Head over Heels (18+)

Adrian moves to California to start her new adventure with her dad, whose a lawyer that is transferring to a new firm. She meets the famous celebrity Justin Bieber she absolute despises. They make a bet with each other which pulls them closer together, Justin exposes his love to her as she keeps it a secret.


10. Cold Shoulder.

A couple of weeks later, I got my test results from my exam. I was just so excited I had to find Justin to tell him the good news, hopefully, he still wouldn't be so angry with me about the whole abortion thing.

"Hey, good news I passed my exam," I said happily.

"That's great," He says continuing his conversation with Ryan. I scoffed grabbing his arm pulling him away.

"What? What do you want."

"I know you're not giving me the cold shoulder."

"Yeah, for a baby killer," He says I scoffed again rolling my eyes.

"Is that why you're so pissed at me."

"No there are other reasons why too. You left me for another guy you only dated for only a fucking day while I was all in love with you but don't worry. I moved on I found someone else."

"The girl I've seen you with in the magazines. Wow! Did you pay for her ass shots."

"You know what while you're living with regret my life has been wonderful. You still got your friends?" He asked.

"Yes! Kathy still talks to me. Justin look-"

"Save it; I'm through talking."

"I didn't take them. Well, I did, but then I threw them up. See" I said opening up my jacket lifting my shirt. I could see the anger in his face expression leaving; he smiled a little touching my stomach. "I told you I threw them up, but Justin you're making this whole thing about you and what you want not what I wanted to do-"

"You made it all by yourself; you didn't even inform me. Without me coming to the mall and giving you those pregnancy tests you wouldn't have known anyways."

"I threw up a couple of days later, I knew I just didn't want to say anything," I said putting my shirt down.

"Everyone knows you're pregnant you don't have to hide it."

"Fuck them, I'm not ashamed of showing my belly," I said.

"So, Drew still talks to you."

"Of course, he's helping me cope with all of this"

"Why him? He's not the father."

"Because he's nice to me, and hello! You wouldn't even talk to me" I said. He took a deep breath.

"I'm sorry, I was just angry at you because of your decision, it's my baby. Our baby"

"Yeah whatever you got what you wanted"

"You don't seem happy," He says.

"Because I'm the one that has to live with it."

"We! We have to live with it. I love my baby, and I love you."

"Stop! Don't pull that love card on me; you don't love me you loved what we did in bed together" I said.

"Maybe that too. We had great sex I can't forget about that night. How's your dad taking this"

"Better than I expected, have a doctors appointment tomorrow afternoon. He's gonna be there with me."

"I could come with if you want. I was just so pissed at you because I really thought you killed it. I couldn't just watch it happen. I understand you didn't want this to happen to you and I apologize for that and knowing how many times I apologize I can't make up for it, but I'm here now. I can't stop thinking about you Adrian, and I'm not trying to put on a front or make up an excuse to be in the baby's life, but I do think about you, I think about us all the time. I want to be able to provide for it, please I'm begging. Don't do this by yourself."

"What about your little girlfriend," I asked.

"Fuck her; we were just going out for publicity. Told her manager to stop texting me the other day. Come to my place after school. I don't have practice."

"Why," I asked curiously.

"Come over, and you'll see."

"Just for the record we're just friends," I said.

"Fine by me," He says walking back to Ryan. By the end of the day, I dropped Kathy off at home heading towards Justin's place ringing the doorbell.

"Happy you came," He said walking up behind me pulling his keys out of his pocket opening the door.

"Yeah, cut to the chase what did you want," I asked walking inside behind him.

"Come on," He says leading me upstairs. He stopped in front of a door taking a deep breath. "I know I don't know the gender yet but, I was hoping it would be a girl. I did this before I decided to get you the pills. It was stupid of me to do that, but I'm happy I did do it because if you would've done it, you wouldn't have told me so. I made a nursery" He says opening the door.

"Holy shit, you did all of this"

"Yeah, I always wanted a girl, and I kinda knew you were pregnant because the way you were acting and all that. So I turned a room into a nursery, which should prove to you how much I want to be involved. You don't have any idea how happy I was when you told me; you threw up the pills. I thought everything was over officially; I couldn't live with myself knowing you killed our baby. I'm happy you thought this through, and I'm sorry I'm putting you through that. We can get through it together, whatever it is I want to be there, this wasn't just a hit and quit Adrian. I want something with you."

"We're friends okay that's all we should be," I said, and he nodded in agreement.

"Okay, better than nothing. I missed you so much. We had classes together I know but most of the time coach would pull me out of class for more practice for basketball" He chuckled. "One thing I do regret is avoiding you; I don't regret anything else."

"Do you honestly think you speaking so sweet and innocent to me makes me jump into your arms, forgetting all the terrible shit you said to me."

"I know, I deserve that. I was just pissed off. I have a bad temper; it's just some things you make me go insane" He says.

"Well, you should fix that. I've been angry too, so frustrated with you because of what you did."

"Yeah, I'm not too happy with myself either. I didn't think this through. I shouldn't have done that to you; maybe you could've been with Drew still."

"Everything happens unexpectedly, but this nursery is really nice."

"Thanks, I had a few people to help me with it. I hope you reconsider, you've been unhappy lately. Angry with me and you have every right to be, but not at the baby. You don't have to hide it anymore."

"Maybe I don't," I said. He leaned in and kissed me roughly; I kissed back exploring my hands through his hair pulling away. "What are you doing," I asked.

"What, you came onto me."

"Did not! You did that" I said walking out the room.

"I know I shouldn't have done that, it's been a while, and I got a little excited, I'm sorry," He said wiping his bottom lip with his thumb. I looked down seeing his bulge through his pants. I grabbed his face started to make out with him. I was so horny, maybe because of this whole pregnancy thing. He opened his bedroom door not pulling away from the kiss picking me up leading me to the bed laying me down. He pulled away standing over me unbuckling his belt not taking his eyes off me biting his bottom lip. I smiled taking my shirt off. He placed his hand softly on my stomach it kind of felt weird knowing how huge I'm going to get, and we'll be having sex..well I don't know if we will still have sex with each other. He kissed my belly pulling his pants off; I kissed on his stomach to his boxer line pulling them down. I looked up at him while putting his dick into my mouth; I smiled closing my eyes sucking his dick. He moaned grabbing my head shoving it in further. I started to choke taking it out licking the tip. I wrapped my hand around his dick beginning to suck faster pushing it to the back of my throat. He grunted leaning his head back; I took my bra off sliding his dick between my tits spitting on the tip.

"I missed your big dick in my mouth," I said stroking my tits on his dick. I moaned sucking his dick while still titty fucking him.

"Baby you're so good, suck that dick" He moaned closing his eyes. He grabbed a handful of my hair stroking his dick in my mouth; he moaned again cumming into my mouth. I giggled sucking his balls swirling my tongue around its head swallowing his cum. He thrust his dick in my mouth again pushing my head down.

"Do you want to be my dirty little slut?" He asked I nodded while his dick was still in my mouth, he chuckled still thrusting. "You know what I wanna taste? That pretty little pussy of yours" He said taking his dick out, I wiped my mouth. He pushed me back on the bed taking my shoes off, then my pants. He stared at my black lace underwear kneeling onto the floor, moving my panties to the side scooting my body towards him. I giggled playing in his hair while he sucked on my clit, I bit my bottom lip watching him.

"Mm, yes suck on my clit" I moaned closing my eyes. He opened my legs wider licking my clit; I moaned again moaning his name. He pulled on my clit with his teeth inserting a finger inside of me standing up. He rubbed his finger against my g-spot. My hips started to buckle, and my pussy got wetter.

"Spit on it" I moaned. I watched his spit drip from his mouth to my pussy, shit it was so hot watching his spit drop on my clit. He rubbed his spit in with his thumb while a finger was still inside of me. He took his finger out sucking on it playing with my clit with his thumb.

"Shit baby you're so wet," He said fiddling his tongue on my clit, I moaned again grabbing his hair. He lifted his head up turning me around doggy style pinning my head down on the bed. Admiring my ass in the air, and my exposed perfect wet pussy waiting for him. He spread my ass cheeks to get a nice glimpse; I shook my ass teasing him. I felt his wet warm tongue on me. I moaned riding his face. I arched my back; he grabbed his dick slipping it inside, we both moaned. He held onto my hips thrusting. I gripped onto the sheets, and I pulled on his shirt pulling his body closer to mines. His dick slipped out because of how tight and wet it was. He put it back in grabbing my shoulder pounding me; I groaned holding onto my stomach, screaming.

"Am I hurting you?" He asked not stopping.

"No, keep going" I begged out of breath. He went faster wrapping both of his hands around my neck. God, I love being choked.

"Don't stop, don't you dare fucking stop" I moaned in pleasure rolling my eyes to the back of my head. I started to cum playing with my pussy. His balls started slapping against my clit making me moan even more. "Your balls are hitting my god damn clit" I screamed, my leg starts to shake because how good it fucking felt. He turned me over onto my back sucking on my neck, moving his lips to my tits. Sucking and biting on my nipples, he kissed every inch of my lower body lifting his head. He grabbed both of my legs pulling me towards him, placing one of my legs on his shoulder inserting himself back in, slowly thrusting. I bit my bottom lip holding my other leg open. He grunted squinting his eyes licking his lips picking up the pace.

"Oh god! Adrian" He moaned opening his eyes.

"Deeper baby," I said. He removed my leg from his shoulder pinning it by my head shoving his dick deeper inside of me. Now I really felt it; I moaned trying to push him back a little.

"Make me cum all over your dick," I said. He moved my hand thrusting faster. I moaned uncontrollably.

"Spread your pussy baby," He said. I opened my lips with my index finger and middle finger. I licked my other finger playing with my clit.

"Oh FUCK! Justin, you're so deep inside of me" I said.

"Want me to stretch you out" He moaned, I nodded still playing with myself. His dick slips out, he rubs his dick on my clit, slapping it against it. I moaned spitting on my hand rubbing on my pussy.

"Put it back in" I demanded to put it inside of my myself. I moaned rubbing my throbbing pussy. "Right there, yes you're fucking me so good baby," I said pulling on my nipple. Holding onto my bouncing tits. After my fingers got wet enough I shoved them into his mouth; he cleaned my fingers cumming inside of me. He stopped, laying down on his back beside me. I got up kissing him down his body to his dick. I laid his dick on his stomach trailing my tongue up his cock, sucking on the head shoving it into my mouth. He moved my hair out the way while I sucked on his dick, deep throating. He moaned pulling on my hair pushing my head down. I started to gag jerking him off inside my mouth massaging his balls; he grunted cumming inside.

I spit on his dick jerking his dick off with both of my hands. I looked him in his eyes smiling. I stopped, stood over him. He stood his dick up. I started to sit on it, gasping holding the side of my stomach.

"Shit," I said slowly starting to bounce. He put both of his hands on my thighs to keep my legs open while I bounced on him. I moaned going faster pulling my hard nipples. He bit his bottom lip, moaning.

"Rub my clit" I moaned. He rubbed on my clit with his thumb making me scream; he stopped starting to thrust himself inside of me.

"Mm pound my pussy Justin" I moaned enjoying every inch and every stroke. My eyes rolled to the back of my head cumming on his dick. He grabbed my body pulling me to his face eating me out; I started to ride his face. We laid by each other. He started laughing which made me laugh.

"You know all the time we've been fighting we never got the chance to know one another; it's been damn near a month," He says.

"I know, it's pretty funny" I chuckled laying on my side with my head rested on my hand, he did the same thing, and we looked at each other.

"What," He says smiling.

"Nothing," I said. He moved a piece of hair behind my ear chuckling.

"You're so beautiful even when you don't try."

"Thanks. How's your career going, I want to get to know you" I said and he took a deep breath.

"Well, my career is on hold right now until I graduate. My manager thought that people would forget me because I'm so busy with school and basketball he set up a fake relationship. I don't know I like being normal y'know to spend time with you, lying next to you just talking after having amazing sex" He says giggling. "But..yeah I wish I could stay like this forever, just us and our daughter. But my life isn't like yours, its way different. The girls, fame, fortune it's a lot to some people but I really don't care about that. I care about you, I like arguing with you it's such a rush. Besides, it's a complete turn on"

"Is not" I chuckled.

"Is too, I like arguing with you. We'll never know what happens next, probably grab each other's faces and kiss all over each other"

"Yeah," I said.

"So what about you, tell me about your life."

"Okay, my dad is a lawyer if you didn't know that. We moved here just for a fresh start because my mom passed away a couple of months ago of cancer. He thought that moving away would be best to leave the past behind us, when I moved here I started to like this guy. He was a real douche, but it's just something about him, I can't stay away from him."


"Yeah," I said smiling. He leaned in and kissed me passionately; I laid my hand on his muscular, sweaty chest pulling away.

"Is that all you wanted to tell me."

"No. There's not much about me" I giggled.

"C'mon what do you like to do besides having sex with me," He said I giggled punching his chest softly.

"Not funny, but I don't know what I like to do. I love to socialize with people I'm good at that maybe I could become an accountant, I'm really good at mathematics. Math was my highest score on the exam, and I think it's because I'm good at it thanks to the best tutor" I said giggling. He smiled kissing my hand. "I did something bad, something that I can't tell anyone about before I moved here to California" I added shedding a couple of tears.

"Well look I'm not trying to force you to tell me but...is it that bad. I mean you can tell me anything."

"Yes, it's bad. Something I can't stop thinking about. I want to tell you—"

"Then tell me. Whatever it is I'll understand"

"No. No, it's not important" I said chuckling.

"I'm always here to help. Adrian, I love you okay. I love you. I'm not afraid to express my feelings about you; I want you to know that. I know I told you I wish you failed your test it was a dick move to say that. But I'm happy you passed. If it's really that bad- something so bad you can't tell anyone about I'll protect you from whatever it is. Does your dad know."

"No. No, he doesn't know not even Kathy. I just feel guilty y'know. I'm tired of feeling guilty. I needed to move away and start over, but everywhere I go I feel like it's taunting me. I know I can trust you, Justin. It's just bad timing, we barely know each other, and I don't want to regret telling you" I said.

"I understand. Let's get to know each other Adrian. What are you so scared of."

"Everything. The consequences, I'll tell you just not today. So, did you really like Kathy" I asked?

"She's cute, but I tried to mess with her just to make you jealous. Which didn't work because she's dating Troy."

"Yeah, they're cute together. You can have any girl you want to plenty of them lined up waiting for you."

"I know, but it's okay I know who I want for sure. You know I like you, Adrian, why can't you give us a shot at something" He asked kissing my shoulder.

"I don't want to ruin our sex by being in a relationship; we're just friends."

"Friends? Would a friend do this" He asked kissing me, I kissed back? He moved his body on top of mines moving his lips to my neck. I moaned digging my nails into his back; he lifted up his head staring into my eyes.

"I don't want to ruin what we have," I said looking into his eyes. He smiled, kissing me getting out the bed putting on his boxers going into the bathroom. I heard the shower run; I got up creeping into the bathroom seeing his naked body through the glass, I hopped in with him helping him wash his back. He chuckled not bothering to turn around.

"This is new," He said closing his eyes while I washed his back. I kissed his shoulder softly; he smiled wiping the water off his face turning around.

"Come on let me do you; I promise nothing dirty," He says. I turned around while he washed my back, I closed my eyes feeling his hands touching all over my sensitive body washing my hair. He kissed my neck; I giggled helping him wash out all the shampoo out of my hair. He started to wash my legs and between my thighs. He looked up at me smiling; I did too running my fingers through my wet hair. He opened one of my legs, placing my foot on his shoulder teasing my clit with his tongue. I moaned wanting more and wanting him to stop teasing.

"You promised" I moaned. He chuckled sucking on my clit; I grabbed his wet hair panting pushing his head further in. He pulled on my clit standing up; I kissed him. He picked me up pinning me against the wall wrapping my legs around his waist, making out. When we got out of the shower he passed me an extra toothbrush; we brushed our teeth. He chuckled while brushing his teeth.

"What's funny," I asked.

"Nothing," He says spitting toothpaste into the sink cleaning his mouth. I finished brushing my teeth, drying my hair.

"You know what I realized," I said.


"I don't live here, and I don't have clothes."

"Don't worry you can borrow mines; it's the least I could do?" He says going into his walk-in closet. I followed him into the closet; his closet was more significant than my room. All organized by hats, shoes, jewelry, clothes, etc.. He grabbed a pair of sweats, a shirt, and a pair of his briefs.

"Wanna spend the night," He asked, and I shrugged.

"I don't know, don't you think that's a bad idea."

"Why would it be a bad idea," He asked, and I shrugged.

"I don't know. I mean my dad is probably worried sick about me right now, he wants me in his sight at all times after school. Especially since I'm carrying a life inside of me" I said. He smiled and kissed me.

"Okay, your dad must hate me."

"Well he does ask about you, and he's upset that you wouldn't talk to me. I didn't tell him about the whole pill thing I should have so he could get an understanding why you didn't speak to me. You can talk to him if you want."

"I rather keep my face; he's pissed I know. He thinks I don't want to help you out with this situation, and I broke your heart before, but I didn't break your heart. You broke mines, even though we weren't dating."

"Yeah," I said walking into the bedroom grabbing my pants off the floor grabbing my phone. 5 missed calls from my dad. And a text from Kathy.

"Your dad is worried sick, I told him you were hanging out with Drew" She texted. I smiled texting her back. I put on the clothes Justin gave me. I was sleepy, so I took a nap.

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