Head over Heels (18+)

Adrian moves to California to start her new adventure with her dad, whose a lawyer that is transferring to a new firm. She meets the famous celebrity Justin Bieber she absolute despises. They make a bet with each other which pulls them closer together, Justin exposes his love to her as she keeps it a secret.


28. Fighter.

Justin's POV

It's been a couple of years since I seen Adrian. I know what you're thinking how come I didn't go back to see her. Listen, I love Adrian and she loves me and sometimes falling in love with someone is easy. I'm not trying to say I don't love her but I gave her that money to help her out a little, a head start to last her until she graduated. I've texted and called her but there was no answer, I guess she moved on. I didn't decide to get into another relationship, I've tried a bunch of times, but I fail. After I went over to Dan's house to get some information about Adrian, I found out that she got herself a place back here in California after she graduated college. I was happy to hear that, and I wanted to see her. When he wrote down the address, I quickly got into my car and went over there, pulling up outside. Her house looked amazing. I got out the car going up to the door ringing the doorbell, I would've gotten flowers first, but I never know what to expect when she opens that door. She opens the door with a speechless expression written on her face. 

"Hey. How come you didn't return any of my phone calls or messages" I asked her. I knew I should've said something entirely different but I just decided to go ahead and talk to her about not talking to me. 

"Justin. What- what are you doing here." 

"You don't seem so surprised to see me. What's going on." 

"Justin I can explain." 

"Hey Adrian have you seen-- Hey Justin," Mike says with a smile. I chuckled at Adrian walking off. 

"Justin please," She says coming after me grabbing my arm.

"Let me go; I don't ever want to see you, or talk to you ever again." 

"Justin I told you it's not like that. He was just visiting me." 

"Really because it looks like he's a little comfy to be visiting. How come you didn't tell me shit! How come you didn't answer any of my phone calls or text messages for the past four years! Tell me, I fucking wanna know" I said. 

"I-I can't. I'm sorry" She says putting her head down, then looking back at me. I grabbed the necklace, yanking it off her neck walking off. I heard her start to cry going back in the house. I got into the car hitting the steering wheel. 

"FUCK!" I yelled. I started to calm down, running my fingers through my hair starting the engine pulling off. I stopped drinking for this girl, stopped getting into trouble and stopped smoking weed for this girl...well tried. I love her...I loved her. I fucking knew Mike was going to replace me one way or another. I wasn't going to get angry enough to do something stupid or something I would regret, I just went home and watched some tv. I tossed the necklace onto the table opening a can of beer. 

"Justin, I want to talk," Adrian said barging in standing in front of the tv. 


"You made it very crystal clear. You don't want me so what the fuck are you doing here." 

"I'm not with Mike! I'm not with anyone" 

"Then why the fuck didn't you contact me. I wasn't at your graduation; you didn't tell me about that. I wanted to see you walk across that stage and get your diploma, do you know how awesome that would've been if I saw you accomplishing something" I said getting up. 

"I know, I-I just found out something that you wouldn't even imagine. I was scared to talk to you, my dad, Drew, Kathy...Kristie. I just didn't want to scare anyone." 

"You know I'm always here for you Adrian. It's been four fucking years. I could've hopped on a plane and popped up at your apartment unexpectedly, but I didn't. So what the fuck is going on" I asked. She sighed and sat beside me. 

"Are you calm now." 

"Yes, come on tell me," I said getting impatient. 

"I'm dying Justin..well not now, but I'm getting there."

"Dying? Don't fucking play with me like that what is it seriously" I asked. She sat there in silence; my heart started to collapse. I couldn't say anything at all; I had no words.

"You don't believe me do you." 

"I mean-- are you serious," I asked.

"Yeah. I have breast cancer, that's why I didn't want to talk to anyone." 

"And Mike fucking knows. You could tell him but not me" I asked.

"Justin stop, please. This isn't a competition between you and him. He's the one that took me to the hospital after I felt nauseous it fucking scares the shit out of me."

"I can pay for the treatments. everything" 

"No. It's okay; I'm sure I'll be fine." 

"No Adrian. No, I can't lose you again. Not now, let me do this for you..for us. Hearing news like that..it does something to me it makes me angry. I want to do everything in my power to help you." 

"I know Justin."

"Why don't you want help! Do you want to die, Adrian, this is not acceptable" I said.

"It was too late when my mom found out." 

"It's not too late for you Adrian, you've known this whole time and didn't fucking tell me. I want to help; I don't take no for an answer. I want you" I said.

"You want me, but you yanked a necklace off my neck." 

"I'm sorry, it's yours. I was just pissed seeing Mike" I said. 

"He likes you. He thinks your music is good which it is. Stop getting so jealous of him we have no interest in dating. He even said that out of his own mouth, so you have nothing to worry about. I kept these legs closed all this time. You said--"

"I know what the fuck I said, Adrian. Let me help; I can be there for you when you tell your dad. You have to say something; you have no choice."

"Fine. I'll tell him okay."

"Good. I don't want anything else happening to you. Do you hear me" I said. She nodded. I smiled and kissed her. She started to cry pulling away; I held her in my arms kissing her head. "It's gonna be okay" I added. I really wanted to believe she would be okay; she waited this long to tell me she was sick. I had to do something fast before it spreads through her body. When she fell asleep on my chest, I slowly got up laying her down on the couch. I grabbed my keys going over Dan's.

"What a pleasant surprise, come in," He said walking away.

"We have a problem." 

"Is she kidnapped again." 

"What? No. She's sick" I said.

"Sick as in the flue? A cold? What?"

"Breast cancer. She's just now telling me that's why she hasn't been returning any of my calls. She has breast cancer Dan, and it fucking kills me that she didn't tell me. What if it was too late? She didn't tell anyone but her little classmate Mike." 

"She didn't tell me, this really is a problem. Does she know you're telling me this" He asked? 

"No. I couldn't wait any longer, and I thought she wouldn't have done it, so I'm telling you. I offered to pay for her treatment and medical bills. I don't care if it costs a billion dollars I'll fucking pay for it because I love her and because I don't want anything else happening to her. She can't let this fly..and I'm not gonna let it." 

"Good. I like you more and more because you treat her so well. It's good you're keeping an eye out for her, you're loyal to her. Keep it that way. So what are we gonna do." 

"Well soon as she has a doctors appointment I'm going with her whether she likes it or not. I don't want it to be too late" I said. He nodded taking a sip of his drink. "I know you would want to pay for it if you knew about it but I got it. Keep your money. I got things under controlled; I told you I'd take care of her...you don't have to spend anything." 

"Alright but now that she's sick, I hope you stick with her through everything. The sickness, doctors appointments, tests things like that." 

"I will take care of her okay nothing is stopping me from being with that girl. Just pretend that you're surprised when she tells you" I said, he nodded again.

"You're family now Justin..remember that," He said. I smiled, hugging him. 

"You're apart of her life now...it's good to know you're serious about her." 

"Of course. I want to marry her one day" I said pulling away.

"Well, you don't have to ask for my hand. You're family, just let her know you're still by her side through all of this" 

"I will. See you later" I said leaving. I got inside the car looking over in the passenger seat. I picked up the small box opening it. An engagement ring I bought her when I visited New York. I was too afraid to do it at that exact moment, mainly since he was in college. I bit the corner of my lip thinking... I pulled out my phone and texted Adrian. 'I'm taking you out to Paris tonight, I'll see you at 7'.

I woke up getting a text from Justin. 'I'm taking you out to Paris tonight, see you at 7'. I got into my car driving home. I packed a few clothes grabbing my medicine putting them in the bag. I heard a car horn; I left the house getting into the car. 

"What made you want to take me to Paris," I asked.

"You've always wanted to go. Maybe with Drew but..I'll take you instead. Life is short, so you might as well do it now than later. Are you gonna tell Dan." 

"Yeah, I'll tell him. I just need the time it's hard telling people these kinds of things." 

"Baby all I'm saying is it'll be too late to let everyone know. Kathy is your best friend, and you haven't told her" He said. 

"Justin you don't understand. I was devastated when I found out, embarrassed even." 

"Why would you be embarrassed, there's a lot of women that get it. Men even...it's not something you should hide from the ones you love. I'm happy you told me, but it's your dad...your best friend. I don't want anything happening to you don't you get that." 

"Yes. I get it, Justin, it's hard on me too. I'm the one that's living with it, can we just go.. Please" I said. He sighed and started the engine. Once we got to the airport, we go onto his private jet. I sat down and looked out the window. 

"Champagne," The flight attendant asks. 

"No thanks," I said. She walks away, Justin sits beside me holding my hand.

"I know you don't wanna talk about it Adrian; I can't stop thinking about it." 

"Then stop. There's nothing that you can do. I didn't want you to be involved with all of this that's another reason I didn't contact you" I said. 

"I was involved with a lot of shit being with you Adrian."

"This is different Justin. When I noticed it...I panicked. I had Mike to take me to the hospital they said I had breast cancer, the same thing my mom had"

"What happened to the Adrian that wasn't scared of anything. I want her back; she was the fighter the one that was a bitch to everyone who pissed her off. I want you to fight this not give up..you're not weak you can beat this. We can beat this..together, and we will. I'm gonna take care of the medical bills, the treatment, surgery, and most importantly you" He said. I smiled, chuckling a little. 

"You're always taking care of me." 

"That's what I'm here for. I'll always do that for you. It's good to see you smile; this issue can't stop you from smiling. I'm still smiling because you're still alive and I'm grateful for that...I am. I'll take care of everything all you have to do is fight it" He said. I nodded kissing his cheek. When the jet took off, it wasn't long before we got into Paris to our hotel room. 

"Oh my gosh, it's amazing," I said twirling around the room falling backward onto the bed staring at the ceiling. 

"I'm happy you like it."

"Tell me..how was your tour." 

"I had to cancel it...I just got depressed y'know. Missing you and you not returning any of my calls it made me even more depressed. I needed someone to talk to. I thought about coming to see you but. I didn't. I should've, but you did the right thing avoiding me. I just don't want things to be different because of this whole thing. I'm still the old Justin from high school. The one that'll always protect you, I'm still crazy as hell" He said, and I laughed. 

"Good. Because I missed him, you're right I shouldn't be so sad and upset about my situation. I'm a fighter, and that's not gonna stop me from being the person I am today" I said. He smiled and kissed me passionately, pressing his forehead against mines. 

"We're gonna fight together" He whispers holding my hand. I couldn't do anything but smile, after all these years of self-doubt and feeling sorry for myself, Justin had to power to make it all better.


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