Short Stories

From living a dream to breaking the laws of physics, these short stories have in mind action, love, death, despair and hope. These realities are at the very least in the same world. I invite you, from the side of the previous story I'm progressing on, read what else was on my mind. many of these stories were from my dreams that were unfinished that I intend to finish right here and now.


12. Luscas-Chapter 12: Showdown

         Shelia stood on top of the rock, where she was assigned. Her legs were trembling under the realization of confronting the most deadly threat. What she was assigned to do was not as risky as she had thought, but death is a higher chance than living through this.

        The plans were clear; Luscas and Host were the attackers, Nameless Hunter and Ranus were spell-casters and Shelia, as inexperienced and weak as she was, had to be the one to close and lock the cast if it were preformed correctly. Shelia was taught how to do it, but she still felt unprepared for this.

        Dooms day was approaching, everyone thought as the sun had reached its highest point. It was said long ago that the devil would rise when an eclipse had shown in the 12th day of the 91st orbit. The ground and air around Shelia began to tremble at the sight of the moon partial show against the sun. It would take very long, but all of the preparations were made. This day would determine what would happen to the fate of the world, whether they would fail or not.

           Shelia looked at Luscas one last time before the moon would cast its full shadow. He was standing on top of a gorge close to where the devil would appear. His face eager to fight and defeat this monster, to soak his paws with the blood of his long forgotten and hated father. He was about to face his past, and would hopefully overcome it. The sky was becoming darker by the second, the time was almost upon them. The nearby birds began to flee from the area and the trees shuddered their leaves. Luscas was ready for this as he had unsheathed his scythe, which was what the white cloth wrapped around his left leg was. The bandage that had covered his scars from his past was covered by his deadly weapon. She could not see them very well, but she knew that they were still there after all this time. Black mist began to appear around him, meaning he was about to transform into the beast everyone thought of him as; the Black Horse.

         "Luscas." Shelia said, knowing he would not hear her. "I understand now. You only think of yourself as a monster because of your father. The hatred that had built up inside of your had been locked away for so long. Now, you are about to show me the hatred you had kept. The monster you were so afraid to reveal to any one...even me." As the sky had darkened, the area where the devil was going to appear from began to glow red and black, making a very low noise, so low Shelia had to fold her ears back and tremble. This was it; this was the day that she would either live or die.

        Lucifer, Luscas' father, intended to come out of the chains that had held him down for a long while. He had taken the form of many living things, one being the wolf that Aria had mistakenly loved. He had hoped to bring destruction once again, and had gathered allies to carry out his tasks, but with the help of the Assassins here, they had killed them all. Shelia was still confused on how and why Aria fell in love with him. Maybe she didn't? Could it be that she only wanted to bear a child from him because it was the only way he could be stopped? She was not sure, and pushed the thought aside as she readied herself.

       The lock used for the Demon Seal was actually a symbol on a scroll. It was in a different language, and she had no idea what the markings were or what they mean't. All she knew was how to use it; once the Nameless Hunter and Ranus had cast their Chain Spells, Shelia had to run towards the beaten down beast and touch it with the lock. The monster would then be cast back down to hell, and hopefully never come back. 

        This beast, at full health and size, was going to be too powerful for the chains to be cast onto it, which was why Luscas and Host had to fight it; Luscas with his true form and Host with his Death Blow, which is a scythe similar to Luscas' but is formed by the wind. Together, they should be able to bring down the beast, then the chain spells, than the lock. That was the plan. But how would Luscas handle this?

     The moon had finally cast its full shadow on the land. It was almost like night out here. Shelia was afraid of this darkness and the darkness that was coming. The white circle on the sky was indeed very beautiful, but it was also very dangerous. Shelia took a deep breath. Aria was next to her, looking at the eclipse as well. "Get ready. He is coming." She said. Shelia nodded and stood her ground.

     As soon as the shadow was cast, the area began to glow, a giant symbol appeared on the ground. Shelia gasped as a dark hole formed from the center, almost like it was a hole, or a portal of some sort. If anything was going to come out of there, it had to be him. The hole made a low noise even lower than before, making the ground tremor and crack. 

      Strings of black  began to shoot out of the hole. These strings began to curve around the hole as if it were a spider climbing out of a hole, but what came out was far more terrifying. The snake she had seen in her vision given by Aria. This snake, unlike others, had legs and the head of a snake, as if it were a serpent. Its eyes were blazing red and its teeth were white and huge. Its head came out first, than its legs, than body. It looked more like a dragon, but she could see the resemblance like that of a snake. "The Serpent of Hell. That is his true form." Aria said in a different voice. Shelia looked at her and saw that she looked different. She looked just like the angelic figure in her vision; white with silver and golden. The silver sash and wings. Was she alive this whole time? Or did she come back when Lucifer showed up?

       The monster was huge. Imagine a mountain and a beast climbing over it. That was how big this thing was. Shelia breathed heavily as the atmosphere began to change from cool air to burning hot and thin. "Stay where you are." Aria said as she walked in front of Shelia. "You know what to do. And whatever you do, do not look directly into his eyes when he sees you. You will turn into ash." She said, than flew away, her wings flapping and beautiful. Shelia nodded. She was right, she knew what to do. Considering the warning, Shelia did not even think about facing the monster herself.

      "Save us. Luscas." She whispered, looking at Luscas, who was looking more angry and fearful as ever. He took a few steps back before launching himself towards the beast's direction. His body began to slowly change, he no longer looked like a wolf, but something else. When he leaped from his rock, which was high off the ground, his body was no longer seen as it was surrounded by a cloud of black mist. The mist slowly formed into a giant horse with, indeed, red eyes. The horse neighed loudly and stood on its hind legs, showing its strength and power. "So this is what you really look like." Shelia said.

        The snake faced Luscas, its eyes widened with surprise and anger. Father and son, what would they do. "My son." The snake spoke in a some-what high and echoed voice. "You dare betray me. You dare CHALLENGE ME." The snake roared and launched itself towards Luscas, who had a scythe in his mouth. The two collided with a fearsome battle cry. Shelia cannot even describe how the two are fighting. Luscas swung his scythe and pushed while the snake dodged and attempted to bite. Shelia could also see Host at work, his wind scythe was almost invisible, but she could see the marks he was cutting into the snake's flesh. It seemed that Luscas was either a distraction or a trump card while Host weakened the snake with his blows. The snake swung around, trying to find Host, who was moving very quickly to dodge its glance. 

         The battle lasted for a long time, as did the eclipse. The time lapse on an eclipse was no longer than even five minutes. This one seemed to last for more than an hour. It showed no sign of movement or flicker. Shelia still stood there, waiting for her turn. How long was this going to last? How much strength did he have to lose before being locked? He took on a lot of cuts and attacks, but had healed instantly. Maybe he was growing weaker. He did seem to go slower by the minute. 

        After hours of fighting, when the three began to slow down from exhaustion, Luscas was finally able to pin down his father, who had struggled and taunted him. "How dare you. You can't." Luscas grunted and breathed heavily. Shelia noticed that he was slowly shrinking. Was he, too, growing weaker, losing power? Luscas growled, staring directly into his father's eyes. The two had a lot of similarities, their forms and powers. All of that was true, but Aria had told her that he had the body of his father, but the will of his mother. All he ever wanted was to be useful despite what he was. To been seen as a hero rather than a monster. He hated his mother for lying to him, but hated his father even more for being a monster. He would do anything to bring him down and save everyone. But he also wanted to be understood. Shelia was the one that had meant the most to him, probably the only one he would call family. 

        "I have waited a long time for this, you monster. I hated you from the very bottom of my soul. Now I thank you for releasing my hatred." Luscas said to the snake. "We would have made the world ours, Luscas. Think about it. All would be under our rule, and no one would defy us. We would have it all." The snake shouted. Everyone knew he was desperate for Luscas and his victory. He had lost. Luscas squinted his eyes. "There is no we. There never has been. You are not my father." Luscas replied in a calm voice. The snake's eyes widened with rejection and sadness. He was lost to his own son who had rejected him. Had he felt that much empathy in Luscas' trust?

         "NOW. DO IT." Luscas yelled. That mean't that it was time for the Chain Spells. The Nameless Hunter and Ranus had their scrolls in place and ready. The two said a series of words in a different language, than stepped back as the scrolls began to glow. The scrolls contained spells that could either lock a demon, kill it or summon it. 

         As its name says, chains began to shoot out of the scrolls and over the snake. Ranus' chains connected to the Nameless Hunter's scrolls, and the same went for his. Before the chains lowered, Luscas quickly escaped with the assistance of Host and Aria, who was flying around them during the entire fight. Her job was to fight off any demon that would shoot out of the hole the snake came out of that would interfere. Luckily, none did. Luscas had shrank back to his wolf form by the time the snake was pinned firmly to the ground. 

         The chains had wrapped themselves around the snake to have a better grasp at him, but he would overpower them eventually if he were not damned back down. Shelia gulped in fear and took the scrolls towards the snake. Not looking at his eyes, though he was not looking at her, she trotted towards him cautiously. She was about to lock the devil himself. 

           When she was only a few feet away from the snake, she slowed down and stopped close to his head, which was down and looking at her. She did not face him. "Be gone. You soul of the Devil." She said, than placed the scroll onto his head. She ran as soon as the symbol on the scroll began to glow. Aria grabbed her before the barrier could reach her. This symbol, or seal, was mainly based on its surroundings. Anything living caught in its diameter would be damned, innocent or not. 

          Shelia was blinded by a light that had shown on the snake, who had roared and hissed as he was being dragged back down his hole and into hell. The fight was over.

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