Short Stories

From living a dream to breaking the laws of physics, these short stories have in mind action, love, death, despair and hope. These realities are at the very least in the same world. I invite you, from the side of the previous story I'm progressing on, read what else was on my mind. many of these stories were from my dreams that were unfinished that I intend to finish right here and now.


13. Luscas-Chapter 13: Conclusion

         Shelia began her travels months after her encounter with Luscas' father. She no longer saw herself as an underling or daughter of a chief who is long gone. She sees herself as a hero and a Messenger. It was all thanks to Luscas that she was now a different wolf. 

          She remembered the last she saw of him. After the lock up, Luscas was found wounded and tired, almost dead but still conscious. He had not spoken to anyone, not even his mother, who had finally transcended back to Heaven. She said her goodbyes and left without a single trace of her existence. Host, the Nameless Hunter and Ranus had continued their lives as Assassins with no masters, but ended the lives of whomever a threat to packs across the land. They did not consider themselves as heroes, though they knew that they were by others. The other two spirits that had accompanied Aria had also transcended to Heaven. Shelia did not know who they were, but she did not need to.

        As for Luscas, Shelia did not know what he intended to do. She does not know if he is still alive, though she had seen instant traces of him lurking about. If he was alive, he still would not show himself. He would go on, living the life of an Assassin and saving/taking lives. She knew it was best not to talk to him if she ahd ever seen him fully. But she would never forget him, nor would she ever intend to forget the day she had first laid her eyes on Luscas, the Assassin of the North. 

         It was up to Shelia on what she decided to do. Would she find another pack or village to live the rest of her life? As comfortable of a life that was, she thought that life was boring. It did not give her a purpose. Instead, she decided to spread the true story of Luscas. Whether or not others would believe her words, at least they heard the truth. She would now live in her own adventures with purpose.

         The red eyes that had gazed upon the villages had appeared once again, and Shelia was glad to see them. 

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