Head over Heels (18+) COMPLETED - JB

Adrian moves to California to start her new adventure with her dad, whose a lawyer that is transferring to a new firm. She meets the famous celebrity Justin Bieber she absolute despises. They make a bet with each other which pulls them closer together, Justin exposes his love to her as she keeps it a secret.


13. Crazed Fan?

He gripped onto my waist while I slowly started to bounce on him. I pulled my rock hard nipples grinding on his dick. He stopped me starting to thrust; I moaned watching him fuck me. Dripping my spit from my mouth to my pussy rubbing my clit. 

"Pound that fucking pussy" I moaned biting my bottom lip catching an orgasm while he rubbed my clit with his free hand. I screamed digging my nails into his arm. 

"Shit, you're gonna make me cum again!" I screamed moving uncontrollably making him stop. We both caught our breaths; I got off sucking his dick swirling my tongue around the tip stroking it with my hand. 

"You like that," I asked slipping the tip in my mouth teasing him. He nodded, closing his eyes. I swallowed his cum sucking on his balls stroking his dick. He moaned getting up from the couch pushing me down; I laid on my back opening my legs ready for him. He gets down onto the floor cleaning me with his tongue. I moaned running my fingers in his wet hair. He slipped in a finger, sucking hard on my clit. My body starts to tense; I lift my body up a little feeding it to him. He then slips in another finger thrusting them playing with my g-spot. My leg starts to shake a little from his fantastic tongue technique. I screamed licking my tit pushing his head in. He rubbed his tongue my clit pulling on it with his mouth. I came on his fingers; he took them out sucking on them before getting off the floor. He grabbed his dick rubbing it against my wet pussy, smacking it on my clit. He leaned down sucking on my tits, biting my nipples. I giggled kissing him.

"I got something for you," He said handing me a purple vibrator. "Use it; I know how sensitive it is. But it'll be fun" He says cutting it on. Pulling my body to the edge of the couch. 

"You're so tight baby," He says trying to stick it in. When I finally opened up a little, he went deeper and deeper. He bent my legs back; I finally dared to use the vibrator. Rubbing it around my clit, even though I was sensitive I was brave enough to use it. I couldn't stop moaning. First Justin is deep inside of me while I'm feeling every since inch of him and I'm here using a vibrator to make me cum more than before. Our bodies were very sweaty our moans filled the room, he moaned my name kissing my leg. I squealed, his dick slips out as I squirt on him.

"Holy fuck," He said laughing putting it back inside of me. 

"I'm cumming," I said grabbing his arm with my free hand. 

"Can Drew fuck you better than me?" He asked. I couldn't believe he was asking me this question; I was lost for words.

"No" I moaned. 

"No what?"

"No, he can't fuck me better than you baby. I want your cum on my face" I said kissing him. He grabs my other leg holding onto them spreading them open pounding me. I couldn't handle the vibrator anymore I dropped it from my hand from all the shaking my body was doing. He grunted pulling me down onto the floor cumming on the side of my face, then my tits. I was covered in his big load, we both were tired. I licked my tit swallowing his cum. 

"Come on let's get you cleaned up," He says helping me off the floor leading me to his bathroom. He started the shower making sure the temperature was right. I hopped in cleaning my body. 

"Are you coming in?" I asked him. He chuckled hopping inside with me, he grabbed the soap from me, washing my back. He stopped, touching my hip. 

"Damn, was I that rough. I'm sorry" He asked talking about the dark spot on my hip. 

"It's okay," I said washing my face. After we cleaned our bodies getting out, we brushed our teeth. He handed me one of his shirts and boxers. Next thing we knew, we both heard the doorbell ring... it's almost midnight, and there's someone at his door. He went downstairs with me following him making sure it wasn't my dad. 

"Oh shit! It's Tori" He whispered looking through the peephole walking towards me. 

"Um, come again..who the hell is Tori."

"The girl I was dating for publicity. She's here." 

"Oh my god" I giggled, we both giggled. I love the fact that we can be totally goofy around each other without feeling uncomfortable and humiliated. "Want me to hide," I asked. 

"I think that'll be best," He says holding my hand, kissing my fingers. 

"Okay, I'll be upstairs," I said walking back upstairs. I overheard him opening the door; I peeked out the bedroom seeing them talking. And of course, they were arguing because of a stupid contract they signed. 

"We signed a contract Justin, meaning we're a couple and we have to act like it in front of paparazzi. And that's until my movie comes out" She said. 

"Yeah, I saw the trailer really not impressed."

"Fuck you, Justin, let me guess she's here..her car is outside." 

"No she's not here, and that's my car, I just bought it. And so what if she was here that's the mother of my child. I can't speak to her" 

"Mother of your child!! You're going to school getting bitches pregnant now. You are so busted; the whole world is gonna know now."

"Who the fuck cares, bribe me all you want too, long as that baby is in there, I'm not taking one step away from her. They're going to know anyways. So find something else to bribe me about, it's really not working. Plus I told your manager to tell you to stop texting me it's over."

"You so don't get it do you" She chuckled crossing her arms. 

"Look, it was a mistake. Scooter wanted me to make sure I'm still in the industry. I just wanted to take some time off to finish high school. Is that a crime? I don't care about the contract anymore there will never be an us."

"You'll be sorry," She says leaving. He took a deep breath before he could turn around I quickly hopped onto the bed. 

"Everything okay," I asked. 

"Yeah, everything's fine" He smiled sitting next to me.

"Maybe I should get home; my dad is probably worried about me." 

"You don't want to spend the night? I mean she could still be out there waiting. I'm surprised she hasn't done anything stupid like getting really pissed off to bust my windows or something."

"Wow, you do love the crazy ones," I said.

"I don't love her, nor Maggie, or any other girl you think I'm chasing after."

"So you're reconsidering Maggie," I asked, he shrugged.

"It's been great between us Adrian; I love having sex with you and making you feel some type of way. But it's just so much going on right now between my personal life and being famous." 

"I get it, no need to explain," I said. 

"I'm happy you understand where I'm coming from, it's just a disaster, and I don't want you ending up hurt."

"I won't get hurt."

"We don't know that; I'm not saying keep your distance that's the last thing I want you to do. But soon as this contract is over with, I'm all yours. It'll be up in a couple of months since her shitty movie is coming out. I have to go by it." 

"So, no sex," I asked. 

"I mean we can still have sex. I can't be seen in public with you. I know it's hard for you."

"It's not-- we're not dating so don't worry we can be friends and still have sex. I want to invite you to dinner tomorrow night, meet my dads' girlfriend and Kathy I'm sure she will be there if she's not with Troy." 

"You do know that's game night right. But after the game I will come over, are you hungry? How are you feeling?"

"I'm a little nauseous, but I'll be fine just tired." 

"Okay well goodnight, get some rest," He says kissing my head. I laid down on the bed cutting the lamp off going to sleep.

I woke up the next morning throwing up like crazy, maybe because it was the smell of bacon Justin was cooking for breakfast. I brushed my teeth, throwing water on my face going downstairs. 

"Hey, how are you feeling." 

"I threw up three times. The smell of bacon." 

"Well, I'll put bacon on the list of things that'll make you throw up," He says with a smile handing me a plate of pancakes. 

"Thanks. So are you nervous about the game." 

"Of course not, Drew hasn't been talking to you lately why is that" 

"He's with his dad in Ohio for a couple more days; they travel a lot together. The coach is really friendly with his dad, so I guess he's excused from the game tonight."

"Thank god," He says. I chuckled rolling my eyes eating my food. 

"Okay, I'm gonna go home and get changed see you at school." 

"You do know you're wearing boxers right," He says chuckling.

"Right, thanks," I said. I walked upstairs grabbing a pair of sweats sliding them on leaving the house. Once I got to the house, I went inside going upstairs to change clothes. 

"You're home, I guess that date went pretty well," Dad says.

"Yeah, I invited him over for dinner tonight." 

"Why? You didn't have to do that." 

"I wanted to," I said.

"What if I had plans with Kristie."

"You don't have plans with Kristie; you're staying here tonight and having dinner with him. So get over it!" 

"Fine, whatever," He says leaving the room. I grabbed my bag texting Kathy going to school.

"You two did not!" Kathy says walking up to me all surprised.

"Yeah, we did. I don't know Kathy it's just, maybe I can give him a chance. He's been good to me lately. He buys me food; he cooks, we've had lots of sex he's watching out for us. Last night his publicity girlfriend came over after we were finished having sex, we were just laughing. I like that we can be goofy around each other." 

"That's cute but just don't be with him because of the nice things he buys for you and the baby. He really loves you, and I can see that in his eyes. Talk to you later" She said walking off. 

"Hey," Justin says approaching me.

"Hey, my dad and I got into this argument this morning about you coming to dinner tonight. But don't worry I talked him into it." 

"By yelling at him? You do that everyday...the yelling." 

"Yeah, I kinda yelled at him," I said.

"Well you are officially my bed buddy," He says handing me a small box with a ribbon around it.

"What's this," I asked smiling. 

"Open it," He says. I bit the corner of my lip unwrapping it happily opening it up. "Now that you are my bed buddy and also the mother of my baby you have a key to my house. Anytime you feel like coming over you can. It's been nice having you around Adrian; it's fun especially since last night. Kinda got carried away" He says scratching the back of his head. I giggled hugging him. "I'm happy you like it," He says hugging me back, pulling away.

"Of course I do, wow! Thanks and I've been horny lately I don't know what's gotten into me." 

"Its okay, I think it's sexy. You even look more beautiful pregnant."

"Thank you, Justin. You've been so helpful, and I'm sorry about the way I acted towards you it's just- I was in shock, and I didn't know what to do" I said.

"I know. I forgive you no need to apologize."

"So, I've been thinking. You know about yesterday..are you still thinking about Maggie."

"I don't know; she doesn't have a problem with me talking to you." 

"Oh, so you're dating," I asked. 

"No, we're not, why?"

"I was just asking." 

"Okay. Well, we aren't dating just talking. Now that you have a key maybe you can think about spending the night over sometime, I mean you're over there almost everyday anyway it wouldn't hurt." 

"Are you trying to talk me into moving in with you?" I asked.

"Is it that obvious" 

"Yes," I said chuckling shoving him a little. 

"Okay fine, but that's only if you want to I won't take the key back it's yours. I had a spare one, and I got one made just for you." 

"Thank you," I said happily and kissed him.

"Justin!" I heard Ryan call his name. I pulled away, we both giggled. 

"I'll see you in class okay," He says walking off. I nodded, he walked off with Ryan. I took a deep breath. I know Ryan was trying to keep Justin away from blowing his cover with the whole fake relationship thing with Tori so anyone wouldn't take pictures and accused him of cheating.

It was game night, of course, they were losing 10 to 12, and it's just halftime. We started to cheer the team on just a little to boost their heads up. I saw Tori on the floor cheering Justin on. I scoffed making my way to where she was. 

"What the hell are you doing here," I asked grabbing her shoulder to turn her around. 

"Um, who the hell are you." 

"I'm Adrian for god sake; you're Tori, the publicity girlfriend." 

"Oh yeah you're Adrian, the teen mother," She said, I scoffed. 

"Oh yeah, having your boyfriends baby. It looks like I won after all." 

"Wow getting knocked up, you call that winning." 

"Better than being in a fake relationship. Of course, I won. Having a baby by the hottest teen pop star is winning. Your relationship is a lie based off a piece of paper right" I said smiling rubbing my stomach. 

"There are paparazzi here, we had a deal, and we're sticking to it. This is what the media wants; they haven't seen us out in public in a couple of days so of course, I'm here at his basketball game. You do know I can tell everyone right. That you're pregnant, you can't even imagine how much hate you'll get" 

"And you see I don't have any fucks to give, so what. Tell them they're all gonna know anyways" I said.

"Yeah everyone is gonna know you're pregnant, but they won't know by who smart ass." 

"You know just because you're exposing Justin's personal life doesn't mean you will actually have the chance being with him. Get real, this is his baby, and you can't change any of that" I said.

"And you do know that having a baby isn't going to make a guy stay right," She says. I rolled my eyes. The crowd started to cheer again. I went back to my seat cheering him on. We won the game. Soon as the game was over, everyone was leaving getting into their cars and talking to the students that were on the basketball team. I saw Justin and Tori together talking to the paparazzi. She was smiling kissing his cheek; I scoffed rolling my eyes. 

"When will you be able to get back into the studio to make more music," A paparazzi asked Justin.

"Soon, wanting to finish high school before I get back out there again. It's been nice everyone treats me as a normal kid here. And I respect that, I'm also working on tour dates and everything writing a few songs, coming out with an album next year it'll be pretty great" He said. 

"How about your relationship with Tori, seems that you two are really hitting it off. Who was that chick that was speaking to her at the game." 

"Well, she was just a crazed fan that's all. She saw my movie was coming out and we were just talking about it that's all, right Justin" Tori said interrupting Justin. He just smiled. 

"Yeah, she's just a crazed fan," He says laughing. I scoffed again. I couldn't hear anymore of these lies. I got into my car driving home. 

"Hey, how was the game," Dad asked. I ignored him going upstairs slamming my room door. I heard a knock on the door; I was totally pissed off at the fact he called me a crazed fan. 

"Adrian," He says opening the door. 

"What do you want." 

"Well I was asking how the game was and, you ignored me what happened," He asked sitting beside me.

"Nothing, nothing happened alright."

"He's still coming over right." 

"I don't know; I hope not," I said. He sighed getting up going back downstairs. The doorbell rang I heard him from downstairs talking to Justin; I walked down slapping him. 

"How dare you, how dare you call me a crazed fan. Is that what I am to you now." 

"It's a long story Adrian, please hear me out."

"No, it's okay. I should've gotten rid of this baby when I had the chance. I knew it! I knew you cared about your career you lied to me. This is all about protecting you, and your image."

"Let me explain please can you give me two minutes to explain myself" He begged. I sighed looking at my dad and Kristie, they were so interested in the conversation Justin, and I was having.

"Oh right we'll set up dinner," My dad says grabbing Kristie's hand walking off. 

"You have a minute," I said.

"Tori had to come up with this plan to explain why we're not seen together in public. She came to my game tonight because I told her to come I told you this last night it's part of the contract. That doesn't change the way I feel about you. I just went along with it when she said you were a crazed fan. I wanted it to look real Adrian, yes all the things I said about my music, and the tour dates were real. It's business alright I can't put my personal life and my business life all out there. This isn't going to be the first time I will do something like this; it's just for another couple of months. We're not dating Adrian we're just sleeping together. You're getting me so confused right now I don't know what the hell you want from me, you want to have sex with me, you want to date me but you can't, and then the next minute you hate me then you love me it's all confusing. I'm trying to make things right by you and also my career. I can't give up music you know that. I deserved that slap honestly I did, just forgive me" He says. I took a deep breath hugging him. 

"I forgive you," I said pulling away. "I'm sorry" I added. 

"It's okay; maybe I should inform you next time." 

"That'll be nice." 

"Can we eat now?" My dad asked eavesdropping. I grabbed Justin's hand leading him to the kitchen. 

"So Jason, is that all you want to do is make music," My dad asked.

"It's Justin," I said

"Same difference," He said, I lightly kicked his leg. "Fine, Justin" 

"Yes sir, I plan on doing that. I've been doing it since I was little." 

"Well if you're so into music, then it should be about the music. Not just fame, fortune, and the groupies that come along with it" He says. 

"Sorry I'm late," Kathy says sitting down across from me.

"Do your parents ever cook?" My dad asked her, we all laughed. 

"Yes she does but, you know they're always busy. Besides Troy is occupied tonight and I'm a bad cook. Anyways, Hi Justin, I'm Kathy it's finally nice to meet you. Adrian talks about you all the time" She said, I kicked her leg. "Hey!" She yelled. Okay, I'm a little nervous about Justin and my dad talking, I know they don't get along that well. Dinner was great it wasn't that bad since my dad didn't make it awkward for all of us. He was downstairs talking to Kristie and my dad while Kathy and I were in the kitchen still eating. 

"Kristie knows how to cook; she's a keeper. How do you feel about her" She asked?

"I like her; she's harmless. She knows how to cook; they work together, I'm sure it'll last" I said. "Justin gave me a key to his place this morning. It was unexpected, but he says since I'm officially his bed buddy I can come over anytime I want since I'm basically over there everyday anyways." I said. She nodded, eating a piece of cake. 

"You two just need to get together already; you know you want each other." 

"Yeah well, that's what I'm afraid of. We both want each other he's not hiding his feelings from me, but I am. It's just scary y'know dealing with this pregnancy and all that. It's not what I imagined when I moved here." 

"Well things happen right out of the blue, and we don't know why sometimes we just have to take a chance and let it happen. You like him..hell you love him, a lot I know that because the way you're around him, the way you talk to him, how you look at him. It's that look you never gave Drew that you never gave to your idiot ex-boyfriend back in Florida. I know you, we've known each other for this long, and I know how you feel about Justin. Maybe it's because of his career that makes you so afraid or maybe girls coming out of the blue left and right that's all he's focused on is you and that baby. Think about it all the stuff he's done for you two, making an empty room he had in his own home just for the baby. I don't think no responsible guy would ever have the courage to do that, a pop star at that. One question, did he ever leave you after you told him you were pregnant." 

"No. I thought you hated Justin" I said. She smiled. 

"No. I don't hate him. He loves the living hell out of you. I liked Drew, but he did the right thing breaking up with you so that you could figure things out with you and Justin. You just want to grab his face and kiss him every time you see him..am I right" She asked, I chuckled and agreed with her. 

"We argue a lot Kathy, that's not the only thing I'm afraid of." 

"Everyone argues Adrian, it happens Troy, and I even argue. Do you love him" She asked waiting for an answer? 

"Hey, Adrian I'm heading out see you tomorrow?" Justin asked. 

"Yeah, hey um..I'm sorry about my dad he can be a nut case sometimes." 

"It's okay, we talked it out, and Kristie gave me a few pointers. It seems that they like me" He said, I smiled.

"That's nice to hear. And I'm sorry for slapping you." 

"I had it coming, goodnight. Goodnight Kathy" He says walking off.

"Goodnight," She says. "Well, it looks like I have my answer" She added pouring her a glass of red wine. Wow, I do love him I thought to myself.

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