oops, be right back," He says going under the table. I took a sip of my wine feeling his hands up my legs; I quickly sat my glass down lifting up the cloth, looking under the table.

"Justin! What are you doing" I whispered?

"Shh! Relax, I've never done this before, it's kinda exciting" He says with a smirk grabbing the lace of my panties, I lifted my body up a little, for him to take them off. I could feel his head going between my legs; I giggled pushing his head back.

"Justin doesn't, the waitress is gonna hear me," I said, he spreads my legs pushing them back onto the booth. I felt his tongue brush against me; I moaned lightly holding onto the table. This was way more exciting, such a rush. No one has ever done this to me, and he's just full of surprises.

"Hi..ready for the check," A waiter asks, I quickly sit up as if nothing was going on. She gasps putting her hand over her mouth fangirling. "You're Justin Bieber's girlfriend! Oh my gosh,  you guys are so cute. I'm such a big fan...y'know I think that you two deserve to be together after all the stuff that's happened. I just hate the fact that you can't be a family because of Tori. I never liked her she's a bit of a bitch now that she's in prison her career is going downhill" She says..she kept babbling about Justin and I plus his past relationships and how much of a fan she was while I'm trying my best not to moan getting my clit sucked on. 
"Holy shit, look at the rock on that thing. You're getting married" She asks happily.


"Cool, and don't worry I won't say a thing. I think you guys deserve some happiness after everything. I know everything about you two...I'm happy you've changed him, I was worried that he would get worse. I'm Jessie by the way."

"Nice to meet you, Jessie," I said covering my mouth.

"Are you okay."

"Yeah never better..it's just getting really really hot in here."

"Oh okay, I'm on it be right back," She says walking off. I slammed by hand onto the table, rolling my eyes to the back of my head gasping in pleasure.

"Oh my god Justin you're gonna make me cum," I said pulling his hair. He spreads my legs tongue fucking my pussy. I pushed his head in; he wrapped his arms around my legs pulling me closer to him. 
"Justin she's gonna come back," I said.

"Sorry, your pussy tastes amazing. Besides I want you to cum in my mouth, you are so getting fucked when we get home."

"Is that a threat?" I asked.

"A promise," He says coming out from under the table. After dinner, he carries me bridal style into the house because of the six-inch stilettos that were killing my feet. He sits me down on the couch next to the fireplace.

"I'm gonna run your bath," He says kissing my cheek going upstairs. I smiled to myself looking at the ring on my finger. I started to think about Adrianna...I cried softly pulling my heels off. I looked up at the ceiling to stop myself from crying so I wouldn't ruin my mascara. I heard footsteps coming down the stairs I quickly cleaned my face getting up.

"You okay," He asks, I nodded with a fake smile going upstairs. As the water ran in the tub, he helped take my dress off unzipping it from behind, pulling the straps down. "I want to take care of you for the rest of my life," He says whispering in my ear. I smiled for real this time kissing his hand.

"Me too" I replied, he kisses my cheek softly turning me around. I placed both of my hands on his face kissing him, pulling away.

"What's wrong, why are you crying."

"Nothing. Just happy that I'm getting married to you..and I want you to join me. I take no for an answer, so you really don't have a choice" I said, he chuckles getting undressed. We sat in the bath together drinking champagne. I rested my glass down turning towards him, wrapping my arms around his neck.

"What," He says with a smile. I bit the corner of my bottom lip sitting on top of him. I grabbed his dick inserting it inside me, slowly sitting down on it. He moans holding my hips kissing my neck. I gasped slowly riding him.

"Oh fuck your dick feels amazing inside of me."

"Let's get out the tub...I wanna fuck the shit out of you" He says excitedly. I smiled widely getting off of him getting out the tub. He gets out also meeting me at the sink; he starts to kiss on my body sitting me on the sink opening my legs. He slips his dick in pulling me closer to him; I looked down feeling my stomach. I could feel him inside of me; he starts to stroke kissing my neck roughly squeezing my tits. I moaned wrapping my arms around his neck; he wraps his arms under my legs picking me up off the counter stroking his dick inside of me.

"You like that," He asks with a smile.

"Mhm, I fucking love it" I moan kissing him leaning my head back as he thrust. He grunted putting me down; he pulls up a chair sitting down. He turns me around as my back faced him opening my legs from both sides of the chair, he grabs his dick slipping it inside of me. I moaned separating my pussy lips bouncing on him. He grabs my breasts kissing on my back; my eyes roll to the back of my head as I rubbed my clit with my middle finger.

"Your dick makes me so fucking wet" I exclaimed, biting my bottom lip. He moans pulling my hair, kissing me. I got up sucking my juices off his dick; I looked into his eyes teasing the tip with my tongue, spitting on it. He bites his bottom lip lifting me off the floor sitting me down in the chair; I lifted both of my legs up, holding them open as he put himself inside. He holds onto the back of the chair starting to thrust. I grab his hip pulling him closer that he was balls deep. I moan watching him fuck me; it was so sexy watching his dick go in and out of me. He groaned dripping onto the chair; his dick slipped out.

"Damn it, Adrian, your pussy so fucking tight," He says sticking it back in. I giggled biting my bottom lip, watching him stick it in.

"How does my pussy feel," I ask. He moans loudly holding my legs up to my head.

"Feels fucking amazing Adrian" He moans, I smile kissing him as he went faster. He sucks on my tit, kissing me ahead. I pulled his bottom lip with my teeth moaning. I tossed my head back. He made one last stroke cumming inside of me, I smiled and giggled a little. I opened my eyes rubbing my pussy. His cum drips out of my hole as I fingered myself. I sucked on my finger cleaning it off.

"Your cum tastes so good" I giggle.

"I'm not done," He says grabbing my arm taking me to the bed. He bends me over on the bed spreading my legs, pinning the side of my face down. He separates my ass cheeks slowly licking my pussy. I start to move my body back and forth, riding his tongue. I lift my head off the bed, arching my back, riding his tongue. I could feel his wet tongue around every inch of it. His tongue is poking my hole; I grip onto the sheets riding his face again. He stops me, turning me around. I laid on my back; he grabs a pillow putting it under me to lift me up a little. He spreads my legs, slowly brushes his tongue against me, I sit up with my elbows supporting me watching him. He separates his lips with his two fingers, licking my clit. I moaned starting to move my body back and forward to fuck his tongue. He puts my legs behind my head, adjusting the pillow sucking my clit.

"Oh my fucking god," I said rolling my eyes to the back of my head. He slides a finger in fingering me, smacking my pussy with his hand, I moan loudly as he pounds his finger inside of me, separating my labia digging his tongue in me, playing with my clit again. My body starts to tense up; he takes both of his fingers rubbing it against my clit, I remove my legs from the back of my head gripping onto the sheets turning onto my stomach. He smacks my pussy again making my body shake, as my face in printed on the bed. "Justin!" I scream trying to push his head back, and he's still sucking my clit. He kisses my ass, smacking it.

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