Short Stories

From living a dream to breaking the laws of physics, these short stories have in mind action, love, death, despair and hope. These realities are at the very least in the same world. I invite you, from the side of the previous story I'm progressing on, read what else was on my mind. many of these stories were from my dreams that were unfinished that I intend to finish right here and now.


8. Luscas-Chapter 8: Friends

        Shelia and Luscas were able to arrive to the destination just before moon high. They were slowed down by a border patrol that was giving them a hard time earlier, but they finally made it. Shelia stayed closely behind Luscas, for he said that they were meeting friends of his, who were all also assassins. "Are they" She hesitated to ask that before, but she wanted to prepare for whatever lie ahead. "No. They have their own physical abilities, but do not have the devil's curse."

         Just when he said that, he stopped dead in his tracks, Shelia following along. "Luscas. What a surprise. You have brought a guest." A voice sounded from beneath the shadows of the night-lit rocks. It sounded soft, and yet low and raspy. Luscas let out a little chuckle and straightened up. "Host! It is good to see you too." He replied as a white figure walked out of the shadows. It was a white male wolf with a battle scar on his right eye and chest and black paws. He looked like he was sick, but Shelia didn't smell anything disturbing. This wolf, Host, slowly padded toward them, keeping his eye on Shelia, which gave her a startling shiver. How he looks at her was quite uncomfortable. 

       "You know this is no place for underlings like this one. Might as well kill her while you still can." He said in a harsh tone. Shelia gasped, tensing her muscles and lowering herself. "She's fine. She has no where else to go." Luscas replied defensively, his left paw in front of her. Host looked annoyed and disappointed. Than he rolled his eye and turned back. "Very well. If they get mad, it's on you, not me." He said, than walked away. Luscas followed him, Shelia still close behind. Her eyes were widened with fear. Just looking at Host made her blood ice cold. 

        Luscas quietly chuckled. "No need to worry about him. He fears even I." He quietly told her, squinting his eyes. Shelia gave him a surprised look. "Really? He doesn't look like it." She mumbled. Luscas seemed to have heard that, because he gave a small smirk. "That's because he, like me, does not like to admit his fears. Maybe you could give him a little lesson after what you gave me." His tone sounded more humorous than serious. Host growled from ahead. "I heard that, Luscas. You better not have her talk at all during the meeting, got it?" He sounded very snappy. Luscas looked at Shelia, and she knew what he mean't. She sighed and flattened her ears. "Alright."

       Host lead them to a group circle, consisting of two other wolves, both were assassins, Shelia assumed. One was a brown wolf with lighter brown to pale markings and a white cloth around right shoulder, as if carrying something. The other one was grey with lighter grey and white markings like that of a normal wolf. His eyes were like Luscas, but were blue, not red. Was he also like Luscas?

       They looked at her as soon as she entered the clearing, still behind Luscas. The grey wolf was suddenly closer to her than he was earlier, making her jump. He must have used stealth and speed to get suddenly close to her, but Luscas place his left leg in front of her before he even made a move. "And what the hell, Luscas? A hostage?" His tone was raspy and very low. He must be an old wolf, his gaze on her. He didn't look like he wanted to kill her, but he was an assassin after all. Luscas growled in defense. "It's fine, Ranus." He said, confronting him. The wolf, Ranus, growled back. "Have you even told her what was going on?" He asked, then turning his head to Host, who shrugged and walked on to join the other wolf. 

      Shelia knelt down, showing him that she incapable of confronting him. Ranus looked at her, than walked off. "This isn't like you, Luscas. You had better know what your doing." Shelia, scared as she was gazed at Luscas, who was looking directly ahead of him. She followed his gaze and saw a bright flash of light appear among the group of assassins. The light than divided into three wolf figures. Ranus, Host, Luscas and the brown wolf sat up straight and bowed their heads. Shelia did the same, hoping that whoever these figures were would recognize her respect. 

        "Welcome back, everyone. I was hoping we would not have any...interuptions." One of the light wolves said, looking at Shelia, who trembled. It's eyes were pale blue and it's body was a lighter grey. "Luscas. You know better than to bring a citizen, let alone a cheif's daughter. Have you any thing to say?" Luscas closed his eyes while everyone looked at him. Shelia took a step back, her ears folded back and tail between her legs, but she still bowed her head. The light wolf seemed satisfied at her stance. "Well, at least she is showing some respect. Not that it matters anyway. Might as well know what is going on, young one?" Shelia looked up and kept her distance. 

         The light wolf that was next to the one speaking sat up and turned its gaze to the other wolves. "Now it is time to report. Ranus, have you succeeded in your mission?" It asked Ranus, who grinned. "The leader of the Gunter Clans and his heir have all been assassinated. I made sure their citizens were dispersed and rid of all the ones that seemed to be a threat. Their scrolls are now nothing but ashes. It is done." He sounded proud of whatever he had done, and bowed. "I am pleased. You did do well indeed."

         The Gunter Clans had always been known to cause terror in the South. They were like pirates and robbed packs of their treasures and family lines. Whatever they mean't by scrolls, Ranus must have accomplished something that would impact the packs after all. What of the others?

          "Very well." The last light wolf said. Its voice suddenly sounded familiar. It was a female voice that Shelia recognized. Was this the wolf that was talking to Luscas that night? His mother? She sounded so gentle, her pale white eyes were calm and looking at Luscas, She, unlike the others she came with, had feathered wings and was much taller. Whatever she really was, she looked very beautiful. 

         "Host, what have you gathered from the Ashon Mountain emperors? Have you succeeded in your mission?" The second wolf asked Host, who licked his chops as if he had just eaten something and grinned. "They were indeed behind the uprisings. Many villages had scattered as a result, but had not gotten far. Assassins and spies were sent to catch any villager and to kill them on sight. I was able to assassinate these groups sent and was also able to find that these individuals were from the South as well. They seemed to have betrayed their packs and joined the empire. No doubt about it, they had Fire Chains on?" He said, than looked at Luscas, who trembled when "Fire Chains" was mentioned. 

           "No need to be hasty. Remember, we are here to gather what we can and to make our last stance. I assure you, once this is all over, you will all be free to go and fight to your heart's content. As for now, we must work as one." The female light wolf said, defending Luscas. 

          "Now" the first light wolf said. "Nameless Hunter, I can see you have Spell Scrolls." The brown wolf, Nameless Hunter, chuckled and showed a willy smile. He removed the sash that was around him and unrolled six aged scrolls written in a foreign language. "Luckily, I know this language." He said. "They were more distant than expected, though. One of them was more heavily guarded, meaning it must be the trump spell. It was in the bottom of the Deavor's Den, so I am certain that they had tried to use it to unleash another demon monster. Nothing came up as far as I am aware." He said. The Deavor's Den was rumored to have "warriors from hell" trying to unlock the gates of hell itself using witchcraft. Consisting if a few members, these individuals have their own abilities. The Nameless Hunter, Shelia guessed, had probably killed them all.

         "As suspected. We knew they were behind such activities. Luckily, they have no idea what the key to the chains is capable of. Good work." The light wolf praised him. The female light wolf than looked at Luscas, her soft gaze felt comforting and pleasing. Shelia began to wonder, what was Luscas' mission? Did he do it before he met Shelia? 

           "Now than, Luscas. Have you continued on with the killings?" She asked him. Luscas met her gaze with no happiness in his eyes, but was serious and loyal. "They had increased over the past couple of months. Most of them were only fire type, but there was one....I fear, was from him." Luscas said, than folded his ears back. The other assassins looked half shocked and half in disbelief. Who was this individual he was referring to? It certainly does bring shock to strong beings such as these. "It seemed to know who I was and was foolish enough to attack. That could only mean that not only was it sent by him, but was also a spy to check on my abilities. I gave it no sign of my potential, and killed it without resistance."

          So he was sent to kill of monsters like that she had encountered? That must have been a fire type. But what was this monster? A spy from...whoever this being was....testing his abilities. 

          The female light wolf dipped her head. "So, it may seem the time has come to act now. We now have the scrolls, followers are executed and we have proof that he is indeed on the move. All of you know the drill, so take your places and follow further orders. And as for you..." She said, looking at Shelia. "Though unexpected, there is still a chance for you to live through this. Might as well tell you what we are doing and what is going on. Everyone except Luscas and our visitor are now dismissed. Wait for orders."

          Host, Ranus and the Nameless Hunter had left the camp, Host angrily gazing at Luscas before disappearing into the night. Luscas did not seem to mind or care. Shelia got up and sat. The other two light wolves had also disappeared, leaving only the female light wolf, Luscas and Shelia left. 

            Luscas' eyes were closed, his head down, yet looked disturbed. He seemed like he was about to face the ultimate challenge of his life for whatever they were planning. The female wolf seemed to notice and walked towards him, expanding her wings. "It is time, Luscas. You must face your past and embrace it as your strength. Do not forget." She said while Luscas' tail began to slightly move, meaning he was fighting an urge to do something. The female wolf sighed and closed her eyes. "Nothing I say will ever sink into you, but at least understand. This will be your final battle. After that, you will be free" "I WILL NEVER BE FREE." Luscas yelled in reply, baring his teeth and standing into a defense position. Shelia back away a little, hoping he would not try and attack the female wolf, who did not seem to mind his disturbing performance. 

              Shelia could tell in his eyes that he was not only angry at the female wolf, but he seemed to have a guilt look, as if he were blaming himself for something. Was he guilty because he thought he himself was a monster? "Anything else to say?" He asked her, growling. The female wolf sat down and dipped her head. "You are dismissed. Good luck. Wait for further orders." She said, sounding sad and full of regret. Shelia thought she saw tears run down her face. Luscas turned back without hesitation and did not look back as he disappeared into the night. It was now Shelia and the female wolf.

           The female wolf smiled and opened her eyes. Her gaze was very soothing and beautiful, comforting Shelia despite what ever was going to happen. "It amazes me by how much you fought the urge to run from him and all your troubles." She started. Shelia's ears pricked up in surprise. "Um, well...he did save me, and only he knew what was going on. Leaving him would mean my life." She replied. 

           "I see. You were concerned for your safety and was aware of the circumstances of leaving and the situation. I am sorry for what you had seen." The female wolf said. Shelia let out a deep breath and spoke. "If I may ask, but are you...Luscas' mother?" Not knowing if she was allowed to ask such question, this was the place to find answers about what was going on and about Luscas. The female wolf chuckled. "Don't be afraid to ask anything, even if you think it would offend. Yes, I am the mother of Luscas. My name is Aria."

          "I'm Shelia. It is a pleasure to meet you. I have been wondering about Luscas' past, and had no idea he had a serious grudge."

     The female wolf, Aria, let out a sigh of sadness. " He has every reason to hate us. To hate me. I have no right to stop him. But he is my son, and I only want him to be happy." Even the tone of her voice saddened Shelia. What had they done to upset their son, Luscas? "What about his...father?" 

     Aria did not say or move for a short while, than got up and sighed again. "I think all of your questions will be answered if I just show you." She said, than walked towards Shelia. "Huh? what do you-" Aria touched noses with Shelia, and darkness was all around.   

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