Head over Heels (18+)

Adrian moves to California to start her new adventure with her dad, whose a lawyer that is transferring to a new firm. She meets the famous celebrity Justin Bieber she absolute despises. They make a bet with each other which pulls them closer together, Justin exposes his love to her as she keeps it a secret.


16. Fuck Apologies.

I was still trying to process in my head that Adrian was alive. I mean there was no funeral or anything, but it's weird to know that she's here. "Please tell me this is isn't a dream," I said. 

"Justin come on, no it's not a dream. Nice place it looks way better than the other one" She says looking around. 

"Adrian? How the hell are you alive. The hospital said you passed away; they took you off life support you couldn't breathe on your own"

"I know everything sounds crazy right now but relax. Everything's fine. Yes, I couldn't breathe on my own, but somehow I ended up doing that and woke up. They said I was in a coma." 

"Yeah, you were in a deep coma after what happened to you." 

"What happened," She asked.

"You honestly don't remember anything? They didn't tell you." 

"No. But that doesn't matter; I'm here now. We can be together" She says hugging me.

"Justin's who's at the-- door," Amanda says stopping coming from the kitchen. Yes, I moved on, it took me a while to cope with everything that happened. Amanda and I met at a bar where I was drinking myself to death knowing both of the girls I loved passed away. I hope it doesn't get that awkward now that the girl of my dreams is still standing. 

"Um, hi who are you," Adrian asked. 

"I'm Amanda, Justin's girlfriend. Who are you?" 

"I'm Adrian. Justin's long lost friend." 

"Adrian? W-what I thought you died, wasn't there a funeral or something." 

"I'm not for sure, I don't know what you're talking about," She said then glanced at me. 

"Well, there's a lot of catching up to do. Adrian can I talk to you privately" I asked her, grabbing her hand pulling her outside. 

"What's going on? Who is that girl?" She asked.

"Amanda, she's my girlfriend. Adrian, I am speechless right now to see you, how? How the hell are you alive." 

"What you wanted me dead or something," She asked. 

"No, it's just weird. A couple of months ago the doctor said you passed away. How can that be?" 

"Well during those couple of months, I woke up from my coma they wanted me to stay a little bit longer. My dad knew I was awake; he just kept quiet about it. I went away for a while. I went by your place well..your old place and no one was there, it was empty. I didn't want to inform everyone because I knew everyone would've freaked out. I came back; I came back for us. I'm ready; I want to be with you now. I know you're still in shock about this whole thing, and it's hard to explain, but all that matters is I'm here. I'm here for us." 

"That's-that' great. It's just... this is so crazy, I'm praying this isn't a dream" I said. 

"It's not, I tried going home but I'm locked out, and my dad isn't home." 

"He's out of town to work on your court date with Tori."

"Tori? What did she do? I'm sorry if I don't remember anything." 

"It's okay, I'm just happy you're here," I said hugging her, kissing her head. I know it sounds kind of realistic even to think how could she be alive. I'm happy she is, I couldn't live without her another day. Amanda was just a rebound and a mistake. But..we're engaged. That's the biggest problem. 

End of POV

I know it seems weird knowing I'm alive. To be honest, yes I was in a coma and on life support, but when they took me off supposedly I wasn't breathing on my own, and they released that I was dead. When I woke up, they couldn't believe it either, but instead of them making phone calls to everyone, they called my dad. I told him not to tell anyone because I didn't want everyone in my face. So I stayed until I was stable and left California, now I'm back. 

"Your dad told me to keep an eye out for you once you woke up but, you never did. They called him and told him you were dead everyone was mourning for you, Adrian. Even people at school, including Drew. Are you sure you don't remember anything." 

"Not that I know of, I just remember you leaving to go out with your friends." 

"That's all? How about the rest." 

"Everything's a blur; I can't remember anything else. Adriana? Is she here" I asked happily. 

"She's dead Adrian. It's been two months since she's passed away. They had to take her out." 

"W-what are you saying? Our daughter isn't here; please tell me this is a joke."

"I wish it was. Are you okay."

"Yeah, I'm fine I just-- I just thought she was here. My dad never told me about her I guess it was because he wanted me to move on."

"I can tell you about it if you like," He said. 

"No, I'm okay. Maybe later. So Amanda, what does she do? What is she like." 

"Well she's a flight attendant, yes she's a little bit older than I am. She's okay, not that bad of a person. I missed you. Literally, I thought I was gonna lose my mind if I didn't see you for another day." 

"Yeah, I missed you too," I said. 

"So, have you talked to Kathy or anyone else. How come you haven't seen everyone yet." 

"I don't know I just wanted to see you first. It still doesn't sound right to you huh?" 

"A little, maybe it's just I'm surprised. They never called me or anything." 

"I know, I didn't want people in shock. You have no idea how much I wanted everyone to know, but I just didn't want everyone coming up to me asking me how am I still here. It's a buzz kill. The only thing that matters is I'm still here. How are you?"

"I'm good now, y'know I've been depressed a lot, and I got with Amanda to keep my mind off of things. She's amazing." 

"That's good; I'm happy you found someone that can make you smile," I said. He smiled a little. 

Justin's POV.

Dan and Kristie are still out of town to work on how they're going to win this case against Tori. Adrian is going to stay over for a few days until her dad comes back which I promised him that I would keep an eye on her until she's stable enough. Sleeping next to Amanda makes me think what I'm missing out on, Adrian is alive which brings a smile to my face. I looked over at Amanda; she's sleeping peacefully as ever. It's 3 in the morning, and I couldn't sleep, I heard noise from downstairs, I slipped on my sweats going downstairs seeing Adrian in a silk robe standing by the cabinets. 

"Hey, its three in the morning what are you doing up," I asked. 

"Oh, hey Justin do you want a drink I can fix you a drink," She says. I stopped her turning her around; she was in her matching lace bra and panties. God, she looked fantastic nothing has changed about her at all. 

"Stop, are you drunk." 

"Well I wouldn't say drunk, I only had a few drinks," She says about to take another drink, I took it out her hand sitting it down on the counter. 

"Hey, what's wrong? I heard noise from upstairs. Talk to me" I said. She turned back around resting her hands on the counter taking a deep breath. 

"I lost my baby...how did it happen," She asked. 

"Tori pushed you down the stairs, I don't know every detail but that's what happened," I said. I heard her sniffle; I felt terrible because she didn't know anything about what happened a couple of months ago. Losing a baby killed something in me, I was excited for her to be here. I turned her back around kissing her head hugging her. 
"It's okay," I said stroking her hair.

"You're engaged," She says pushing me off of her. "When were you gonna tell me." 

"I was going to I swear, but I just got caught up in the moment." 

"Liar! You had all day to tell me that you were getting married to her, damn two months and you're already engaged" 

"I know. I was trying to find the right time." 

"Right, the right time. It's never the right time. God just go back upstairs and be with your fiancé" She said taking another drink. I sighed, taking it from her.

"Stop it; you're not making this any better on yourself by drinking. I did that! And it didn't help one bit. You can't just drink the pain away and forget it; it's not going to happen. I'm sorry I didn't tell you okay it was hard for me, seeing you standing at my door like that it-- it left me speechless."

"Fine whatever, use that pathetic lame excuse with me." 

"It's not an excuse," I said. She smiled wrapping her arms around my neck looking me into my eyes. "Oh no, don't do that" I added.

"Don't do what? I'm not doing anything. Not yet" 

"I'm engaged Adrian," I said. She chuckled removing her arms. 

"Wow, that's never been a problem for you. Turning me down like that, come on it'll be just like old times" She says kissing my neck. 

"I-I cant this is wrong" I stuttered, enjoying the feeling of her lips against my neck. 

"You can. I missed you, and I know you missed me too, don't you" She says reaching her hand into my sweats rubbing on my dick. I tried removing her hand; I moaned a little. She grabbed my face with her free hand kissing me. I kissed back untying her robe opening it up. I moaned again inside of her mouth grabbing her ass. 

"You like that," She says between kisses. 

"Mhm," I mumbled without breaking the kiss. 

"Come here baby," She said getting on her knees pulling my sweats down along with my boxers. She smiled putting it inside her mouth starting to suck. I moaned again biting my bottom lip looking down at her. I held onto the edge of the counter, squinting my eyes.

"Oh my god Adrian," I said. She held onto my hips shoving it more in-depth; my eyes rolled to the back of my head. I started to cum while she kept sucking. That's one thing she never did, was continuing to give me a blowjob, it felt more than amazing. It felt wonderful. She stood up wiping her mouth; I picked her up putting her on the counter. Kissing on her body, I started to suck on her neck I could tell she was enjoying. She moaned grabbing my hands placing them on her tits. I tried not to give her a hickey on her neck to not make it noticeable. She ran her fingers my hair kissing me. I scooted her to the edge of the counter before I could put it in I looked at her, I was cheating on Amanda with Adrian. I'm usually not a cheater at all; I felt terrible. 

"What's wrong," Adrian asked interrupting my thoughts. 

"I'm cheating on my fiancé with you. You're drunk, and I don't want to take advantage of you because you're drunk. You're hurt Adrian, and I get that. I lost a baby too; I can't do this" I said pulling my pants up. She scoffed hopping down. 

"Are you really turning me down right now looking like this" 

"I'm sorry it's just, I got caught up in the moment. Y'know finally seeing you, it's not going to make you feel any better." 

"Justin, you've already cheated on her. I sucked your dick so. Apparently, we might as well continue. Right?" She asked resting her hands on my face pulling me into a kiss. I know this is wrong, and I just gave in kissing her back. She pulled my pants back down sitting back on the counter. I pulled her tits out from her bra licking her nipples, sliding her panties to the side sticking myself in. She gasped holding onto my shoulders.

"Holy shit you're so hard, have you gotten bigger," She asked giggling. I chuckled kissing her. Soon as we were finished having sex, I looked at the time on the stove. It was 30 minutes until 4. I felt even guilty right now. She walked up behind me kissing my shoulder going upstairs. I took a deep breath fixing me a drink. It wasn't long before Amanda noticed I wasn't next to her in bed. She walked into the kitchen tying her robe crossing her arms. 

"Couldn't sleep?" She asked. 

"Yeah, sorry I didn't mean to wake you." 

"It's okay. You're always waking up at this time anyway. You've been having trouble sleeping since everything happened I understand. I mean she's alive that's a good thing isn't it?" She asked smiling. 

"Yeah, I'm just overwhelmed about all of this. I still get nightmares about it." 

"I know. But the good thing is we're getting married in a few more days, starting over. I can't wait to get married to you, you've been good to me this past couple of months. My parents can't wait till we get married they love you well my mom does" She chuckled. "Are you happy" She added. 

"Yeah, why wouldn't I be. I can't wait to get married to you too" I said, she smiled and hugged me. I hugged her back pulling away. 

"Remember Scooter invited us to this party tonight. Adrian can even come too; you think she would like that? Maybe I should wake her up."

"No, no, no. Let her sleep she's probably exhausted she's going to visit everyone in the morning."

"Okay. Well, it's a miracle she got through it all, she's okay now. I know she was something special to you, she isn't a long lost friend I know that my question is do you still have feelings for her." 

"Are you crazy? No. I waited six months for her; she wanted to be friends that's all, so I respected that" I said she nodded fixing herself a drink too. "Do you think you need to be drinking that? You're trying to get pregnant."

"Justin I'll be fine seriously, are you coming to bed." 

"I'll be up in a minute," I said, she nodded walking off. What the fuck did I just say, damn it Justin fucking up again? I honestly don't know how I feel; my feelings are all over the place. I'm getting married in a few days, Adrian's back. This is ridiculous.

When I woke up, it was 7 a.m. I didn't get a full amount of sleep, I never do. I got up walking into the bathroom splashing water on my face, brushing my teeth hopping into the shower. I could picture Adrian hopping in behind me, knowing how much I missed our crazy morning sex in the shower. Her touch, her smell, her taste. It all comes back to me. I got out, got dressed and went downstairs into the kitchen hearing Adrian and Amanda talking while fixing up breakfast. 

"Morning" Amanda says kissing my cheek. 

"Good morning Justin," Adrian says with a smirk on her face patting the seat next to her, telling me to sit down. I took a deep breath sitting beside her. 

"What's wrong, you seem so tense," She asked. 

"It's nothing, couldn't sleep." 

"Well, Amanda was telling me that she's trying to get pregnant. How come you didn't tell me, I'm happy for you" She says putting on a fake smile.

"I don't know, just wanted to keep it a secret y'know. Not everyone knows that we're doing this" 

"I'm sorry, it's just I was excited about telling the news. We shouldn't keep this a secret Justin, and maybe it's time to tell the world. I mean we are getting married" Amanda says. 

"Alright fine," I said, she smiled widely jumping up and down. 

"Yay! I'm gonna go call my mom" She says walking out. 

"Wow, you're planning on having a baby and didn't tell me!" Adrian yelled hitting my arm.

"Ow! Adrian come on, it's been two months since Adriana died" 

"Yeah, two months damn you're moving on from her that fast. Like it never happened? Like we never happened what the fuck is wrong with you? She's turning you into a whole different person. How old is she anyway? 45" 

"She's 25 for your information, and this is the reason I didn't tell you, because of this," I said.

"Because you knew I was gonna keep it real with you, that's what I've always been doing with you. And that is keeping it real whether you want to hear it or not. You don't want this; you don't want to be married to this girl. What we did 3 in the morning, it was more than just sex. We made love, and I love making love to you, you know that" 

"Adrian please--"

"No! Admit it; you love it too." 

"I took advantage of you, we took advantage of each other it's been a while," I said.

"No. No one takes advantage of me. Wow, so that's what you call that. Taking advantage of each other? You are so full of yourself; I don't even know who you are anymore. It's nice to know that Adriana didn't mean anything to you" She says leaving. Maybe she was right; I don't even know who I am anymore. Amanda is turning me into this entirely different person and the one I love had to be the one to tell me that. Once I ate breakfast I went to find Adrian; she was nowhere in the house neither was Amanda. Everything is going downhill, Adrian is questioning about Amanda which leads me to ask myself if I really want to be with her. Calling off the wedding would make me a coward, but also humiliating her at the alter would make me a bigger one. I don't know if I love Amanda or not, Adrian and I have been through it all. I'm just afraid that since Amanda wants a baby and me getting married will push her away. I grabbed my keys, getting into my car going over Kathy's. I knocked on the door waiting for her to open. She opened the door and smiled at me opening her arms out for a hug. I hugged her tightly going inside. 

"Graduation is right around the corner, are you excited," She asked.

"Yeah, most definitely. Getting married before graduation is a big jump huh."

"Oh yeah, how are you and Amanda anyways." 

"We're good. Trying to make a baby it just seems early to do that. Y'know since Adriana passed away. Have you heard the news." 

"Yeah, Adrian's alive. She came over and explained everything. I was so happy to see her. Now that she's back I'm still trying to figure out the chemistry about you two. It's just every chance that she gets or you get, you're with someone else, or you either don't want to be more than that. So, do you love her still." 

"Yeah, I love her, and I love Amanda. It's just crazy y'know. Dan wanted me to keep an eye on her; he told me that I before him and Kristie left for this big case they're doing. So I'm keeping my promise, keeping an eye out for her" I said with a small smile. 

"Uh oh, you two fucked didn't you." 

"Yeah, how did you know? Did she tell you?" I asked.

"She didn't have to, I know you. And I know my best friend you can't stand staying away from each other, sex is always what you two loved to do. I guess that hasn't changed. Justin, what are you doing? You and Adrian are slipping; you two want to be with each other just do it already. You love her; she loves you it's ridiculous."

"She loves me?" I asked. 

"Duh, come on have you seen the signs. She doesn't want you sleeping with anyone else; it's all out in the open. You're just so blind not to see that. You're not happy; you're a different person. I miss that jack ass caring celebrity Justin, not this what you've become. I'm just giving you some advice that's all. But hey, I can't speak for you, right? Its spring break have some fun, live a little. I like you, but as a fan and also as a friend. What you did about Tori, it took a lot for you to do that. And it wasn't out of anger-"

"It was out of anger. She killed my daughter, and almost killed Adrian. She couldn't breathe on her own you know that" 

"Yes, I know that. Besides I went to her place and beat the shit out of her, you're welcome" She said chuckling. 

"Thanks, Kathy, you're a good friend."

"Of course I am. So how are you taking this whole Adriana death thing" She asks, I got emotional just thinking about her, I put my head down trying to get myself together?

"Y'know you're the first person that's ever asked me how I felt about her dying," I said fighting back the tears. "I've been okay, trying to stay busy but...I can't stop thinking about her. I love her; she's apart of me. I'm not sad right now just, angry about it. Seeing people with kids or being pregnant is offensive to me, I know I sound crazy, and I-I should take it out on anyone else but Tori but..it killed something in me that night after I heard you tell me she didn't make it. I felt like I lost everything. Losing hope, losing faith...I wish I could start over. That bitch killed somebody that I love so much so dearly and prison isn't enough for her. It feels as if she owes me every breath in her body. Yeah, I get it miscarriage happens, but if this never happened..if I never fucked with her in the first place my daughter would still be here. I had to move out of my own place because I couldn't take living there knowing a tragedy happened. Knowing that I can't see her or raise her pisses me off. Maybe I should calm down, but I have a right to be angry. It feels like I'm the only one that feels horrible about it. When Adrian was carrying her y'know she would always kick, sometimes I'm thinking she's going to become a soccer player or something" I chuckled. "I knew something was wrong when I noticed she didn't kick one day.I ignored it. I always looked forward to her kicking it drove me insane. Now she's gone, I know I have to move on but...my daughter was going to make a man out of me. Adrian and I could've become the perfect little family. I would've asked her to marry me; I would've let her go to college and graduate of course. I would stay home and watch over Adrianna spoiling the hell out of her. I would've treated her like royalty, just like I do Adrian."

"I understand Justin, I do. I know you love her, but you have to let go. She's gone, and I know you don't want to hear that, but you have to. It'll make you feel a whole lot better."

"I don't want to. I'm not ready to let go, I'm not ready to move on from her..from what happened"

"Life doesn't care what you're not ready for Justin. It didn't only affect you...Adrian isn't lashing out because she's strong..and she's the type of person that hides her pain and letting go before it eats her alive. It's eating you alive Justin, knowing she's not here. It's not too late to let go. Let her rest Justin, let her rest. Y'know if it makes you feel better Adrian wanted me to be her god-mom, at first, I thought she was insane. She was becoming more and more apart of my life too. We all had to deal with it; we still have too. I am so- so speechless that you love that baby more than you do anything. It breaks my heart to see you hurt"

".Yeah. I told Adrian she's dead; she thought she made it but...she didn't. She started drinking herself to death; I made her stop it wasn't going to bring her back" I said.

"True, but why are you still drinking. It's not going to bring her back" She says, she's right it's not going to bring her back. I never thought about it that way. "Well I'm gonna get ready to have sex with Troy so, don't let the door hit you on the way out. Great talk"

"Wait, have you talked to Drew or anyone else from school. Do people know she's alive other than us" I asked? 

"Well, Drew does know, she went to see him and everyone she talked to. She's pretty open about it now; everyone's relieved that she's back. I'm happy she's back, I love her. And so do you so, figure this shit out, by the way, if you haven't already noticed. Adrian hates Amanda, take care of yourself, Justin. It's not easy to move on but at least try" She says going upstairs. I sighed getting up leaving Kathy's place. I went back home tossing my keys onto the table, grabbing a bottle of beer sitting on the couch watching tv. I heard the door open Adrian and Amanda came in laughing and talking walking into the living room. 

"Oh hey sweetie. Adrian was just telling me about your past relationships. I didn't know you had a thing for lunatics."

"Yeah, what's in the bags," I asked talking about both handfuls of shopping bags in both of their hands. 

"Clothes silly, I invited Adrian for the party tonight remember. Oh, and I got you something" She says sitting the bags down grabbing two ties out. 

"Which one, violet or purple," She asked holding them up. 

"Whichever is fine," I said, she scoffed putting them back in the bag. "What," I asked reassuring.

"Purple or violet," She asked again. 

"I'll wear violet." 

"Yay!" She says grabbing the bags going upstairs. Adrian chuckled sitting beside me. 

"Wow, what a drama queen," She says taking the beer from my hand drinking it. "Y'know if you don't already know this, this is a big mistake you're making. But that's you and your life I can't stop you. I'm just giving you some friendly advice. It seems that she wears the pants in this relationship." 

"You know what Adrian, mind your own business," I said, she scoffed standing up. 

"And you know what Justin, I'm gonna say it even if you don't want to hear it. You're delusional you know that right. Stupid bitch is trying to turn you into one of these nobodies. Your career is going downhill. Yeah I said it, your career is at risk right now."

"And who's gonna make it better Adrian? You?" I chuckled. 

"Better than her, I know you more than she does. Really purple or violet? Get real Justin, and I'm going to this party tonight, and you're not gonna stop me." 

"Why? So you can rub it in my face that I am making a mistake" I asked. 

"You have to keep an eye on me right? And finally, you admitted to making a mistake that took you long enough, I guess me coming back had to slap some reality into you. You've lost it." 

"Adrian, please. Just stop I'm tired of talking about this. What do you want me to do." 

"Call it off." 

"I can't do that, I'll be a coward," I said. 

"And you'll be even more of a coward if you wait until your wedding day, I hate her. I'm just playing a role just to get to you." 

"Wow, you had to die and come back to life and decide to want me," I asked. She scoffed again before she walked off I grabbed her by her wrist. 

"Let me go; you are such an asshole."

"I'm sorry I said that it was cruel and uncalled for. You've been through a lot I get that, but I have too. It shouldn't have gone that way. You get me, and I love you so much for that--"

"You don't love me Justin stop saying that"

"I do, I do love you, and I'll say it a million of times. But, I'm stuck in this situation, and I can't get out of it. I apologize for saying that and I apologize for whatever the hell else I did or said wrong. I missed you so much, I couldn't sleep, and I still can't sleep. To be honest, if you weren't here right now. I don't know what I would do. I love the both of you, but I love you, even more, it's just-- I don't know. God you make me go insane, and that's something she doesn't do, it's always about a baby or the wedding. It's more than that with you." 

"I make you reach your climax without sex; you said that. It's funny because you make me feel the same way" She said sniffling, I grabbed her face leaning in. 

"Hey Justin," Amanda said coming downstairs, I quickly moved away from Adrian before she came into the living room. "Do you think I should wear a dress that matches?" She asked holding up a violet dress. 

"Yeah, that's a great color, it'll look great on you. I said she smiled and kissed me. I opened one of my eyes, Adrian rolled her eyes, cleaning the tears from her face walking away. I pulled away, and we both smiled. 

"I'm gonna get ready, oh and I have to leave early in the morning for this flight but don't worry I'll be back home for brunch," She says going upstairs. I groaned hitting my head with my hand. I went upstairs to get ready for this party that I didn't want to attend. I took a shower walking into the closet to finding the perfect blazer to wear. I got dressed slipping on my shoes grabbing the tie Amanda wanted me to wear. I never knew how to do ties they're so complicated. I tried to find Amanda which I didn't see her anywhere in sight upstairs. 

"Hey, Justin" Adrian called as I passed the room she was sleeping in. I turned around and went in. She looked amazing, her black laced dressed perfectly fitting her sexy hot body. 

"Mind zipping me up," She asked turning around holding her hair. I walked up behind her zipping her dress. 

"Thanks," She said with a smile, I kissed her shoulder softly. She turned around grabbing my face kissing me. "You look good," She says biting the corner of her lip. I kissed her again pulling away pushing her down on the bed. She giggled as I climbed over her kissing her neck.

"Justin we're gonna get caught" She moans, and I moved my hand under her dress rubbing on her. I moved my lips from her neck lifting her dress up above her waist exposing her black lace panties. "I want you inside me," She says. I bit my bottom lip rubbing my thumb across her clit from outside her panties. She throws her head back in pleasure moaning gripping onto the sheets.

"Fuck baby you're getting so wet," I said moving her panties out the way. I pulled her to the edge of the bed shoving my finger inside her. Her body starts to tense as my finger explores inside of her. I smirk as the expressions on her face started to satisfy me. I leaned down and licked her clit. She moans out load quickly covering her mouth rolling her eyes to the back of her head. I licked my lips, putting my finger in my mouth. "You taste so good," I said smirking. She sits up and kiss me rubbing my boner. I pulled away kissing her forehead.

"I want you inside me" She begged pulling on my suit.

"I wish I could trust me, but you're right we're gonna get caught."

"I don't care, I'm just so wet right now, and I need you, I want you. I'm so fucking horny; I need you to fuck me."

"Adrian you know I would love to have sex with you right now. It's bad timing, maybe later on tonight I promise. I can sneak out of bed for at least 10 minutes tops."

"Okay, fine. Come here, do you need help with your tie" She asks standing up pulling the bottom half of her dress down. 

"Yeah. I couldn't find Amanda; she's always running off" I chuckled. 

"Well thank god, I'm here," She says grabbing the tie wrapping it around my neck. "By the way, Amanda had an emergency call from the airport; she's outside if you were wondering"

"I'm not," I said smiling.

"Are you flirting with me, aren't you get married." 

"Don't remind me. You've made me realize a lot" I said.

"Meaning you're calling it off." 

"I don't know yet okay. Thanks for helping me with my tie, you look amazing." 

"Thanks so do you. I love the new look; the blonde hair fits you. You're a lot...hotter." 

"Now Adrian, are you flirting with me" I chuckled. 

"Yes. Maybe I would make it easier for you not to flirt with me. I'm so surprised Amanda is that stupid not to figure out what's going on between us. We did have sex in the kitchen, and she's just so busy with work. She doesn't have time for you like I do, when is the last time you two had a real conversation." 

"I don't know; she is a flight attendant though. They always travel what do you expect she's working and I'm fine with that" 

"Okay picture that in your marriage, leaving every other day, being gone for days and then coming back it's just not working for you. Maybe your career kicks back to where it was at first before you started school being away from each other all the time. And you want a family already, how is that gonna work." 

"I don't know, you're right. You're right about everything. It's just I want to do this my way." 

"Fine, I won't say anymore about it." 

"Since Amanda is gonna be away tomorrow, how about we spend some quality time together. Y'know as friends, it is spring break. What do you say" I asked. 

"I'll think about it, and maybe you should stay in here for a little while to get rid of that boner" She smiled walking out. I smiled too sat down on the bed for a little bit. 

"Hey babe sorry it was work, ugh I have to leave at four in the morning to catch an early flight." 

"It's okay; I understand it's work." 

"Thanks for understanding. You look so handsome; I love the tie. Ready to go." 

"Of course," I said grabbing my keys. On the way to the party, it was an awkward silence, I looked in the rearview mirror, looking at Adrian. A smirk appeared on her face; I smiled a little licking my lips. I could still taste her. I looked back at the road. Amanda intertwined her fingers through mines kissing my hand. I pulled up in Scooters driveway, we all got out going inside. Everyone was either dancing, getting drunk, or gossiping about each other lives. Adrian went over to the bar while Amanda and I went to talk to Scooter. 

"Hey, there's the married couple," He says drunk out of his mind hugging me. "Adrian right," He says talking to Amanda which was utterly awkward. 

"Scooter this is Amanda."

"I'm joking," He says laughing. I rolled my eyes. 

"You're just a jokester Scooter," Amanda says laughing along with him. 

"Adrian's alive," I said.

"Holy shit, that's unbelievable. I'm gonna leave you two alone to talk" He says walking off. 

"I can't believe he said that," I said.

"I understand. Everyone knew you and Adrian were together for a while." 

"We were never dating; she was just carrying my baby. That's how everyone knows about her. Don't worry about that okay; it was just once" I said, she nodded. I kissed her head grabbing her hand to introduce her to everyone. Amanda was the type to be social with everyone; she knows how to start a conversation. From the corner of my eye, I saw Adrian drinking, dancing around a couple of guys. 

"I'll be right back," I said to Amanda kissing her cheek walking over to Adrian grabbing her hand pulling her away. 

"Hey, what are you doing. I was having fun" She says.

"I have to keep an eye on you remember," I said, she chuckled taking another sip of her drink. 

"Justin I'm not a baby, I saw you watching me, and we're not together. I can watch out for myself. They're my friends they just wanted me to ride with them to their place." 

"Are you fucking kidding me. No, you're not going anywhere with those douchebags. Remember what happened last time when you were drunk and went somewhere by yourself, you almost got kidnapped." 

"Okay well, I'm capable of defending myself now. I am not your girlfriend or your fiancé; Just because you fucked me good and I had your baby doesn't mean anything, I'm nothing to you remember ." 

"I can't believe you just said that to me. Adriana meant everything to me, I was in that hospital by your side every damn day, every chance I get. I was fucking there don't pull that shit with me" I said. 

"Fuck you Justin, and don't grab my wrist you'll make a big scene," She said walking away. I sighed running my fingers through my hair finding Amanda.

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