Head over Heels (18+)

Adrian moves to California to start her new adventure with her dad, whose a lawyer that is transferring to a new firm. She meets the famous celebrity Justin Bieber she absolute despises. They make a bet with each other which pulls them closer together, Justin exposes his love to her as she keeps it a secret.


1. Celebrity.


Moving to a new city, and going to a new school was terrifying for me, maybe it's terrifying for everyone's first day in a new town and going to a new school. Meeting and surrounding myself around new people isn't what I had in mind. My name is Adrian; I'm moving to California with my dad Dan. He's joining a new Firm, and that's why we moved here, plus my mom passed away a couple of months ago from cancer..which is the other reason we moved.

Standing in front of my new home, I could say it's a pretty decent size. Moving into the suburbs is what I've always dreamed of. I walked into the house scanning every inch of it. I smiled to myself, resting my hands on my hips enjoying the sun beaming on my face. That's something I'll have to get used to being in California it's always hot.

"So, what do you think," My dad asked smiling, standing beside me.

"It's a good size. I like it, nothing wrong with it. Better than the one in Florida"

"Hey, we're starting over alright. A new lifestyle. That trouble we bumped into there, that's over"

"I hope so. I miss my friend's dad, we had everything back in Florida. Don't you think we're moving on too fast think about it, mom passed away a couple months ago. You decided to join a new Firm in Cali. Doesn't that tell you anything" I asked and he took a deep breath?

"We have to move past it; sometimes we can't always hang on to the past Adrian. Besides I didn't like your past boyfriend Jason, he was annoying and also an asshole" He said, and I chuckled.

"You never like any of my boyfriends, but I guess I'll give Cali a shot."

"Thanks, now help unpack," He said going back outside to the moving truck. When we finished unpacking and putting the house together, we rested ordering dinner. School starts tomorrow, which I'm anxious about. I went upstairs into my bedroom seeing a text from my best friend, Kathy.

"We miss you, good luck at your new school tomorrow," she said. I smiled, texting her back going to sleep.

The day I woke up for school, the thought of school made me sick to my stomach. I got out of bed doing my morning routine getting ready for the day.

"Adrian hurry up!" Dad yells banging on the bathroom door. I got dressed, coming out of the bathroom packing my bag going downstairs for breakfast.

"School starts in 30 minutes; I want you to be there to register for your classes. Plus I have work in an hour so eat breakfast on the way to school" He says rushing. I understand he was rushing because he wanted me to be on time, but registering is going to take more than 30 minutes. I grabbed some toast hopping into the car.

"I know this is your first day, but make the best of it. Meet some people. Make friends. Don't be such a bitch, especially if it's a guy" He said backing out of the driveway. Today was the first day of school not for only me but for everyone else. The line was very long to go towards the school; he decided to turn until a yellow Ferrari came flying by.

"Asshole! People are driving here" He yells impatiently. I just chuckled and started texting Kathy. "Idiotic asshole could've caused a huge wreck. Oh, wait I forgot, it's California but that doesn't mean you can go around speeding" He says to himself. Once he found an easier shortcut to get to school, I saw the yellow Ferrari parking. A guy getting out with a girl maybe his girlfriend. He has brown hair with blonde highlights wearing a blue jersey, brown khaki shorts with blue vans. He wrapped his arm around her walking into the school. I snapped back to reality and got out the car with dad. Once we found the counselors office, we sat in there waiting.

I got my schedule walking into my first-period class. English, was my favorite subject. There was a group that was throwing paper like a bunch of little kids, and the others just didn't care about being in school or was probably tired still. I took my seat in the back overhearing a group of kids come into the classroom. Oh great the guy from the yellow Ferrari with his posses. Please don't take a seat by me, please don't take a seat by me. I said over and over in my head.

"Hey, new girl isn't it," He says holding out his hand for me to shake sitting beside me.

"Yeah, I suppose," I said rejecting to shake his hand.

"Well, I'm Justin.Justin Bieber the celebrity. It's crazy I know" He says like I really care about him or his fame. He's such an asshole, celebrities are assholes. He removed his hand knowing that I rejected him. I bet he's not used to being rejected for once. "Maybe I could walk you to your classes since you're not familiar with the school, it's actually my second year here and I kinda didn't know where everything was myself. But I can help if you want"

"Don't you have a girlfriend or something"

"Maybe. Why does that even matter" He asked?
I scoffed.

"Dude how conceited are you," I asked.

"Fine, take that as a no. Just trying to be friendly."

"Yeah, I've realized that. Do you honestly think that since you're so rich and popular a girl automatically would say yes to you?" I asked.

"W-well I mean yeah," He said stammering. I rolled my eyes. "At least let me show you to your classes, I don't want to be a pest, but I want you to be familiar with this school. It's pretty big, and you can get lost."

"Fine, but I don't want any trouble," I said. Class started, welcome to senior year I said to myself inside my head. The teacher gave out homework on the first day, it wasn't normal for them to do that but it's a new school, with a new system I guess. The bell rung for the second period, Justin was leaning against the lockers waiting for me.

"Let me see your schedule," He said snatching it from my hand comparing it to his. "Great! We have classes together all semester except basketball fourth period."

"Yeah, I think I need to change it."

"Oh come on, I'm not that bad of a person, I may have a little issue here and there, but I'm not so bad. Besides once you get to know me, you'll fall in love with me" He said, and I chuckled.

"You're funny," I said.

"Look, I'm having this senior party, wanna come? You are a senior right?" He asked.

"Yes I am a senior, and I don't know if I want to come to your little party."

"Damn girl. Feisty one aren't you. Don't you want to make friends, this is how you make friends" He said in a jerky tone.

"You know what don't worry about what I need alright, I know who you are now, you're Justin Bieber the pop sensation asshole, yeah I said it. You're the one who flew by our car almost costing our lives maybe others too, because of your stupid car. What are you even doing here anyway? You're a fucking celebrity, and by the way, the name is Adrian" I asked.

"Well okay Adrian I'm Justin, we just met like an hour ago do you happen to have a last name."

"It's none of your business alright I told you my name so fuck off," I said, he chuckles.

"Wow. Adrian, you are a piece of work"

"Oh, and you're not? Because you're so talented, so famous, and so rich I could care less about you"

"Alrighty then well, I just wanted to welcome you to Calabasas high school. And for your information I decided to finish school, and secondly it was a right away, your dad should've been looking, it's not my fault" He said and I scoffed walking away. I couldn't believe he just said that shit to me. 'It was a right away' great! Just great I'm going to school with a celebrity.

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