Short Stories

From living a dream to breaking the laws of physics, these short stories have in mind action, love, death, despair and hope. These realities are at the very least in the same world. I invite you, from the side of the previous story I'm progressing on, read what else was on my mind. many of these stories were from my dreams that were unfinished that I intend to finish right here and now.


7. Luscas-Chapter 7: Confrontation

        "Wake up." A low and fierce voice echoed, disrupting Shelia's sleep. She opened her eyes quickly to see Luscas a foot from her, carrying what looked like a rabbit. He had gone hunting again. "H-hello sir." She said, slowly getting up. Luscas didn't move, but dropped the rabbit in front of her. "Eat up. We're leaving as soon as you finish. You need your strength." He said, then walked away towards the rocks. 

        Shelia stood there, frozen and confused. "Where are we going?" She asked. Luscas looked at her, than turned his back on her. "Don't ask. Just eat." He didn't seem to be in a very good mood. Did it have to do with that conversation he was having to himself last night? It seemed like he was talking to someone, but no one was there, though she did see a blurry figure who seemed to reply in a faded and echo voice. She shook the thought away and ate the rabbit. He must be in a hurry, so she must hurry as well.

        After she ate the rabbit, the two set off from their resting place and headed West towards the plateaus, which she had never seen before. He said that there was something important there, but didn't say what or why. The sun had shown and met it's highest peek, making the air hotter. Luscas didn't seem to mind the heat as much as Shelia did, as he continued his own pace while Shelia struggled to keep up, panting and asked twice for a stop, which he had refused.

        "Please?" She said once more. Luscas finally stopped and looked to his left to see a small puddle being occupied by ravens. "Go ahead. This will be the only stop, so make it good worth a while." Relieved, Shelia padded into the puddle, scaring the birds away and drank to her fullest. Luscas joined her, only drinking a few laps then stepped back. Shelia looked up when she was done and asked Luscas "could you tell me where we are going? And why you are taking me?" 

         Luscas rolled his red eyes and grunted, probably annoyed after her asking that multiple times. "We are going to meet up with my little group. I'm only taking you with me because otherwise, you would die." He finally answered, but  that was not the answer she was looking for. She knew there was something else. "I know that's not all. If it's that important that you, an assassin, have to hide it from me, then I deserve to know. Why did you rescue me? What is going to happen? Who is-" "I WILL NOT TAKE ANY MORE OF YOUR USELESS QUESTIONS, CHILD." Luscas shouted, interrupting her.

        Shelia froze, her blood running cold. He had never sounded so desperate and yet so serious like this. She could see in his eyes that he was hiding something dangerous. He wanted to tell her, but he has his reasons not to. Shelia controlled her slow breathing and asked "Who were you talking to last night?" Luscas stood there, his eyes widen and his expression changed from strict and serious to caution. 

          "It was nothing. You were only dreaming." He said, then turned his back. "Let's keep going. I want to arrive before the sun has reached its lowest point." Shelia gave a growl of annoyance and sat down, not attempting to come with him. She wanted to know what was on his mind. What was he up to? What are his plans? She will have them answered here and now. 

        Luscas stopped at his pace and looked at her. "Come on, child." He said in a quiet and stern tone. Shelia flattened her ears, partially snarling. "You said that you rescued me only to show improvement to your will. I heard you. That I was going to die and am in danger. That we all are. What danger are you-" "YOU KNOW NOTHING, YOU FOOLISH CHILD." Luscas interrupted, raising his voice and baring his white sharp teeth. Fear hit Shelia, but she was determined to know the truth and stood her ground, looking brave and confident in her decision. "That was your mother, wasn't it. She sent you to kill that beast, didn't she? She didn't tell you to rescue me, yet you did any way. That was your choice. Yours." Luscas slowly walked towards her, his teeth still bared and his eyes were frightening. 

         Shelia didn't move, though she was shivering. "You. Why did you rescue me? Was it because you wanted to prove that you were not a monster?" When she said that, Luscas slowed his pace, changing his expression to less tension. She was getting to him. "I am more then a pesky little brat to you, aren't I? You could have left me to die, you had plenty of chances to do that, yet you didn't. So what am I to you?" Luscas stopped a few paces from her, his expression changed from less tension to the look of being confronted by an underling. 

        The two didn't move for a while. A warm breeze ruffled Shelia's fur, soothing her after her question marathon. Luscas, on the other hand, looked shocked and eager to keep the secret he was hiding, yet desperate to tell her. Finally, Luscas was the first to break the silence, sighing and looking down. He mumbled something, then said "You were right. I was not given orders to rescue you. I did choose to because I am a weakling." After saying that, he stepped back and turned his back on her, probably ashamed to even look at her with his shamed face after admitting...that.

         Shelia began to calm down and felt as though she had been pierced with a stick of regret. A weakling? Him, a legendary assassin....admits being a weakling? She stood her ground to here more, if he had anything to say. "All I have killed, I was given orders to kill. Never in my life, have I ever rescued anyone. I was never ordered to do that." He looked at her with his shameful eyes. "Do you see my face? This is the face of a coward. A coward who defied his orders and chose to rescue an innocent underling like you. A juvenile who was never aware of the outside world, has no power and authority over any one. Is the lowest of the lowest, and yet she, out of all others, was rescued." He turned to her, showing his full face. His eyes were huge with oppression as he spoke the truth that pained him so much. "Look at my face. You tell me. Why did I, an assassin who is mean't to kill, rescue a low class juvenile, who did not even deserve it?"

         Stunned by his approach, Shelia was sinking her head under her fur and arching away. She had never thought that he had felt this way. "You only know me as a killer, a monster, the devil cursed by his father. So what do you think, Shelia?" Shelia paused, trying to control her breathing. She was thinking about the conversation he was having last night. So it was his mother. He was holding back more than she thought. It all made sense why he rescued her. " want to prove yourself worthy. That you are not the monster they say you are, just because you rescued an underling like me" Luscas' expression changed from shame to relief. Surprised, perhaps that she could see through him. She was right all along. "I get it now. I am only a chance. A chance for you to prove you are not a monster. You rescued me against your own will just to send a message to those whom you are sending them to that you are not just an assassin, but that you have a heart."

        Luscas stepped back and straightened up, looking as though he had just been snapped at. "Luscas, I have heard about you for as long as I can remember. I had admired you, even though you were a monster. Though you not all that they say you are is true, I still consider it a blessing to have finally met you. I still consider you as a hero. A warrior who shows no mercy and goes against his own will to get the job done. I have always dreamed of the day I finally meet you. Now I am satisfied, not discouraged."

        Shelia could say no more. She could see that Luscas was getting anxious. He seemed to have never been confronted before, especially by any one as "low-class" as herself. Shelia was proud of what she said, but was curious as to how Luscas would react afterwards, whether he would snap or try to kill her. She was ready for any of that.

       Instead, however, Luscas began to chuckle, which turned into a laugh. Shelia pricked her ears up and straightened herself. Luscas looked directly into Shelia's eyes with....happiness. What was he thinking? "Do you know why all the little pups want to see me so desperately? It's only because they want to see my amazing powers. They want to be like me, having these cursed powers for their own purposes. They probably don't even care about what I truly think because, knowing that I am a monster, all I could ever think of is killing and hatred of all living things. They don't care about what I really am, who I am or what I intend. I am a monster. That's all that matters." He stopped laughing and closed his eyes. "I never would have thought that a being like you would care to even see through a monster like me. Would even care about what I truly think. And yet, here you are, exposing my own thoughts, risking your own life, in that case." He opened his eyes and calmly looked into hers once again. He really was happy, Shelia began to wag her tail.

     "You no longer see me as a monster. How do you see me, Luscas, the Assassin of the North, cursed by his father?" Shelia could not hold back her tears. Has Luscas really changed? Was he really going to let her get away with this? She was confident in what she had to say, no regrets, true from her heart. "Luscas. You are a warrior. You are dedicated to do the bidding of those higher than you, yet you dedicate yourself into changing what others think of you. You fight off your feelings to get the job done, yet you are still desperate to prove you self as not a worthy assassin, but a worthy being."

       The two looked at each other for a while, than Luscas sighed, letting out another chuckle, then turned around, heading West. "Come along, Shelia. We still have a long ways to go."

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