Head over Heels (18+)

Adrian moves to California to start her new adventure with her dad, whose a lawyer that is transferring to a new firm. She meets the famous celebrity Justin Bieber she absolute despises. They make a bet with each other which pulls them closer together, Justin exposes his love to her as she keeps it a secret.


22. Guilty.

I invited Kathy over to talk and to also keep me company while Justin left. I didn't want him to go because he just got from the hospital and from being unconscious yesterday. 


"Justin loves you he's just trying to protect you, thank god you two are finally together. Took you long enough." 


"I love him too. I do, it's just he's in and out of trouble."


"Yeah because of you. Look at what he's done getting into fights for you, getting arrested for you, getting shot for you. It's all because of you Adrian, and Troy will never do anything like that for me. Honestly, you have an amazing guy that is willing to protect you. Don't leave him. I'm tired of you two fighting over dumb shit" She says, I chuckled getting up going into the kitchen grabbing a bowl of popcorn. "ADRIAN!" She yells from the living room; I walked into the living room. She has the tv on watching the news. There a police car, and Justin's car in front of it. I didn't see him in sight. I dropped the bowl of popcorn on the floor. The glass shatters, I was in shock. The helicopter was filming everything; my heart sank, what the fuck did he do now. 

"Turn it up," I said. She turned up the volume, and I sat beside her. 

"Justin Bieber the teen pop star has gotten arrested for possession of a firearm, going over the speed limit, driving under the influence, and also having a bag of drugs in his car--" I muted the tv, Kathy looked at me studying my face. 

"Wow, driving under the influence Adrian he's going to jail," She says I picked up my phone called my dad. 

"Hey, dad did you see the news," I asked.

"Yeah, I seen it. He's gonna need a lawyer--"

"You're a lawyer. Can't you be his lawyer" I asked.

"I'm sure he already has one Adrian. I knew about the firearm, not about the rest of it. He's going to jail." 

"Okay, can you do something about it." 

"No, I'm sorry my hands are tied right now. Especially working with this other case I'm on. I could ask Kristie if she's interested in helping him. He needs help Adrian; it's getting worse. What are you gonna do" He asks, I bit my bottom lip afraid that no one would be able to help him? He does need help, and I told him that last night. I looked back at the tv that was still showing the police car that Justin was in.

"Maybe let him sit in there for a couple of days, I'm sure that's the best discipline I got right now. He'll learn his lesson while he's in there I guess. Don't you have anything to say about this? Aren't you gonna tell me he's not right for me."

"No it's not my place to tell you that, but I see where he's coming from in protecting you. He loves you, and it'll get ugly before it gets pretty. I'll call Kristie and see what she can do but for now, just wait it out" He says hanging up. I sighed putting my phone down. A few hours passed my phone rung from an awkward number I quickly picked it up. 

"Hello," I said. 

"Adrian, hey I'm so happy to hear your voice."

"What the fuck was you thinking." 

"I was pissed; I was drinking and--"

"Drinking? While driving? Going over the fucking speed limit? Do you ever think Justin, Jesus I can't believe you would do something this stupid" I said. 

"I know, I know. Could you help me out here? I'm in custody right now using this phone where other inmates probably did all kind of shit to it. This place is disgusting not what imagined" 

"Did you call Scooter? Or your publicist? Your lawyer?" I asked.

"My lawyer sucks, he's not better than your dad. Scooter is probably pissed at me right now, and I fired my publicist. I know you are mad at me baby you have every right to be. I'm just trying my best to protect you; you know that. It's just my mom is making me go crazy."

"I shouldn't have told you," I said. 

"That would've been best, please get me out of here Adrian. I don't think I can spend a night in this hell hole." 

"Justin hang tight in there okay. I'm distraught with you right now. It's like you find a new situation to get into and this one will be hard to get you out of. My dad's hands are tied right now; he's doing another case. I'm sure he can't take yours, I'm sorry. I wish I can do something" I said, he took a deep breath. 

"Okay. Don't worry about me I'll be fine, for now anyway. I love you" He says, I sat on the couch next to Kathy starting to cry. I know he knows how much I'm hurting right now. I could hear him cry from the other end. I cleaned my face, sniffling. 

"I love you too," I said hanging up the phone. Kathy pulls me into a tight hug rubbing my back. 

"It's gonna be okay" She whispers to me kissing the top of my head. When I finally calm down enough, I went to see Justin with my dad. Going through security was rough, they were insulting and obnoxious. I felt molested while they patted us down, I walked through a door going to the cell that he was in. He quickly gets up walking towards me.

"Before you say anything, first I want to say I fucked up. I fucked up badly and I'm sorry, but I'm not sorry for the rest of the shit I've done. I know you feel like you're dating a criminal that can't control his anger but- I did it for you--"

"This was not for me; you did this for yourself. Drinking and driving are you fucking crazy Justin! You were only thinking about yourself before you pulled out of that driveway. You just got out of the hospital from getting shot, and you're already in a deep amount of trouble."

"I know. I don't know what I was thinking. But my mom needs to stay away from you; I don't know what else she has planned." 

"Justin you're delusional, your mom wouldn't do anything like that to you...or even to me," I said.

"You're wrong. You don't know her; you met her for a fucking day. She's not what you think." 

"So you're saying your mother is the whole reason you're in here." 

"Basically yes. I'm not drunk. I'm totally sober. They took me in for questioning, and they still won't believe those drugs weren't mine. You have to listen to me Adrian, she has something up her sleeve yes I may have did all that shit..driving under the influence and so on, but that weed wasn't mine. I never have drugs in my car you know that" 

"You still smoke pot, Justin." 

"In the house yes. I've never had that much in my car. I don't know where the hell it came from. I'm not crazy, just please believe me." 

"I don't know what to believe anymore Justin," I said. 

"I'm not gonna stop protecting you from bad people Adrian, you mean everything to me. I'm not perfect damn it, I do shit without thinking" 

"Go to rehab, they can help you," I said. 

"I'm not going to a fucking rehabilitation center I told you that" 

"Then I'm not helping you," I said, he chuckled sarcastically walking away. It was the right thing to do, to control his anger and learn his lesson. Letting him stay in here to cool things off. I was hoping he would come back to me; I watched him for a moment. Nothing. He didn't come back; I sighed leaving walking out the prison running into paparazzi that was asking me all sorts of questions. Fans were there also holding up signs saying FreeJustin I honestly think that Justin needs to learn his lesson and his supporters should understand that. He was driving under the influence putting everyone at risk; he shouldn't be free. I know it sounds quite bitchy to say that but it's true. That's like telling them to free a murderer, Justin can get upset all he wants to. But I'm not helping him until he realizes he can't always be rescued from this sort of things because he's rich. I finally got into the car with dad putting on my seatbelt. 

"How did it go," He asks. 

"He's mad at me, but it's worth it. Long as he knows I care." 

"You love each other. It hurts loving a person Adrian, he's just upset because you won't help him." 

"I am helping him, and he needs to understand that he can't always be rescued from dumb shit he's always getting into. Sorry about my language but he just needs more time in there. He won't go to rehab, so I have no other choice." 

"Well, you're doing the right thing in my opinion. Ready to go home" He asks, I nodded my head. Once I got home, the news kept playing over and over I got tired of hearing it. I cut it off going upstairs to my room. I stripped naked taking a long shower. I busted out crying again; it's crazy how people don't want to be helped. Justin has a serious problem, and I love him enough to help, but he just doesn't know where I'm coming from. I washed my body wrapping a towel around my body, smearing the steam from the mirror looking at myself. I looked horrible; I haven't been getting a right amount of sleep since that whole kidnapping thing happened. I got flashbacks with Jason and I getting into fights, the bruises on my body were still there. I dried my hair putting on some clothes, grabbing my laptop filling out some college applications. 

                              Justin's POV

Now that I'm out of custody, I'm going to prison until my court date. I had to give everything up, my car, the jewelry, maybe my career too. I took off my watch putting it in the little white basket that was in front of me. Next, I took out my phone putting it inside as my phone rang seeing Scooter popping up on the screen. Before I could reach for it, the guard stops me.

"It's my manager." 

"You'll get your phone call soon," He says, I rolled my eyes with a sarcastic chuckle putting the rest of my things in there. After a while, luckily I was the only person on the prison bus that didn't have to put up with anyone else bullshit. The bus stopped, and I got pushed off. He either wasn't a fan, or he just does everyone else like this. It's night; the most scariest time ever to be in prison. Prisoners even talking to themselves, or probably planning some vivid shit, even crying. I stared at the ceiling thinking all the wrong I've done. I couldn't stop thinking about Adrian; I miss her. It may seem that I'm not scared of anything, but being in a prison where there's a whole lot of people that's done way worse than I've done scared the shit out of me. I knew that guard was lying to me about my phone call which I never got. The prison is co-ed. Meaning men and women are together but never interact with each other; it's crazy. I felt a sharp pain in my chest; I haven't been taking my medicine. I so need to get the fuck out of here, the sad thing about prison is once it's night. It feels like forever for it to be daylight outside. I couldn't sleep at all, all I wanted was to be at home next to my beautiful girlfriend. I shouldn't have walked out on her but now I regret it, she may not even come back. 

It's been hours, and I still couldn't sleep, I was wide awake not even tired. The thing about prison is you'll never know what'll happen to you. I was being set up. I looked up at the window seeing a little bit of light. I was happy, it wasn't long before the guards told us all to get up to hit the showers. The last thing I wanted to do was shower with a bunch of naked guys. I was afraid I would get shanked or even worse. Prison food was the worst, I rather starve but I couldn't. From the corner of my eye I seen Tori, she was on the other side holding onto the bars that separated us, she looked horrible. Seems like the girls wasn't playing nice with her. I sat down at the table, I rather be by myself than be in a crew that would pretend to watch your back. Staring at the awful food that was prepared. The soup didn't look like soup, I wanted to throw up inside. I took a piece of bread from the plate eating it, it wasn't that bad. 


"Justin Bieber right? You're a rich white boy. Celebrity type..thinking you're better than everyone in here. The reason why I came over here was that of course..I'm still hungry" He says sitting on the other side of the table, taking bread from me taking a bite. I chuckled sarcastically, not even making eye contact. 

He takes a seat next to me tossing the piece of bread onto my plate, scanning every inch of my face. 


"You're looking really cute with those handsome eyes," He says touching my shoulder moving it to my chest, I smoothly grabbed his arm breaking his wrist on my knee leaving him to groan in pain. Before he could get any closer to me, the guard walks towards the table. Which causes him to walk away. 


"You have a visitor," He says cuffing my hands together. I got up to put my tray up following him. I saw my mom, waiting for me on the other side of the glass. I scoffed sitting down picking up the phone. 

"What the fuck are you doing here," I asked. 

"Orange is a nice color for you, need help getting out?"


"Fuck you. You're a bitch I don't need your help..this is all your fault why I'm in here. Maybe that was you that put those drugs into my car and then calling the police" I said. 

"Maybe. I talked to your girlfriend. She's really nice; I like her. Let's cut to the chase; I told Adrian maybe it's time to try for a baby--"

"She's not having a baby, and I'm not putting one in her. She's going to college, and I'm not going to fuck that up for her, I know what you're trying to do. You're broke, you're broke as shit, and you need money. You were going to steal the baby from us to make money, I know you. You don't deserve to be called a parent you abandoned me because you couldn't take the fact that I would be making more money than you. You're full of shit, stay away from Adrian and stay the hell away from me." 

"Justin come on can we put this behind us. I wanted her to have a baby because I wanted to be a grandma--"


"Oh bullshit, I'm not stupid. You've planned this for the longest, from the moment you left me I knew you were no good. You wanted to see me in prison because you were upset that I didn't give you what you wanted. It amazes me that all of this is about money" I said. 

"I can help you." 

"No, fuck you and your help. I rather stay in here than have you help me. Don't worry I'm getting out." 

"By who Scooter? He's out of town, and Adrian's dad hands are tied. I can get you out today if you let me, I know I haven't been the mother of the year. Just let me do this." 

"Go home, and don't come back," I said. 

"Fine. You remember Tiffany, your ex-girlfriend. She got away the other night; she's the one that shot you. I know where she is, all you have to do is let me help you get out of here." 

"Forget it, don't let the door hit you on the way out," I said hanging up the phone starting to walk away, she begins to knock on the glass trying to get my attention.

"Let me help you, Adrian and I could get you out. If you don't let me help you, you'll be sorry." 

"If you dare touch Adrian or anyone that I know, you are the one that'll be sorry," I said walking off. I'm sitting in this cold room all alone, cuffed to the table, and supposedly I have a lawyer that'll help me through all of this shit to get me out. 

"Hey, Justin," Dan says coming inside.

"Oh thank god, get me the fuck out of here." 

"I'm not your lawyer; I just came to talk to you. I know it's early in the morning, but I thought this would be a good time. Adrian wants you to get help, some serious help. She doesn't want me or anyone else to help you because you haven't learned your lesson-"

"Learn my lesson? What am I a fucking 12 year old? All I did was drink and drive, you knew about the gun." 

"I know--"

"I saved your daughter, and you agree with her," I asked.

"Yes Justin this is my daughter we're talking about, I thank you for all the times you've saved her I give you that but this is totally different. You have to stop drinking; you have to stop smoking and popping pills and whatever else you're doing. This is her life; we're talking about. You're protecting her from everyone else besides yourself. And she could end up hurt; I don't want that." 

"I would never lay a finger on her or put her in harm's way. I would go crazy if anyone did that even me. Just understand where I'm coming from." 

"I do understand. You're protective over her, and I like that about you. I'm sorry I misjudged you from the start, you're not so bad, but this..you're gonna need more than just a lawyer helping you" He says, I sighed. 

"So who's my lawyer." 

"Kristie, she's been in the firm longer than I have. She knows what she's doing; she helped me with Adrian's case. She's good don't worry, just wanted to come by seeing your face to face to make sure we're clear on that. You don't always have to be the hero; I get that you're trying to protect her but..maybe it's good enough that she does that for herself. Don't you think."

"Yeah, I guess. Besides, I don't want to be clingy. I know girls don't like that. I'll give her some space. How is she" I asked. 

"Well she cried herself to sleep last night, at first she was doing college applications then she cried herself to sleep. I'm sure she's okay now, she'll get over it. How are you holding up in here." 

"Not that great broke a guys arm."

"Well, it seems like you're doing good. Happy you can protect yourself in here, just don't get into any groups." 

"Don't worry. My mom came by if you didn't know we don't like each other. She set me up; she's the one that put the drugs into my car and called the police" I said. 

"You were driving under the influence too, which is illegal if you didn't know that. You can't always get yourself out of things like this, what about your career? Your album is supposed to be coming out."

"Yeah, I'm putting that on hold. I've done shit I wasn't proud of, getting Adrian pregnant which caused her to lose the baby all of this stuff, but I don't regret defending her. She's an amazing person I just- it's my anger. Everyone in here, did something because they were angry. And being angry can get someone killed, all of this I could've bashed Jason's skull in if I knew I was gonna end up in here."

"You did the right thing not to. We were scared for you Justin, seeing you getting carried out on a gurney. I knew something was wrong, so I went ahead and called the police. If I didn't go with my gut and didn't call them, you would've been dead."

"I thank you. I don't think I'll ever get into something like that again. I want to keep her safe; I don't know what she thought I was when she first met me." 

"Well, I'm sure she thought that you were this handsome celebrity that didn't drink or do drugs. But that's the complete opposite. You're gonna have to go to court, you do know that right, and you also have to plead guilty for it."

"What! I admit to drinking, but those were not my drugs Dan you have to believe me, what the hell am I guilty for" I asked. 

"You lied to the police Justin, about drinking."

"I want parole; I did my time."

"You've been here for a day." 

"Then I can't say I'm guilty because I'm not. I'm trying to get the hell out of here; I learned my lesson okay. Scooter is out of town, and I have no one else. You and Kristie are my only hope right now. I can't fucking sleep; I'm going insane. I'm showering in front a bunch of perverts I can't do this." 

"If you want Kristie to help you, you have to be cautious. You could've killed yourself and other people that were on that freeway. You have to trust me I think pleading guilty is the right thing to do. To admit you did what you did because if you don't, you're stuck in here because you're lying under oath. You can be charged with perjury, that's five years Justin. Trust me" He says, I sighed making eye contact with him. 

"Okay," I said. He walked out of the room. I put my elbows on the table resting my head in my hands. My leg starts to shake, making chain noises because how upset and nervous I was. I didn't belong here. 

"Hey, so has Dan told you about everything," Kristie asks. 

"Yeah. Thanks for taking my case I can only trust you two. I'm going insane in here you have to get me out." 

"Don't worry; we can get you a court date some time today. You're pleading guilty right."

"Yeah, might as well commit to it. But those drugs wasn't mine, yes I smoke pot, but it's not mine you have to believe me."

"What about the semi-automatic? Was that yours" She asked. 

"Yes, I have it for personal reasons. I've done horrible things Kristie I own up to that but, it's just my mom. She wanted Adrian to have a baby, so she could sell it and make money. I haven't spoken to this woman in years, and she has the nerve to talk to my girlfriend. God, she set me up, Kristie. Is she mad at me" I asked. 

"Look Justin I'm gonna do my best to get you out of here. Dan and I we're a team, he can help me if he wants to, so just stay put. Don't make friends either, the inmates could get a little jealous once they find out that you're getting out sooner than they thought. Adrian isn't mad at you, she's worried. You need help, so stop denying it and do it for her. She's trying to help, and so am I. If you really loved her you would walk into a rehabilitation center." 

"Kristie let's be realistic; people get paid to listen to everyone's problems. It's a joke; okay people don't care about what someone's going through. That's just the truth it's either I'm addicted to drugs; I slit my wrist, I'm scared of the dark, I'm addicted to having sex,  pathetic shit like that. Shit that doesn't even matter." 

"It helped those people Justin. You may not take it seriously, but everyone else does. It doesn't hurt to try, think about it while you're in here. I'm gonna go get this trial started see you later" She says walking out. Once I got un-cuffed from the table. I went back to my cell, laying in this very uncomfortable bed thinking to myself if I should go to rehab or not. I did miss Adrian; I missed everything about her. Her laugh, her smile, even her yelling at me. And I've realized all of the things I've done because either I was drunk, stoned, or upset. I know that my career is at risk right now, I forgot that my fans had made an impact on my life. I've failed them because I'm stuck in prison. I should be on tour right now, or even in the studio ready to release my album. I sat up in the bed grabbing pen and paper writing a letter to face all of the problems I've caused for everyone. I took a deep breath starting to write. 

Dear Amanda, 

I know I'm the last person you want to talk to right now. As you can see I'm writing this letter in prison. I've done some fucked up things that I don't regret doing, just to protect the woman I love. My biggest fear is her leaving me. The reason I'm writing this is to face the problems I've caused in my life, and you're one of them. I didn't know what I was thinking that night wanting to get married; your parents probably hate my guts because what I did. It's just soon as Adrian walked through that door; it was something unspeakable. Every time I'm around her she makes me happy, it's always been her, still will be. I won't apologize for what I did to you because it wouldn't matter, you're a fantastic person that deserved more than a big egotist celebrity. I made a mistake wanting to marry you, and you were right I don't want to be that guy that shows up on Adrian's doorstep wanting to get with her. You saved a lifetime trip for me, thanks. - Justin

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