Head over Heels (18+) COMPLETED - JB

Adrian moves to California to start her new adventure with her dad, whose a lawyer that is transferring to a new firm. She meets the famous celebrity Justin Bieber she absolute despises. They make a bet with each other which pulls them closer together, Justin exposes his love to her as she keeps it a secret.


11. Let's Ruin the Friendship.

When I woke up, I checked my phone. 9:30 PM it read. I got up going downstairs; the lights were dim, music was playing low. I saw Justin on the couch drinking a beer, smoking a blunt, reading a book. 

"Hey, you're up" He quickly put the blunt out dusting off his pants. 

"Yeah, what are you reading," I asked sitting beside him. 

"A baby book just gives me information about all the steps and how to get prepared. Stuff like that, sorry I was smoking didn't know you were up. I got you some prenatal vitamins they're supposed to keep the baby really healthy, pickles in case you're craving them along with other stuff I got and some food. Don't worry it's not cold I got here 5 minutes ago, you hungry" He asked passing me a to-go plate.

"Starving," I said starting to eat. 

"So I thought about you talking about your appointment tomorrow afternoon, I wanna come. Your dad may hate me but, I think you should tell him about the whole abortion pill thing. I'm sure he would understand I don't want him hating me. I'm serious about this baby; it's the best thing that ever happened to me. I know everyone sees me as the bad boy at school, but I'm not, I just want to be there for her and for you." 

"Okay, I'll tell him." 

"It would really mean a lot. Maybe it won't make a difference but long as he knows I'm here, so how did you sleep." 

"Good, got plenty of rest. Kathy told my dad I was with Drew so he wouldn't be so worried about me."

"She lied to him," He asked.

"Yeah, he knows Drew would take care of me. And he wouldn't try to do anything with me since I'm pregnant, don't feel bad he has his favorites. Maybe you could be one."

"I doubt it; I just don't want to keep sneaking around so that we can see each other"

"I will talk to him, and we don't have to sneak around I'm 19 now I'm not under his supervision anymore. I mean he's still concerned about me, of course, watching out for the baby too. We had a long talk one night; we talked about once we moved here I had sex and had a baby, he was expecting so much more from me. But he knows I have sex, I just forgot about taking my shot."

"Do you think your mom would've said the same thing." 

"No, she's more of a 'You're an adult now, time to take some responsibility' kind of gal" I chuckled. 

"Sounds more like your dad." 

"I know right," I said surprised. "But I do have to take some responsibly, having sex was a choice for me, and I was dumb enough to do it and get knocked up. We're gonna make up for it though; we can't hate the baby." 

"I love our unborn child," He says, I smiled and hugged him. 

"Sorry if I interrupted your reading, I know you were enjoying yourself."

"It's okay, I'm happy you're here, and we're talking. Have you heard from Trish" He asked? 

"No, we haven't talked every since she blurted out me having sex with you." 

"That was pretty funny. I liked your comeback though; it was sexy. So did really I blow your back out" He asks, I chuckled kind of embarrassed that he heard that part. I was hoping he would've forgotten that by now. 

"Um. I don't know. Are you high."

"No. Oh come on Adrian, you don't have to lie to me. Tell the truth. Am I that good? I mean you did admit it to Trish, but I just want to hear you say it, personally."

"Yeah, you're good in bed and yes I enjoyed every bit of it. Am I good" I asked, hoping that he would lie to me. He was just staring at me knowing I was shy to give him the correct response. His unbelievably pink wet lips, his messy hair, perfect smile and body it just made me go insane. I just wanted to kiss him; he's so perfect it's crazy. And it's crazy that I will do just about anything to make him mine. 

"You're alright," He says we both laughed, I playfully shoved him.

"You're such a liar; I didn't know I can make a guy this crazy in love with me just to be alright in bed."

"I'm joking. You're amazing, you may be the first girl that I've done it with that's...full of control y'know. You know what you're doing. I wouldn't lie to you about that. Maybe I am high right now, but I'll remember that you admitted it. But you're right it's no one's business, she thought I killed her boyfriend maybe that's why she blurted it out." 

"Yeah, I didn't care though."

"I like that about you, not caring what people think or say. You're really brave and confident about yourself that's one thing I noticed about you." 

"Maybe you should do the same, not care. It'll make you feel much better instead of worrying about what people have to say about you. Who cares. Anyways, have you talked to Tiffany."

"Yeah, we don't talk that much, but she told me to keep quiet about the whole incident with Jonas. Every day she has to make up for something, she wasn't in her right mind to do that, but she does have to pay." 

"She wanted me to keep quiet about it too; she wants to graduate with her class. I didn't think she would admit it, but she did. Most people don't believe it but, I guess they're starting to realize it. Sometimes she shows up at school and sometimes she doesn't. I think it was best if you wouldn't have told me." 

"Yeah, but you were so interested in knowing. You thought I did it, I heard it from my own friends. I didn't believe it either, but it started to make sense" He says, his phone started to go off, he looked at his cellphone rolling his eyes tossing it on the table.

"Your little girlfriend," I asked giggling. 

"If that's what you want to call her, I told her to stop texting me. She wants to go out tomorrow spend some time together." 

"Does she know about me?" I asked. 

"No, word hasn't gotten out yet." 

"Do you want it to?" I asked he shrugged. I grabbed his phone texting her. 

"What are you doing," He asked.

"Doing you a favor, I'm texting her?" I said continuing to text, handing him his phone. He laughed while reading the text message. 

"I hope she got a clear understanding I don't want to be with her. Thanks, I owe you." 

"Don't worry about that, just a friend helping out a friend?" I said. Justin and I stayed up talking all night; it was nice to do that without screaming at each other. 

"This feels nice," He says laying his head on my lap. 

"What does," I asked.

"Talking to you, laughing telling stories. We've been up all night talking, and it's 1 in the morning. Have your dad texted you." 

"Yeah, he just said goodnight," I said playing in his hair.

"How are you feeling." 

"I'm okay, for now anyway." 

"Do you want to go through this, honestly?" He asked. 

"I have no choice. Do you? You think this could ruin your career?" 

"Of course I want to go through it, every step of the way. And no I don't think so, I guess everyone thinks 'Oh he's going to school just getting girls pregnant now' it's funny" He chuckled. 

"What about your parents? What do they think about all of this" 

"My dad doesn't talk to me, neither does my mom. My mom and I don't get along thought the fame was getting to my head, I still talk my baby brother and sister when I have the chance to but, my parents don't care that much." 

"I'm sorry." 

"Don't be; they'll come around. I'm going to sleep, are you sleepy" He asked. 

"No you can go ahead," I said. He got up going upstairs. I sat downstairs looking through the book. I wasn't really sleepy since I took a long nap.  I fell asleep on the couch waking up to Justin shaking me to wake up. 

"Good morning, I made you breakfast," He said sitting it on the table. 

"Thanks. What time is it." 

"7:30 don't worry you have plenty of time before school starts. What time are you going to your doctor's appointment."

"Right after school, so I would say 3:30. You sure you want to come."

"Definitely, I'm here now Adrian. You're not alone anymore. I didn't want this to happen either, but it did. Maybe further on into the pregnancy, we will start to like it...eventually." 

"I'm just nervous, about everything. Sometimes being so nervous and worried about things makes you want to cry because you think you're ready for it when you're not." 

"Hey, I get the same feeling. It's normal to be nervous it's okay Adrian, and I apologize for this all of it. It's gonna be fine okay" He said. I nodded taking a deep breath; he hugged me kissing my head. "C'mon eat up before your sickness kicks in, I want you to at least eat something," He said smiling. I smiled too kissing his cheek starting to eat breakfast. When I was done, I drove home to get changed. I heard a knock on my bedroom door seeing my dad.

"Hey, you were out with Drew all night," He asked crossing his arms.

"No, I was out with Justin. I spent the night at his place."

"So you two are speaking to each other" 

"Yeah. The reason he didn't talk to me was that-- because I wanted to take an abortion pill. He didn't want me to do it, but I did, so he bought me the pill and got pissed off. He knew that if he didn't buy it, then I would buy it myself, take it, and not tell him about it. I told him the truth yesterday that I threw them up because I couldn't do it" I said starting to cry. He walked over and hugged me. 

"Don't blame yourself for this"

"Why not? I'm the one that agreed to have sex with him. I'm the one that was stupid enough to forget about my birth control shot that's the reason I'm in this mess; you knew I had sex dad from the beginning."

"You could've used a condom with him or any other guy Adrian, yes I know you're having sex but just because you're on birth control doesn't mean that you don't have to use protection. It's safer, look I know I've been hard on you, and I'm sorry you're going through some things, and I should accept that, you're 18 a senior in high school and want to do more with yourself. But you can't do that with a baby." 

"What are you trying to say, I should get an abortion?"

"No, I'm not saying that at all. I just think it's impossible maybe I'm saying it because it was impossible for your mother and I. We had to put our career on hold just so we could raise you, now you're in the same boat. It takes a little bit longer to get where you're going but long as you get it done. You could've told me." 

"I thought it didn't matter." 

"It does! You barely tell me anything now, I'm your father and I always will be nothing can change that. You're pregnant I can't do anything but support and protect you." 

"What about Justin? Do you hate him" I asked?

"He did the right thing by getting upset with you; I understand that completely. I don't hate him I just...don't approve of him like I do Drew, he's a good guy. Standing by you through all of this, he's smart and nice; you two had something." 

"Yeah, had. Past tense. Drew is amazing he is, but I understand that he couldn't be with a pregnant girl that's having someone else's baby. That's like third wheeling dad."

"Alright, I understand. I'm sorry. Let's not go further into this conversation before you start yelling; you scare me. Are you hungry, I made extra food for you to take I know you love to eat, so there's plenty." 

"Thanks, see you after school. We have a doctors appointment remember" I said, he nodded handing me my bag. I came out the door seeing Kathy standing by the car.

"Hey, how was it with Justin," She asked getting inside. 

"It was good. We talked, laughed-"

"Had sex" She interrupted.

"Of course," I said getting inside starting the engine. 

"I honestly think you're gonna get together sooner or later," She says smiling.

"Wow, I thought you hated him." 

"That was before but, you're having his baby."

"How are you and Troy," I asked.

"We're great; he's taking me out to dinner tomorrow night and good news I don't have to carpool with you anymore. He's gonna start picking me up; I just decided to ride with you just to see how spending the night with Justin went." 

"He's- he's changed, you may not see it because he's around other people, but once we're alone, it's different."

"You're starting to like him again huh," She asked. 

"No! No, we're just friends, two friends that's having a baby together. That sounds weird doesn't it." 

"Very" She chuckled. Once we got to school, she got out walking towards Troy, while I went inside putting grabbing my books. Kathy and I really aren't talking that much, she has a new boyfriend and I'm apart of this whole other life along with my unborn baby. 

"Hey," Justin says walking up to me. "We need to talk." 

"Okay what's up." 

"After the doctor's appointment, it'll be a great time for us to talk"

"About what," I asked closing my locker. 

"Some things that we need to discuss that's all, I'm sure you wouldn't care if I told you but I just wanna talk after school."

"Fine, whatever. I'll see you later" I said walking off heading to class. 

"Well, well, well, hey stranger haven't talked to you in forever," Trish says. 

"Yeah. I guess you've disappeared."

"No, just been invisible for the last couple of weeks. I see you're having a baby."

"Yes I am, not too proud of it but I had it coming."

"About what I said..when I blurted out you slept with Justin, you're right it's none of my business I just thought that you took up for him so that I could look stupid. I guess he didn't do it. Tiffany is denying she did it, some believe it, and some don't I honestly don't know what to believe. I lost him, and I loved him. Sorry for putting you in this mess and ruining our friendship. I don't even have friends now because people think I'm crazy, but I don't care it's best to be by myself anyways. I just wanted to be a friend to you, and I fucked that up, things started falling off."

"Yeah. I don't know anything about Tiffany I just overheard a couple of other students talking about it."

"I know, but I'm over it now there's nothing I can do to change that. Anyways it's nice catching up with you see you later" She says walking off. That was weird; she comes out of nowhere just to talk to me. I haven't seen her around school since our little argument. I felt my morning sickness started to kick in, the smell of school breakfast started to make me sick to my stomach. I covered my mouth speed walking into the bathroom to throw up. I felt much better, well at least I can't get my period for nine months which is a good thing. I flushed the toilet sitting on the bathroom floor. My phone buzzed in my back pocket, the bell already rang for class, and I'm a little late. 

"Where are you" Justin texted probably worried out of his mind. 

"Morning sickness, bathroom..I'm going home." 

"Okay, see you after school" He replied. I finally had the urge to get up off the floor checking myself out of school. I was definitely not feeling too good.

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