Head over Heels (18+)

Adrian moves to California to start her new adventure with her dad, whose a lawyer that is transferring to a new firm. She meets the famous celebrity Justin Bieber she absolute despises. They make a bet with each other which pulls them closer together, Justin exposes his love to her as she keeps it a secret.


3. Secret.

The sound of silence puts a smile on my face. I went upstairs Face timing my friend Kathy to pick out what to wear tomorrow.

"Hey, fashion crisis. Senior pictures are tomorrow and I need something to wear" I said.

"Well you have tons of clothes, I don't know Adrian. You're telling me you can't find a single outfit to wear"

"Yes! That's why I'm calling it a crisis"

"Well, you can't wear anything that you would wear to a club. So maybe a nice skirt with a blouse. I wish I was there with you it'll be much easier"

"Me too, how was school"

"Exhausting ugh, your ex-boyfriend Jason is so annoying! You could've brought me with you y'know. Cali is like the best, meeting a lot of people, going shopping, bumping into celebrities-"

"Speaking of celebrities. Justin Bieber goes to my school"

"Holy shit! Seriously I mean they're not crazed fans there are they"

"No, they treat him as a normal student. I don't like him he's an asshole. You may think he's all sweet and innocent but in person, he's an asshole and vindictive" I said. She chuckled a little.

"Look at the outcomes, he may like you. I mean first, you start off hating each other because that's a way to get you two to have a conversation"

"I don't like him, he's so...ugh, I don't even know the word. He's the kind of guy that's in love with himself"

"Egotist Adrian. He obsessively talks about himself all the time, but it could be true. Maybe his girlfriend is like that too ugh she's such a bitch! I don't like her and you know I'm a big fan of him"

"Of course you are, he's just not my favorite cup of tea. But I did meet a friend, her name is Trish we both don't like his girlfriend. I never met her in person but I feel like I already know her"

"She's very rude, just to let you know and I'm happy you're making friends up there. Sounds like you're progressing slowly. I miss you"

"I miss you too. How are you holding up" I asked?

"I'll be okay. It's only an amount of time for us to see each other again, maybe on vacations"

"Yeah. Our house is sick, we're living in the suburbs. Justin lives two blocks away from me. Ugh! It's just something about him"

"You keep talking about him maybe you like him too"

"I can't believe you just said that I despise him very much"

"Yeah, I will believe that you'll never know if you keep hanging out with him a lot you'll become close friends. Maybe not while Tiffany is around"

"Well I don't know about any of that, but please help find an outfit" I whined.

"Wear something cute. Not too slutty either. I know, how about that brown strapless crop top I always liked, high waist jeans, with some heels that'll look nice. Curl your hair and do your make up I'm sure guys will be hitting on you in no time. If I was a guy I sure would, you're hot"

"Okay thanks, Kathy, I get it," I said with a chuckle. I hung up and started to find the outfit in the closet. Perfect! I got my outfit together. I went downstairs seeing my dad coming through the door, sitting his jacket on the edge of the sofa.

"Hey dad, So today after school I noticed that you didn't show up to pick me up. And it was about to rain I had to catch a ride with someone, which leads me to ask if you could consider getting me a car" I said.

"A car? How old are you?" He said jokingly.

"Dad, I'm 18 turning 19 in a few weeks. I should be able to have my own vehicle without carpooling with you"

"You don't like carpooling with me? That kinda hurt my feelings. Well, you are getting older, and a little responsible. Maybe..but MAYBE I'll consider getting you one before the week is out"

"Thank you, thank you," I said hugging him.

"How was school"

"School is school dad, nothing's gonna change about that," I said.

"Maybe, so meet any friends"

"Yes I made a friend. Plus I was going to this party someone is going to have, it's this Senior Party Friday night and I was hoping if I could go"

"You're asking me for my permission, you've never done that. Well since you're asking fine but don't come back drunk or with a baby" He said going upstairs.

Justin POV

I went downstairs to see who the hell was ringing the doorbell over and over. I opened the door seeing Tiffany.

"Where the hell were you after school," She asked rushing inside.

"Uh..nice to see you too babe. I was driving home"

"Liar! It's that new bitch isn't it" She said throwing the newspaper at me, seeing Adrian and me on the front cover.

"Fuck! They spelled my last name wrong again"

"This is no time for joking you have some explaining to do"

"It was raining, she was sitting all by herself waiting on her dad. I couldn't just drive by. So I offered her a ride and nothing happen" I said.

"Yeah, nothing better not happen. I hate surprises, Justin. I don't want her talking to you"

"You're really gonna try to stop someone from talking to me. You're hilarious, you're really jealous over the new girl. She means nothing to me alright, I just met her. I'm sorry about the car ride it won't happen again"

"Better not. See you tomorrow" She says leaving. I took a deep breath rubbing the back of my head leaving also.

End of POV

I was in my room listening to music, studying for an ACT test on Friday. I heard a knock on the balcony window, I got suspicious getting up to go look opening my curtain.

"Please, can I come in," Justin asked from the other side. I sighed unlocking the door letting him in.

"What the hell do you want"

"I'm sorry about today, I've been a jerk and Tiffany came over to my place today and threw this at me," He said handing me a newspaper with us on it.

"Justin Beiber gets caught with another girl. What the hell you were just giving me a ride home. What the fuck is a Beiber"

"I know right! Paparazzi seems to be following me around all the time"

"You came over here to show me this," I asked tossing the paper on the bed.

"I wanted to see you, I know we don't see eye to eye but I want to at least make you feel comfortable at school. It was your first day and I should've handled it better. I'm not perfect Adrian trust me, it's just I'm famous. Going to a normal school with normal people, having teachers kiss my ass I don't want that. I can tell you're an amazing person once I get to know you, I just wanted to come over and say that in person so you wouldn't feel that I'm this asshole that you walk in class with every day"

"Well, you're not my favorite cup of tea but thanks for being so generous," I said and he smiled a little.

"I'm not a bad person. I may seem that way but, get to know me a little bit better"

"I don't like you. You think just because you're a celebrity you assume everyone likes you"

"Yeah, I figured you would say that shit to me. What are you studying" He asked?

"I'm studying for my ACT exam Friday"

"I can help you if you like"

"You? Help me? With a test? I'm not even sure you're familiar with this kind of stuff. It's not some ordinary test this is how you get into college"

"C'mon, I can help you. I know I'm horrible at English but the other stuff is repetitious"

"Fine. What's the catch" I asked? He took a deep breath putting his hands in his pockets, looking up at the ceiling trying to think.

"Have sex with me"

"Excuse me, is that the only thing you can think of, I'm not your blow up doll. Forget it"

"Do you want help or not. The exam is in four days I doubt you'll get any studying done by then. It'll be our little secret, friends with benefits"

"Is this what you offer all girls? Have you ever got rejected before" I asked?

"No. I don't help a lot of people alright. Yes, I've gotten rejected before and it's not a good feeling. So what do you say it's only for four days"

"Whatever. When does this start exactly" I asked.

"Tomorrow...so is it a deal," He asked taking his hand out for me to shake. I thought about it for a minute, having sex with him just to study for an ACT test, well I mean he is kinda cute, plus he may have a big package. After I thought about it, I shook his hand.

"Deal, but you would have to really help me tomorrow after school and you can't have sex with anyone else besides me"

"Fine. I like the sound of that, our little secret...right"

"Yeah. Our little secret" I replied.

I know what you're thinking. Having sex with someone just so they could help me with an ACT test. I mean would you turn down sex with Justin Bieber, look at him he's fucking hot. I mean I don't like him but I couldn't resist, I love sex that's the one thing people don't know about me. They may think I'm some kind of nice, innocent, smart girl. Which I am smart and innocent but I do love sex. Maybe Justin and I will be closer after all.

I got up waiting for the next day. Senior picture day, I was gonna look so fucking hot. I woke up before my alarm could even cut off. Day 2 I said to myself in the mirror taking a shower. I put on my outfit, doing my makeup and hair going downstairs eating a bowl of cereal.

"You're up early," Dad said fixing him a bowl.

"Senior picture day today, I'm excited"

"Aw look at you, my baby girl is a senior getting ready to graduate. You're growing up so fast"

"I know, come on"

"I haven't eaten breakfast yet, ugh take the car," He said handing me the keys. I grabbed them, kissed his head grabbing my bag driving to school.

Walking into school, of course, I was finally noticeable. Everyone trying to break their necks to look at me. What can I say, I'm hot.

"Hey Justin," I said walking by him. He couldn't keep his eyes off of me. None of them could. I walked to my locker grabbing my books.

"Who told you to come to school looking sexier than me," Trish asked. I giggled.

"It's picture day, why not dress up a little. Besides guys are staring at me"

"Who wouldn't, you have a nice ass, a nice rack. I would so turn gay for you" She said.

"Thanks but you're hot too. I love the outfit"

"I know right did some shopping after school, come on let's walk down the hallway together," She said with a lot of confidence. I closed my locker, we started walking down the hallway as if we ran the school. Trish is very beautiful by the way, she just doesn't care about what anyone says or do.

When I went to class I turned in my homework sitting down in my seat, taking some notes on the board. I heard Justin come in. He sat beside me.

"You look...amazing," He says checking me out.

"Thanks, you do too"

"So I was wondering if you wanted to go ahead and study after school"

"Sure, my dad is going to be working late, he gave me the car so he won't be home," I said.

"How about my place, it's quieter"

"Wow, trying to get me to your bedroom already," I asked chuckling.

"I was hoping you would play pool after studying. No one plays it except for my friends and Tiffany but she won't be over, her family is having problems so they intend to have family dinners" He said.

"Fine I'll come over your place, but you would have to text me the address or something. Don't you have anything better to do, like basketball practice"

"It starts next week"

"Alright, I'll meet you after school then," I said beginning to do my work. Soon as we were all done doing our work, we watched a video in the dark. I could feel Justin's hand making its way between my thighs. I grabbed his hand, he looked at me and chuckled licking his lips. Oh my gosh, I so wanted him right now, I was getting wet. I get aroused quickly. 
Soon as the bell rung I got my things storming out.

"Whoa! whoa! whoa! hold your horses"

"Why did you do that," I asked stopping.

"I thought it would be funny. Which it was, come on live a little. We both know you wanted it, you didn't want me to stop"

"Okay I'm really getting aroused right now so I suggest you stop"

"That's nice to know"

"I'll see you in second period," I said walking away. I went into the bathroom, thank god no one was in there. I went into the bathroom stall sitting my books down onto the floor leaning against the wall, unzipping my pants sticking my hand down my underwear. Damnit I was wet. I played with myself a little, thinking about Justin made me a little wetter. I moaned his name shoving a finger inside of me. I heard the bathroom door open, a couple girls coming in giggling and gossiping. I quickly zipped my pants grabbing my books, flushing the toilet with my heel to make it seem as if I used the bathroom. I saw Justin down the hall talking to Ryan and Christian. I rubbed my fingers together, they were still wet. I saw Ryan pointing at me, Justin looked back and smirked. I walked to him.

"Adrian this is Ryan and Christian, Christian and Ryan this is Adrian" Justin said introducing us. I smiled at them and they smiled at me. 

Justin POV

I introduced Adrian to the guys, they seem to like her more than they liked Tiffany. They've always complained about her. You may see me as a cheater, but let me explain. So Tiffany is my girlfriend right. I just did it to get her popular, it seems that everything about this school is about popularity. Now that Adrian is in the picture, I'm questioning Tiffany and I. I mean Adrian's body is sick I mean literally. It's not only her body, I like how feisty she can get with me, how real she keeps it with me. She seems to get me and understand me. I think. I hope. I like her. I was too busy staring at her ass while she was talking to the guys. I bit my bottom lip just fantasizing about that perfect round ass of hers.

"See you in second period, Justin," She asked, I snapped back to reality as she stuck her finger in my mouth walking away. She tasted so good just a little of what she tasted like made my mouth water.

"I'll see you guys later," I said closing my locker walking off catching up with her.

"Where the hell have you been," Tiffany said stepping in front of me.

"I was with the guys jeez, don't tell me this is about that newspaper"

"Yes, it is! You're acting very strange, ever since she came, you have been acting weird. What's happening to us Justin" She asked.

"Nothing. What are you doing tomorrow, I can come over for dinner at your place"

"You know how my family is. They want family time. They think I'm hiding something"

"Well, are you? After school, let's go shopping will that make you feel better"

"Much better. And no I'm not hiding anything jeez" She said hugging me. "I'll see you at lunch" She added walking away. I groaned going to class.

"Your girlfriend stopped me in the hallway and told me to stay away from you," Adrian says laughing.

"Don't worry about her"

"You think I'm worried about her. Screw Tiffany, I hoped she would've kissed you"

"What was that anyway," I asked.

"Just an exclusive on what tonight will be like"

"Yeah about that, Tiffany was getting suspicious. I told her I would take her out shopping after school" I said and she chuckled.

"Okay, well she is your girlfriend and I can't get mad at that. Have fun"

"I still want you to come over. Come on have you been studying since last night" I asked grabbing her hand. "I'll text you my address. Hand me your phone" I said. She handed it to me, I put my number in there. "Here's my number, no one has this number like literally, only the guys"

"Wow, I feel special. So this guy we were talking and I think we're hitting it off" She said.

"What's his name"

"Don't get jealous, his name is Drew. He plays basketball too, do you know him"

"Yeah, we don't like each other. He got upset that I took Tiffany from him"

"And now you're trying to take me from him. Right?"

"Not intentionally. But you and Drew would look good together" I said lying.

"You are such a good liar. But thanks for saying that" She said starting to do her assignment. It's funny that I'm starting to have feelings for Adrian, she's beautiful. I really don't want her with anyone else, especially Drew. He is nice that'll probably treat her like the queen she is.

End of POV

I started to do my work. I had to lie to Justin about Drew. I mean we did talk and we totally hit it off but, we just see each other as friends as you would say. I do like Justin already, Trish was right girls do drool over him. I look over to him as he did his assignment. His perfect jawline, his wet pink lips, damn I can imagine his face between my legs. Stop it, Adrian! What are you saying? I finished my work starting to study for my test Friday. Towards the end of the day, we took our senior pictures. I was happy to get that out of the way. After school, I walked up to the car seeing Justin leaning against his. I looked around and seen no one was around just us two in the parking lot.

"What are you still doing here," I said trying to find my keys.

"I should be asking you the same question"

"Seriously what are you still doing here" I chuckled.

"Waiting on Tiffany, what about you"

"I just got finished taking my pictures. Trish and I are going to the mall to get something for your party Friday night" I said.

"I'm happy you're coming, Tiffany can't come, she and her parents are going out of town for the weekend"

"Must be nice"

"Yeah, it is"

"Hey, babe, ready to go," Trish said.

"Yeah. Bye Justin" I said. We both got into the car going to the mall finding some clothes.

"You know what would look really hot on you," She said with a smirk.

"What," I asked. She held up a red outfit. A red latex crop top that goes along with a knee-length skirt. I smiled and grabbed it trying it on. 
I looked at myself in the mirror, it really brings out my ass. I took it off paying for it getting jewelry to go with it. We paid for our outfits and got something to eat.

"Are you and Drew talking?" She asked.

"As a friend, I told him I didn't want to be in a relationship. Not since my ex-boyfriend and I broke up a couple weeks ago.

"That's understandable, you and Justin been hanging out lately"

"My schedule is the same as his. We're okay I guess, he's helping me with my test for Friday. I'm nervous about it"

"Oh yeah the ACT, good luck"

"Thanks. I'm surprised you don't have a boyfriend"

"I'm a bitch," She said and we both laughed. "My boyfriend actually passed away not too long ago, he was hanging out with Justin and a few more of his friends, they put something in his drink that made him go crazy. Made him kill himself. Hated Justin every since"

"I never knew he was like that"

"Me either, but of course no one believed he did it and of course his fans are still there for him applauding him"

"That's so sad Trish"

"I'm over it, I haven't dated ever since he passed away. That's why I'm such a bitch now because it's his fault y'know I didn't have any friends before you came, everyone thought I was insane. But I know he did it, his name was Jonas. We loved each other, he was my only best friend at school"

"I'm so in shock right now, I didn't know"

"It's fine. I'm happy that I have a girlfriend to talk to" She said and I smiled. I dropped Trish off at home getting a text from Justin. "Come over". When I reached Justin's place he answered the door shirtless, wearing sweats. I chuckled and made my way in the house looking around.

"Wow, nice place"

"Thanks. How was the mall with Trish"

"It was okay, got an outfit. So are we just gonna conversate or get this out the way" I said taking out my books sitting on the couch?

It was funny studying with Justin. He's really smart..surprisingly, plus I couldn't really focus because of course, he's shirtless.

"Adrian focus," He said snapping his fingers at me.

"I'm trying. It's just so hard" I said and he looked down. "Not you! Studying" I added.

"Want me to put a shirt on, will that make you concentrate," He asked smiling.

"No! No, come on I can do this" I said. He put a shirt on anyways, starting back asking questions, I can say I was on the roll with the correct answers. After that, we decided to play some pool.

"Let's play strip pool, whoever wins gets to do something to the other person"

"Game on Bieber," I said.
He pulled his shirt off throwing it at me, I smiled and hit the white ball to go into the hole, he pulled his pants off and I smirked at what a nice bulge he had.

"I'm so gonna win," I said walking next to him.

"Yeah right we'll see," He said. He hit the ball and it almost went into the hole, I started laughing, he bumped the table with his hip.

"Strip," He demanded.

"You cheated, that is so not fair"

"Prove it?" He asked. I rolled my eyes and pulled off my shirt, teasing him. He bit his bottom lip licking his lips. We kept playing the game until Justin was only in his boxers and I was in my under clothes. It was my turn to go, I started to concentrate on which one I was going to hit next. Justin started walking around and before I could hit the ball, he smacked my ass until I missed.

"You asshole! You're cheating!" I yelled.

"Sorry baby gotta drop something, part of the rules.," He said. I sighed and pulled my bra off, crossing my arms over my tits.

"Don't look?" I said. He chuckled going to the other side. It was just us in our underwear now, someone was going to win. Justin looked up at me before hitting the ball.

"Come on," I said walking beside him.

"No cheating"

"Says the cheater," I said. Before he hit the ball, I grabbed his package.

"So we're playing that now," He said throwing his pool stick on the table getting upset. I giggled. He quickly grabbed me, wrapping his arms around my waist, so I couldn't get out his grip. I just realized we're both almost naked and we're tussling. He picked me up sitting me on the table. His mint breath hit my nose, our faces got closer, I just wanted to grab him and show him who he's dealing with. We started kissing. I placed my hand on his face, he removed my pantries without breaking the kiss. 
He pulled away licking his finger before sliding it inside me. I moaned, digging my nails into his shoulder. He kissed every inch of my neck, to my nipples. He pushed me down on the table, lifting both of my legs up eating me. I felt his tongue hit my clit. I pulled his hair, pulling on my nipple. He started to make me sweat, and wetter. My toes started to curl. I moaned again sitting up on my elbows because I love to watch myself getting pleasured. He stuck two fingers in, licking my clit. I squealed. He removed his fingers spreading my other leg to keep it from closing.

"You're gonna make me cum," I said pulling his hair laying back down on the table, closing my eyes. He moved his hands up to my tits, squeezing them together eating me out. I arched my back letting out a big moan. He sucked on my clit like a pacifier making my eyes roll to the back of my head. Pulling on my clit with his mouth, I started to cum, he licked me clean. He came up wiping his mouth, he scooted me to the edge of the table pulling his hard dick out. Holy shit it's big, my eyes almost bulged out of my head. I wanted every inch inside me. I got down sucking his dick, shoving it down my throat starting to choke. He grunted removing my hair out of my face.

"I love the way it feels down my throat," I said giggling, licking my lips. He put it in my mouth, thrusting, pushing my head further. I started gagging feeling his cum shooting in my mouth. I sucked on his balls, he picked me up putting me back on the table. His phone started going off in his pants pocket on the floor.

"Aren't you gonna get that?" I asked.

"Nope," He said and kissed me. I spit on my hand rubbing my pussy. He stuck it inside me. I gasped a little. Slowly throwing my head back.

"Fuck," I said softly. He thrust deeply and hard inside of me, I bit my bottom lip looking into his eyes.  "Faster" I begged. He closed his eyes and went faster which made you extremely wet. "Mm you're so deep Justin," I said looking down at my stomach, I could feel him in my guts. He grabbed my shoulder, thrusting every inch.

"You like that don't you"

"Yes, I love it" I whined, my body started to shiver. He grunted loudly cumming inside of me. He pulls out, pulling me down onto the floor, grabbing his dick sliding it inside my mouth. I started bobbing my head, he sighed and closed his eyes.

"Mm you're so big," I said licking the cum off from the side of his dick, sucking the head.

"Fuck you're good," He said smiling, looking down at me. I smiled too tasting his cum off my fingers. He helped me up handing me my clothes checking his phone.

"Hey Justin can I ask you something," I said fixing my hair.

"Yeah, anything. Ask away" He said putting on his pants.

"Do you know a guy name Jonas"

"Oh yeah, the guys and I were really cool with him. Sucks that he passed away" He says with no emotion, picking up his phone.

"Yeah about that, how did he die? I've been hearing about it at school" I said lying to him.

"Well we were hanging out, it was just a group of us. Christian, Ryan, me, and some other guys. Tiffany threw this big party that night and we hung out in her front yard by my car. All I can remember was he acting really strange and crazy. It was a crazy night, people are saying I killed him huh" He said.

"Well no, I don't know who it was"

"It wasn't me alright, I wouldn't dare kill someone. Yeah he liked Tiffany and I stole her from him but I wouldn't kill him, or have someone to kill him. He was a good friend of mines" He said sliding his shirt on.

"Then who did it," I asked and he shrugged.

"I don't know. Look I wish I could tell you but I don't know. I wasn't with him when that happened. I've heard about him spazzing out but I wasn't with him. You think I'm a murderer" He asked chuckling.

"Of course not. I know you, maybe not a lot but it feels like I know you"

"Must've felt some kind of connection when we were on that pool table?" He said laughing.

"I don't know, maybe," I said.

"Let me refresh your memory," He said passionately kissing me. I gave in and kissed back. He pulled away and licked his lips. "It'll be from the back next time," He said grabbing my hand. I chuckled and grabbed my things.

"Goodnight Justin," I said leaving.

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