Head over Heels (18+)

Adrian moves to California to start her new adventure with her dad, whose a lawyer that is transferring to a new firm. She meets the famous celebrity Justin Bieber she absolute despises. They make a bet with each other which pulls them closer together, Justin exposes his love to her as she keeps it a secret.


12. One Date.

When it was time for me to go to my appointment I met Justin and my dad there, they were both screaming in each other faces in the parking lot. I groaned in agony walking up to the both of them. 

"She invited me; I'm trying to be a responsible parent here" Justin yelled.

"Could you stop arguing and let's get this shit over with" I yelled. I was not in the mood for their foolishness. They both stopped arguing because they started to piss me off. I walked into the doctors' office signing papers sitting down. 

"I'm sorry, I didn't know he was gonna be here. Did you really tell him to come."

"He volunteered, and you're gonna have to get used to that," I said. 

"Okay, well at least he's here for the baby. I just hate him right now." 

"Well if you hate him, hate me too because I'm the one that agreed to have sex with him." 

"Yeah, he made that stupid ass bet with you which got you pregnant in the end. I should kill him. Making a bet what kind of shit are teenagers thinking of now a day" He said chuckling sarcastically.

"Dad stop it, it's done there's nothing else to do. You could kill him or do whatever but that's not gonna change that I'm having his baby" I said. He took a deep breath. 

"You're right; I'm not going back there I'll let him go. I'm going back to work; I'll be home, later on, you have plenty of food?" He asked.

"Of course, see you later," I said, once he left I seen Justin seemed kind of hesitant to sit beside me. He sighs scooting down to the chair next to me. 

"He was upset that I was here for you," He says starting a conversation. "Did you tell him about the pills" He asked and I nodded. 

"Yes I did, he understood don't worry," I said. The doctor called us back; once we went back, he checked the baby's heartbeat. Justin held my hand, we both smiled looking at the monitor. Soon after the doctor was done leaving the room.

"Happy I got that out of the way," I said cleaning the gel off my stomach putting my shirt down. "So what did you have to tell me," I asked sitting up holding both of his hands. He was just about to tell me until the doctor came back in with prescriptions. 

"Make sure you take those twice a day and come to see me in two weeks," He says with a cheerful smile leaving the room. I hopped down grabbing my bag leaving the doctors office. I trailed Justin to my house so that he could talk to me. 

"So what is it," I asked fixing me a sandwich. 

"Well it may be hard on you, but it shouldn't matter right so, I met someone. There I said it" 

"You met someone," I asked confused. 

"Yeah, it doesn't matter right. We're not together, just friends you and I." 

"So! And it does matter, we're having a baby and you're already speaking to someone else" I said.

"I know you're not getting upset with me because I'm talking to someone else, remember the shit you pulled with me about Drew. This is the same thing; I've been talking to her for a couple of days now." 

"Couple days? Are you serious after you had sex with me yesterday what happened to 'You're not just a hit and quit Adrian!', I guess it was all a lie just so you could get in my pants.AGAIN!" I yelled. 

"It's not like that come on Adrian; we aren't together." 

"So this is what you do after I told you I didn't want to ruin what we're doing just to be in a relationship," I asked.

"What's the difference, you're having sex in a relationship." 

"I don't want to have a commitment with you and have sex." 

"That's why I'm talking to someone," He says. I groaned resting my hands on the countertop. "Look, Adrian, I'm gonna always be in the baby's life. We can go to doctors appointments and whatever the hell else you want to do but as friends. That's what you wanna be right? Friends?" 

"Fuck you, Justin! This is just an excuse, last night was amazing we talked, got to know each other, and you're doing this to me." 

"The tables have turned, what goes around comes around." 

"Don't give me that bullshit, what about us?" I asked.

"What about us, there is no us, there never will be Adrian. You just want to have sex with me that's all you want from me."

"I'm pretty sure that's the other way around." 

"Well Adrian I want something with you other than just having sex, but you don't want that. I wanted to do what's best for the baby and us. It's been fun honestly, but I'm tired of waiting for something real. It's been nice" He says walking away, I quickly went after him blocking the door. 

"You're not leaving."

"Adrian, I have somewhere to be in the next 10 minutes. I'm done talking." 

"No you're not, you're not walking out of that door until you tell me why. Why are you doing this" I asked. 

"Because I love you damn it! But it's not good enough for you; it is NEVER good enough for you. What do you want me to do wait around until you say you'll go out with me."

"Why are you so obsessed with wanting to date me, can't we just stay like this" 

"Stay like this? As in being my friend and having sex?" He asked.

"Yes, I want that with you. I lost Drew; I don't want to lose you too, please. Please don't do this" I asked resting my hands on his neck kissing him. He kissed back pulling away. 

"God, we're such a rollercoaster" He chuckled, I kissed him again, over and over. He grabbed my face sliding his tongue my throat. This is crazy; we stay arguing knowing we can't stay away from each other. We are a rollercoaster, but we drive each other insane.  

"Wait, I can't. I'm cheating" 

"Are you sure you want to be with someone else?" I asked. 

"Adrian, you're fun. Full of life, you're brave, funny, smart, confident, ambitious. I could go on and on about you. It's harder on me than it is on you." 

"Don't go, please. I don't want us to be angry anymore it's been going on for too long. I'll go on a date with you just one date just promise me you won't leave" I said. 

"One date," He asked.

"Yes one date, and then I'll think about going out with you."

"Sounds fair, see you tonight," He says leaving. I went back into the kitchen eating my sandwich. 

"Hey, Justin just left," Dad asked fixing himself a sandwich. "You two didn't- have sex did you."

"No, is that all you think about us." 

"Apparently yes, you're always having sex. Nothing's wrong with that I guess, I don't know it's something about him." 

"He's a good guy." 

"No, Drew is a good guy," He says.

"Why? Because he's nice, rich, and smart." 

"He's nice and smart. I don't care if he's rich. He respects you, did he ask you or bring up sex when you two were together." 

"No. It doesn't matter anyway; we're friends now." 

"Like you and Justin? What the hell are you two anyway" He asked?

"Friends that are fixing to be parents. He wants to date me."

"So what's stopping you."

"You! You're the one that doesn't like him." 

"Because he used you, I didn't want to watch my daughter having sex with this guy knowing he's using you now look; you're pregnant." 

"I know that, but you have to accept that it happened. It was me too I'm the bad guy also. If you can hate him because of what he did to me, then you have to hate me too. It's not easier on you I get that, you wanted me to become an attorney just like you, but this baby is not gonna stop any of that" 

"Okay, fine. It's your responsibly now, even though I did like Drew he's respectful. He respects you, and he respects me Justin doesn't do any of that" He says.

"Just try to make things work with him. How are you and Kristie." 

"We're good. Going out to dinner tonight, have any plans." 

"Dinner with Justin" 

"Of course," He says eating his sandwich walking off. 

"Hey, what's up with him" Kathy chuckled.

"Nothing. What's up with you I thought you and Troy were hanging out." 

"Hey, there's nothing wrong hanging out with my pregnant best friend. How did it go at the doctor's office." 

"My dad and Justin got into an argument," I said, and she laughed. 

"Holy shit! Dan hates Justin's guts; he loves Drew though" 

"Yeah well we're friends, Justin and I are too, and it was Drew's choice to leave I didn't want him too, but I understand, he didn't want to be the third wheel, so he broke it off, I don't blame him. No one wants to be with a pregnant fat girl." 

"You are not fat, just pregnant. You're not that big anyways who cares what people think, you are gorgeous, and I would love to go out with you if I were a guy" She says, I chuckled and hugged her. 

"Thanks. Justin and I are going out to dinner tonight." 

"Wow, maybe the next step is actually dating he's deeply in love with you." 

"I told him I'd think about it. I just don't want to ruin our amazing sex just by getting into something serious." 

"Oh really, so when he told you he was talking to someone else you went crazy just the way you did him about Drew." 

"How did you know that," I asked.

"I eavesdrop. Don't worry I didn't hear the whole conversation; you know what you should wear? That grey long-sleeve short dress." 

"Are you sure."

"It's cute, besides I'm sure you can still fit it. It'll show your boobs all he has to do is rip it open from both sides."

"Kathy! Oh my gosh" I giggled. 

"I'm sorry, Troy and I have been having phone sex for the past couple of days. I've been aroused." 

"Well, I'm sure you two will have time to do that. And fine I'll wear the dress." 

"Yay! You're going to look so hot, just remind him what he will be missing. I doubt you'll be back home by midnight so text me the details" She says leaving. I finished eating going upstairs taking a shower. I walked into my closet trying to find the dress she was talking about; my dad has already left for his night out with Kristie. I'm happy he's gone so I wouldn't have to hear him yap about the dress I'll be wearing over Justin's. Finally! I found the dress taking it off the hanger throwing it onto the bed, grabbing a pair of underwear to slide on. Once I put the dress on, I walked into the bathroom curling my hair doing my make up. I slipped on my heels and earrings leaving the house. Once I got to Justin's place he texted me. "Door is open, just come inside. Still getting ready". I went inside, the food smelled great. I couldn't believe he set up this beautiful dinner for just the two of us. Candles were lit, lights were dimmed, music was playing, a bouquet of flowers sitting on the table. I smiled, reading the card it had inside. 

"Tonight will be a night to remember," I said to myself. 

"I'm happy you made it," He says whispering into my ear, sending chills up my spine. 

"Of course," I said turning around. 

"You look amazing, seriously," He says licking his lips checking me out.

"Thanks, you do too, nice tux. You know we didn't really have to go all out."

"Hey, you wanted a dinner I just wanted to make it special for the both of us. A night to remember. Come on sit down" He says pulling out a chair, I sat down and he sat next to me. 

"You did all of this" 

"Of course, it's not too much is it."

"No, it's perfect. You're just full of surprises" I said, he chuckled staring at me. "What," I asked. 

"Nothing. You're just so beautiful, I would be a fool to lose you to anyone" He smiled. I smiled too. 

"Well, I'm happy I decided to go on a date with you, we'll see how this turns out. So did you cook any of this" 

"Yes, I love to cook. We're having steak, do you like steak?" 

"Yes! How did you know." 

"Your dad and I kinda talked, I told him we have a date tonight. Don't get too excited he's trying to get to know me" He said. 

"That's good news, about you wanting to see someone else-"

"Adrian, do you really want to talk about that" He interrupted. 

"Yeah, I just felt bad leaving you in love with me while you watched me move on with some other guy. And I understand you're teaching me a lesson because of what I did. We weren't dating at the time, we were just bed buddies, and we still are. I know we're not dating now and you're obsessed with getting in a relationship, but Justin I don't wanna rush things with us, it's going just the way I wanted it. Just sex with no intention of being together."

"It's hard for me to fall back Adrian, I love you and I love our baby. You mean something to me other than just sex but, if that's what you want, I'm okay with that. Just having sex." 

"I love having sex with you, it's fun. You make it fun for me, don't you want to keep it that way?"

"So you're saying you don't want to be in a relationship, just to have sex but I want to be in a relationship to have something more than that," He asked. 

"It sounds weird but we're crazy about each other, we get mad once one of us found someone else knowing we don't want to stop what we have going on. I don't want you having sex with anyone else, I get-... I get jealous." 

"How cute," He said playing with me, I rolled my eyes pushing him lightly. 

"Not funny, I can get jealous just like you can. Remember Drew" I said. 

"I remember it everyday. It's not fair to me Adrian you were in a relationship." 

"I know but that was before I found out I was pregnant." 

"Answer one question. You have to be honest with me, did you fuck him" He asked. 

"It was one time." 

"At least you're being honest," He said with a smile. 

"What about you," I asked.

"I may have had sex a few times it didn't feel the same" 

"Why not," I asked, he shrugged his shoulders. 

"I guess because it wasn't you," He says, I kinda felt bad. Justin and I have been through a lot together, dealing with each other drama, and most definitely this pregnancy. We started to eat before it got cold. 

"What was her name," I asked.

"What do you mean." 

"The girl? You said you met someone else." 

"Oh yeah, the girl from school her name is Maggie." 

"That slut! You really want to go out with her" I asked.

"Wow you really are jealous, I dig that. You're jealous about me wanting to date someone else. We talked before, she likes me a lot. She knows I'm having a baby on the way, I'm committed to my daughter don't worry." 

"You're still considering going out with her," I asked. 

"I don't know yet, she knows about you too. She just doesn't know that I'm still having sex with you." 

"Then tell her, because I sure will." 

"Adrian, don't say anything I didn't even want to tell you who. Just give me some time to think things through, can you do that." 

"I don't know, maybe. You shouldn't be with her" 

"Okay you shouldn't have been with Drew but did I complain." 

"Yes!" I said raising my voice. 

"Alright I did, maybe a couple of times. But I accepted it and got over it." 

"Got over it? You came to the mall knowing we were there. Did you really get over the fact I was dating him." 

"No, But I had to look at you two everyday, and it killed me inside knowing I can't be him...You drive me crazy, all I want to do is grab your face and kiss the shit out of you, that's how crazy you make me. And you know I wouldn't hurt you in any way. Maybe in bed, but I don't try to. You can't deny wanting to be with me, I know you've been thinking about us dating hell I have too a bunch of times. But if being friends with benefits is what you want. I respect that"

"I'm not trying to play hard to get it's just-- sometimes I hate you, and then I don't. We argue a lot, I doubt we'll have something in common and sex is all we have to offer. But, I don't know I have been thinking about us dating and all the problems that will come with it. You're a celebrity." 

"I don't want my fame getting between us. I get it I'm apart of this whole different world, maybe you can be apart of it too." 

"If it's anything I rather for you to be apart of mines," I said. He smiled, and chuckled kissing my hand. "You look very handsome" I added. 

"Thanks, that dress is really turning me on," He says biting his bottom lip, I laughed. 

"Why don't you help me take it off" I teased. He grabbed the legs of my chair pulling it towards him. I giggled grabbing his tie, pulling him towards me. 

"You have no idea what you got yourself into" I whispered in his ear. He grabbed my face, kissing me shoving his tongue down my throat. I got up sitting in his lap. He pulled my dress down from the top kissing my shoulder to my back. I played with my tits while he kissed on my neck. I moaned pressing my ass against his boner. 

"Are you getting hard for me?" I asked. 

"Yes, baby," He says kissing my back. He stands me up, turning me around sitting me on the table. He took his jacket off helping me pull my arms out of my dress.

I rubbed on his dick from the outside of his pants; he was getting harder and harder. I unbuckled his belt reaching my hand down his pants stroking his dick, rubbing the tip with my thumb. He pulled his pants down to his ankles along with his briefs. My thumb started to get a little slippery from teasing his head. His clear pre-cum, I smiled at him hopping down from the table getting on my knees licking it clean. 

"You taste so good" I giggled putting it inside my mouth. He moaned taking his shirt off, then next his tie. Grabbing my head thrusting it inside my mouth, I played with his balls squeezing them, while his dick hit the back of my throat. I started choking taking it out of my mouth. I spit on his dick jacking him off. He helped me up to my feet taking his shoes and pants off, leading me to the couch. He sat on the couch while I slowly pulled my dress off teasing him.

He bit his bottom lip jerking himself off.

"Let me help you," I said getting on my knees inserting it into my mouth, he tasted so good. I looked him in his eyes, I could tell he was enjoying himself. I put my hand on his dick stroking it while I was still giving him a blowjob, He moaned moving my hair out the way moving my head up and down. 

"Just like that baby" He moaned squinting his eyes cumming inside my mouth. I sucked on his tip spitting his cum on his dick. 

"Hop up," He says grabbing my arm pulling me onto the couch. He laid me down while he got up, grabbing me by my hips pulling me closer to him lifting my body up bending my legs back. 

"This is new" I giggled. He chuckled beginning to eat me out I moaned pushing his head down. I could feel his tongue licking all over me. He poked his tongue in and out; I moaned pulling his hair. 

"Justin, Justin do you think this position will hurt the baby," I asked. 

"I don't know.. I didn't think about that, do you want me to put you down."

"Well I'm really enjoying it, you've never done this before." 

"I know, I don't want to hurt you."

"No, I will be okay. Continue" I said. He started back eating me dripping his spit from his lips to my pussy. I bit my bottom lip, watching him. 

"You like that" He mumbled against my pussy. I nodded sucking on my left tit. I felt his wet tongue go from my ass back to my clit, sucking on it. 

"Oh my god yes" I screamed trying to push his head back. He removed my hand pinning it against the couch continuing to suck on it. My leg started to quiver a little making my toes curl. 

"I'm cumming!" I said squinting my eyes, turning my body a little. I screamed in pleasure starting to cum. He kissed and lightly bit my inner thigh smacking my ass before putting me down. 

"Your tongue made me so wet," I said pulling him into a kiss, starting to make out. 

"Turn around," He says between kisses before pulling away. I turned around; he spread my legs placing one of them on the top. He licked his fingers rubbing the tip of his dick putting it inside me. We both moaned at the same time; I held onto the couch while he started thrusting. 

"Faster," I said. He went faster wrapping his hands around my neck choking me. My eyes started to roll to the back of my head; he moaned pressing his lips against mines. 

"Make me cum again, make me cum again" I begged. I could feel my pussy getting tighter wrapped around his massive dick and more wetter. The rougher he fucked me, the more my leg shakes.

I squealed digging my nails into his side cumming on his dick. He slowed down a little pulling my hair, roughly kissing my neck. I turned around sitting on the couch slipping his dick in my mouth. I grabbed onto his hips shoving it down my throat. 

"I love tasting my pussy," I said licking my lips, looking up at him standing up. He sat down grabbing my hips pulling me onto his lap. I giggled lifting up a little; he slipped inside of me placing his hands on my hips. I moaned resting my hands on his shoulders. He started to thrust slowly; I spit on my hand rubbing my clit.


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