Short Stories

From living a dream to breaking the laws of physics, these short stories have in mind action, love, death, despair and hope. These realities are at the very least in the same world. I invite you, from the side of the previous story I'm progressing on, read what else was on my mind. many of these stories were from my dreams that were unfinished that I intend to finish right here and now.


9. Luscas-Chapter 9: Luscas

        The young pup opened his eyes for the first time since his birth. The ground was coated with nearly dry moss and threads of flat grass. Curious of what was beyond the ground, he looks up to his mother, a white wolf with black streaks on her face and paws. Her eyes were blue, full of comfort and happiness to see her son's eyes for the first time, but beneath those eyes, she was full of sorrow. The young pup had no idea what he really was, that he was not normal and he never will be. 

       Luscas had seen wolves besides his mother and father, who he had rarely seen. They saw him and fled, baring their teeth and bristling. Luscas, at the time, had no idea what they saw. He was a pup, what would he or they expect? That is, until he had seen his reflection from the waters, he saw his eyes red like that of a snake's death glare. He was even scared of his own appearance. These were the same eyes has his father's. Since he had discovered the truth, he kept himself isolated from other wolves, sometimes even his own mother. Ashamed of his appearance, yet he was never told why he had red eyes, or what his parents really were. But he could see that they were no ordinary wolves themselves. 

        His mother, who's name was Aria, had been rather protective of her son. When a wolf came, whether it was a stranger or her mate, she would growl at them as if to fight them. Luscas knew that she loved him, but he was angered that she would never tell him something. He had red eyes, why did everyone hate him? Why did everyone call him the "Devil's Son"? 

         "Why do they call me that?" He often asks her when he has the chance to. "It is because you are different, and they are jealous." She replied. He knew she was hiding something, but didn't bother asking any more. She was just afraid to tell the truth.

          As Luscas had gotten older, he had seen his father more often. It was usually in the night, when his mother was close to sleeping, or just returning from her hunt. He would not come near them as soon as she had laid her eyes on him, then he would scurry away. His father, as dark as it was, had black fur and red eyes, just like Luscas'. If he trully had gotten the red eyes from his father, what was he? What was his mother?

        "Why do you...growl at dad when he's around?" Luscas asks his mother one day, sitting on a gorge and starring at the full moon. She looked painfully at him, sorrow once again filled her eyes. She sighed, closing her light blue eyes. It must be painful to answer this as it was about having red eyes. "There are things you must know, and others that must wait until later." She said, opening her eyes to the moonlight. Luscas looked at her, than back down at his paws in disgust. She was obviously not going to answer that. "I feel that you are too young to understand."

        Luscas fought to hold back her tears. Did she not love father? Was he an enemy to her? His paws began to tremble and his body shook in grief and anger. "I know it is hard for you, but one day, you will understand. It is not yet your time."

       Not yet my time? What did she mean?

       Luscas had not discovered this until later in his years, when he had finally exposed his rage.


       Luscas was only five years old when he had finally realized the truth about his father. About his...mother. About himself. What she had dreaded for so long had finally come, and not Luscas nor his mother were prepared for this, but she knew it was coming.

       Luscas was trembling at the sight of the sky; there was no sky. It was black, clouded and filled with terrorizing screams. Her had no idea who or what was screaming, but it was loud, high and made him shudder. His ears folded back and his legs trembling, not wanting to move. Where did all this come from? 

        It was dark, and he had to find his mother. She had gone off hunting, maybe she got lost in the dark. Wanting to find her, he ran to the direction he had last seen her take and followed her track. She should not have gotten far, but her scent was almost fading. "No NO" Luscas yelled.

        He continued to run when all of a sudden, something had caught his legs, tangling them and keeping him from going. He tripped and stumbled to the ground. He saw that whatever had caught his legs looked like black live roots with spikes. Luscas struggled with all his strength, but the roots snapped and continued to climb onto him. He screamed and resisted, fear causing him to slow down and regain strength at the same time. 

           The roots were climbing up and onto him when he had finally realized that it was no use struggling. No matter how many steps he took, he was going no where. He breathed heavily at the thought of him dying, his mother coming to see his corpse and his father...what if he came back to save him? What if mother had come to save him? No, she's dead. No one can outrun this. Luscas cried and looked at the sky once again to see a light coming from the sky. It seemed to be a figure engulfed with flames, a beast with horns and two hind legs with fire wings. Its yellow eyes faced Luscas as it floated down towards the ground. It was carrying what looked like a weapon, or a tool the villagers nearby called an ax. 

             "Come to me." A voice echoed into Luscas' mind. Who said that? No one else was around. The creature was close to the ground that it landed with a loud thud, heat, flames and smoke filled the air, making Luscas cough. The black roots were slowing down on their climbing, keeping away from his face so he could see his demise. 

             "Join me. And together, we shall reign over all living things who dare defy us." This voice continued to say. Luscas tried to recall the voice, and he thought it sounded familiar. It was low, raspy and terrifying like his...father. The beast slowly walked towards him, its ax dragging onto the ground and inflaming trees and the grass. The closer the beast got to him, the more Luscas could hear screams. He breathed heavily as the screams raged his mind, making him want to lose control over himself and scream out in agony. What was happening to him? Who was speaking to him? Was it his father or the beast mimicking him?

            "Come my son, my dear Luscas. Join me, your father!" The voice said in a higher tone this time. After that, a dark figure appeared in front of him. The figure was at first a thing cloud of black mist forming from the ground. The mist than climbed on top of itself as if it were a rope, than was able to arrange itself to appear as a black snake with red eyes, just like Luscas'. It was tall, maybe as tall as the average tree in the forest. It stared directly into Luscas' eyes, which were filled with confusion and fear. What was this snake? Why did it have red eyes like his? This truly could not be his father. 

            "LUSCAS" the voice shouted, which came directly from the snake, though the snake did not open its mouth. It must be speaking directly to Luscas' mind. Its sharp white fangs bared, its blood red tongue hung from its dark red mouth, which also showed a fire-light coming from its throat as if it were about to breath fire. It was him, his father. Luscas could not believe it. His father was...a snake-like monster?

        The snake came closer to Luscas' face, its eyes concentrated into his own. "I am your father, Luscas. And you are my son. I shall break you free from the chains of guilt and lies, and give you what you deserve; the truth." It said, still speaking into his mind, though it's mouth was widening. 

        Luscas was able to finally clear his mind after knowing that his father was here. All this time, this was what his mother was hiding. His father was a monster. He really was a devil, therefore...Luscas himself truly was a Devil's Son. He hated being called that, disliked by all who had approached him. He was tired of everyone looking down on him and thinking he was a monster when he had done nothing wrong. Now that he knew that truth, he had to choose.

         His mother had always been there for him. Though she had rejected answering his questions, she had taught him more, she had guided him and had loved him more than any one else ever had. It was as if she did not care about what he was, he was still her son. 

         As for father, he was never there. When he approached the den, he was almost chased away by his mate. He would have been more than happy to answer Luscas' questions, and yet it was him. He was the one that made Luscas the way he was. He was the reason Luscas was in despair and isolation from the truth. And he was the reason why all of this was happening. He is the monster, not Luscas.

       "Join me. Join me. JOIN ME" his father kept repeating. Luscas growled with hatred and screamed. "NEVER. I WILL NEVER JOIN A MONSTER LIKE YOU." The snake was awfully surprised by his son's sudden words. Its expression changed from prideful to anger. "You dare say WHAT?"

      Luscas growled fiercely at it. "You are not my father. You never have, and you never will be. You are nothing to me. NOTHING." The snake did not say a word for a long moment. It looked hurt, but at the same time angry. Maybe it was going to kill Luscas, since he had rejected him. "I have waited a long time for this." It said, than  began to grow in size. Luscas was still unable to move, but his eyes followed the upward direction of the snake. "The time when father and son would reunite as one. AND YOU REFUSE TO JOIN ME?" The snake shouted as its mouth widened even more as if to eat him. "SO BE IT. I SHALL CONSUME YOU AS WELL AS YOUR ENTIRE BEING." The snake roared, than charged at Luscas, its hot breath closing in quickly. The sight of death itself even stunned Luscas himself. He was going to get killed by his own father, but he would rather be killed than to become the monster everyone feared he would become. 


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