Head over Heels (18+)

Adrian moves to California to start her new adventure with her dad, whose a lawyer that is transferring to a new firm. She meets the famous celebrity Justin Bieber she absolute despises. They make a bet with each other which pulls them closer together, Justin exposes his love to her as she keeps it a secret.


2. New Girl.

Everywhere I go Justin is there, same classes same school, same everything. Couldn't this get any worse? Second period was hell we stayed arguing. He was upset because usually, girls are all over him, and he's so surprised that a hot girl like me isn't drooling over him. It's just the first day of school, and here I am arguing with some celebrity because of his colossal ego.

It was lunchtime, I was starving hardly ate anything but toast this morning. I got my tray looking at the tables. Everyone has their own groups that they hang out with. The jocks, popular people, weird ones, Justin's group and so on.

"Hey new girl, need somewhere to sit" I heard a girl say. Finally! Someone has saved me from eating somewhere I didn't want to sit. She had a bright smile on her face. She had black hair with black eyes somewhat gothic if you ask me, but whatever she looked cool.

"Hi, I'm Trish," She said holding out her hand for me to shake as I sit in front of her.

"Adrian," I said shaking her hand. "Um, you're sitting here by yourself? You have no other friends."

"Yes, I don't want friends. I want the world to leave me the hell alone, but you, on the other hand, is my new friend, word goes around fast once a new student is here. I guess that happens every year, an unfamiliar face comes."

"Yeah well I had no choice but to move here, my mom passed a couple of months ago, and my dad joined a new Firm here," I said.

"Oh cool, your dads a lawyer. Mines a police officer, what happened to your mom if you don't mind me asking."

"Cancer. She had breast cancer."

"I'm sorry, must be tough to move here."

"It's okay. Do you know this Justin guy I got into this argument with him because he almost cost my dad and I our lives, by speeding"

"Oh yeah. Justin Bieber, everyone is used to him coming here, he's a celebrity I get it. Everyone drools over him. Even guys, I get it he's a hot pop star. His girlfriend Tiffany is a cheerleader; she's really bitchy and prissy. She thinks she can get a record deal by dating Justin, the funny thing is everyone knows she can't sing for shit in the world. I'm sure her pussy is made of iron by now" She said, and I laughed.

"You're not a big fan of her either are you."

"Oh no. We were friends once upon a time. I know right can't believe it either but yeah she wanted to be popular, so she had sex with tons of guys. I'm sure her pussy is bigger than Justin's ego. Everyone's had her there's nothing to be jealous about if you're interested in him."

"I'll pass on that"

"I like you. You're like me, all sassy including bitchy. I like it. Besides you're gorgeous, I'm surprised no one has hit on you yet."

"Maybe it's the clothes, kinda didn't want to dress up today."

"Senior pictures are tomorrow, make sure you wear something that I wouldn't," She said.

"I have tons of clothes; I'll make sure I'll wear something. Are you going to Justin's party" I asked?

"I'll go if you go. He didn't invite me but who cares I'll go if you do."

"Okay. Do you know when it is exactly."

"Friday night, parties are never on school days. So I'll see you there" She asked and I smiled nodding.

"Yeah, see you there," I said. After school, I was waiting for my dad to come to pick me up. I looked up at the sky; it looked like it was going to pour down raining. I sat down on the bench by the school texting him. It started to thunder, and then sprinkle a little.

"Need a ride," Justin asked stopping his car in front of me.

"No. I'm waiting on my dad," I said not making eye contact with him.

"Well it's about to rain Adrian, come on I'll give you a ride don't be so shallow. Hop in"

"Excuse me I am not shallow."

"Fine, you're on your own then. Since you want to be like that, but once I pull off, I'm not turning around."

"Where's your girlfriend, isn't she gonna be pissed," I asked.

"Who cares, it's not like you're a side chick or anything besides she's at cheer practice. Enough talking could you get in I'm trying to be nice."

"I didn't ask you to," I said snapping. It started to thunder louder now, beginning to rain. He lifted an eyebrow waiting to see what I would do. I groaned hopping in.

"Was that so hard?" He asked.

"You're such an ass."

"What makes you not like me, that's my question. Is it because of my little incident this morning, was it my speeding is that it" He asked.

"Yeah, that too. You honestly tried to hit on me. You are so in-denial" I said. He took off his seat belt leaning over me. I thought he was going in for a kiss, but instead, he grabbed my seatbelt putting it on. I rolled my eyes, and he put his seatbelt on also starting to drive.

"I'm sorry about this morning. It won't happen again."

"I'm sure it won't."

"Whatever, tell me where you live," He says paying attention to the road.

"I live in the suburbs. Hilton Valley" I said.

"Cool, I live two blocks away from you. The biggest house in the neighborhood of course."

"There it goes again, you love bragging about yourself don't you"

"What? All I said it's the biggest house in the neighborhood."

"And you're proud of that."

"Of course, my own place. I am a celebrity."

"Yeah, I know that. Everyone fucking knows that. Jeez" I said rolling my eyes. The car ride was long and awkward. I stared out the window seeing that I'm almost home staring at the big houses and fancy cars. Stop, this is it" I said. He stops the car; I pulled my hoodie over my head getting ready to get out.

"Hey, before you go. I need a little help with the English homework. Do you think, you could help me."

"You're asking me to help you while you have a whole girlfriend that can help you."

"She's busy plus we're not in the same class, I can tell you like English so would you help me out," He asked nicely. I sighed removing my hood from my head.

"Fine but we're not going inside. Let's stay in the car until the weather calms down" I said. He nodded cutting the engine off. We began doing our homework together. I honestly thought he knew what the hell he was doing. Once we were finished, we talked. No arguing, just a normal conversation. Excuse me if I didn't fully introduce myself. You know me as Adrian, I'm 18 beginning my senior year in a new city. I have brown hair, brown eyes with a killer body. But no one knows that last part. After graduation, I plan on furthering my education in going to college, but I'll never know what else I might have anticipated. My dad name is Dan; he's a lawyer, one of the best you might as well say. Before moving here, Florida was rough for me there's more to the story than just moving here because of my mom. But I bet California will be useful to me.

"So, you plan on coming to my party Friday night. It would be nice if you could come. I mean I'm not trying to hit on you or anything, but I must say you have a nice ass" He said. I punched his shoulder. "Okay, I deserved that" He added holding his shoulder groaning.

"You've been looking at my ass."

"Oh come on everyone has, including the guys. But it's okay I like them feisty."

"Stop hitting on me! You have a girlfriend. And you know what that says about you? A whole lot. You're a cheater."

"I'm not cheating if I haven't done anything."

"You're hitting on me, and looking at my ass. Is that all you want from a girl? To get in their pants? Because I'm sure everyone has been in Tiffany's pants."

"What the hell is that suppose to mean," He asked angrily.

"Don't pull that shit with me, and everyone knows she sleeps around to get popular at school."

"You don't know anything; you're new. Mind your damn business."

"Fine, I will. But you're right I'm new, but that doesn't stop people from talking. Goodbye Justin" I said getting out the car flipping him off, going inside the house.

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