Short Stories

From living a dream to breaking the laws of physics, these short stories have in mind action, love, death, despair and hope. These realities are at the very least in the same world. I invite you, from the side of the previous story I'm progressing on, read what else was on my mind. many of these stories were from my dreams that were unfinished that I intend to finish right here and now.


4. Luscas-Chapter 4: The Truth

        An Assassin is one who works alone. One who takes orders from a private organization and kills whomever he is told. He could kill powerful members of rule, the innocent, even friends and loved ones. But Assassins are not suppose to have family of their own; no children, no mates. They cannot make friends with citizens and cannot leave witnesses alive. They are not suppose to make contact with a fellow citizen or betray their organization. Whomever they target, they kill. No questions asked as to why.

      An Assassin is an individual that only thinks of himself unworthy and does not decide for himself what he must do, but would rather do important work someone else assigns them. They don't care about being hated or liked, being the villain or the hero. They only care about getting the job done and working alone until the day they die. Life doesn't matter to them, do they rarely save any. 

     Shelia had been knocked out for three days. During those three days, she had been taken far away from her home and into the Mountains. Her wounds have been mended, though her front leg will have to take some extra time. An ointment had been applied to stop an infection. She was even taken to an icy river to cool down her feverish body and hopefully take out any smoke that was stuck in her system. She did not even think that would work, even with her being unconscious. One thing that shocked her was that she had not been killed.

      She had been saved by Luscas, a legendary Assassin. One who was destined to kill, rather then save. She could have been a witness. Why did he save her? Nevertheless, he was standing right in front of her now. Questions had still flooded her mind, but she had no intention to ask them. Luscas showed no harm to her. He treated her, saved her life and brought her here.

      "I know how you are feeling. I know you have many questions to ask." He said in a calm voice, then backed away. He seemed a little disturbed, as if an enemy were nearby. "But we must go. Come with me, and you will live." Shelia got up, tail still between her legs and slowly followed Luscas. What did he sense? No one else was around. "Y-you promise?" She asked him, knowing that wasn't the right question to ask. Luscas did not reply, and headed towards the trees. Shelia stood there for a moment. Was it right to go with an Assassin somewhere she had no intention to go to, even though she doesn't know? What did he plan? What made him want to go urgently?

        Shelia wasn't she if she wanted to trust him. Though he was an Assassin, he must have an enemy too. This must be serious. If he knows what he is doing, then it must be best to follow him. Besides, he did save her, so he must have a good reason to keep her alive. Shelia followed behind Luscas.

      The two walked on for a while, not saying anything to eachother. Shelia even knew it was not proper for her to ask questions about anything to him. She looked at his huge paws padding against the hard ground. It sounded like a bear. He was at least three times her height. How could he be silent and stealthy with huge paws and body? Then a thought had occurred to her; the breeze.

       Assassins are known to have certain abilities that give them an advantage. Did his have something to do with the wind? How can anyone even have such abilities? It was impossible. And where were his wings? Were they hiding? Were they what made him stealthy?

      Luscas suddenly stopped and pricked his ears, his fur bristled. Shelia stopped and looked at him. "Wha-""sh" He interrupted her. Shelia, confused and scared at his stance and guard, looked around and sniffed. No one was here. Did he know something? He stood there for a long moment, then without warning, grabbed Shelia by the scruff and jumped. Shelia screamed and whined at the pain on her neck. He landed on a higher place. Shelia looked down and realized that they were on a tree. How did he do that so quickly? And HOW did he do that?

      He stood there for a moment and was looking at something. "what are you looking at?" Shelia whispered. Luscas paused, then said "ravens." Goodness, of all things to be afraid of, the legendary Assassin was afraid of ravens? Sure enough, there was a flock of ravens flying towards them. She could hear their annoying caw. "They are just birds." She said, trying to calm him down. Then she thought of something. Why ravens? Does he know something? Of course he does, he is an Assassin.

        Luscas began to leap to the next tree without getting ready. The ravens spotted him and followed. "Damnit." He said and sped from tree after tree. The ravens did seem a little aggressive. As soon as they saw him, they cawed loudly and flew towards him. This chase seemed to go on for quit some time. Shelia was annoyed by him carrying her and going at a fast pace. She knew he could go faster. "Don't you have wings?" She asked loudly. Luscas continued to huff. "Who said I had wings?" He replied. Shelia was shocked. Oh, no. He didn't have wings like she was told he did. She began to wonder if all the stories she was told were true. He existed, but is he as great as she was told?

      "Can't you go any faster?" She asked him. "You can't handle the speed I can take. I am afraid it will rip you to shreds." He growled n reply. Shelia moaned at the pain. How long was this going to keep on? All this jumping and yanking. Shelia thought she felt blood begin to trickle down her fur. Shelia looked ahead of her to realize that they were heading towards a cliff. "Ah, Luscas!" She yelled, and he ignored her. Doesn't he know they are going to fall if this keeps up?

      For some reason, Luscas sped up toward the cliff. They were just a few feet away from the cliff when Luscas made a jump. "LUSCAAAAASS" Shelia yelled. Then the wind had grown stronger suddenly, making Shelia close her eyes. The next thing she knew, they was on the other side of the cliff. Luscas faced the other side, not running but breathing heavily. The ravens for some reason were not crossing the cliff. They stopped dead in their tracks and flew wildly around, avoiding the cliff.

       "Why did....did they stop?" Shelia asked him. Luscas put her down and the ravens once again. His expression was readless, but his gaze was as clear as death. "We crossed a border. The ravens cannot cross it. Think of it as a wall that only certain beings can cross." He replied, still breathing heavily. After a moment, he walked away from the birds. "Come on. We don't have a lot farther to go." Shelia looked at him as he walked. "Where are​ we going?" She asked as she got up and followed.

       "To my pack. They will know what to do with you." He said. His pack?​ "Wait! I thought Assassins traveled alone." She said, wondering what he mean't by pack. "I do." He said, then said no more.

        It all made sense to Shelia now. About Luscas. Sense he did not have wings, he must not have a dragon or beast form. He must not have a scythe. Maybe he did not possess any power after all as she was told. Maybe he was not great after all. So who is this Luscas really? And why was she told of lies?


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