Short Stories

From living a dream to breaking the laws of physics, these short stories have in mind action, love, death, despair and hope. These realities are at the very least in the same world. I invite you, from the side of the previous story I'm progressing on, read what else was on my mind. many of these stories were from my dreams that were unfinished that I intend to finish right here and now.


10. Luscas-Chapter 10: The Angel

       A monster. The last thing Luscas had wanted to be. His father was a monster. Did his mother know about this? Was this why she had exiled him from the family? Was she herself a normal wolf or something else? 

       Luscas had found the answer to these questions at the verge of death by his own father. Just when he was about to be eaten, he was saved by a bright light that had quenched the snake of its darkness. The snake screamed a high pitch and faded, or at least was felled. The next thing Luscas saw was a white figure with wings standing right in front of him. 

       The scent of this mysterious female wolf figure seemed familiar, but more...celestial. A glimmer of hope had calmed Luscas of his fears. The wolf was indeed white with black markings on her legs, tail and head. Her wings were also white and largely feathered. She did not look back at him, but she was holding what looked like a white scythe. 

         Before Luscas was able to say anything, the wolf quickly turned around and grabbed Luscas by the scruff. He was not able to see her face because of how quickly she moved, but the black markings on her face had also seemed familiar. She pulled him from the roots, which had loosened when the snake was knocked off, and lifted off with him. He was terrified by the sight of the ground being farther away from him by the distance. He was in the air with a mysterious and yet beautiful wolf.

         Luscas looked down at the snake, who was still shaking its head from the blinding light, than was able to look up at him. Its death glare gave Luscas an uncomfortable feeling as it bared its teeth, looking more angry then it had been. The fire beast that was behind him roared when the snake did. "DAMN YOU. ARIA." The snake yelled as he had attempted to launch after them. 

         The white wolf was able to speed up to dodge the attack, but the snake was also quick to respond as he had grabbed Luscas' front left leg by its front teeth. Luscas screamed and howled by the unbearable pain of the snake's teeth sliding downwards against his flesh and biting harder as he fell. The white wolf noticed this and striked her scythe at the monster's head. It screamed as blood quickly flooded its face, making it lose its grip on Luscas, then let go.

           The snake crashed into the ground, shaking his head and growling. The white wolf was able to fly far enough for him to not launch another attack. But Luscas was more worried about the pain on his left leg. It was bleeding heavily, paralyzed and scarred. Who was this wolf? Why did she save him? Her scent suddenly became even more familiar to him, but it had an angelic aura. She could not possibly be...

            The two were able to escape the black clouds, followed by roots trying to catch them and failed. Luscas could see his home, the forest was covered in darkness. It was almost like a disease had infected the entire land, full of fear and agony. 'What? Who?" He could not even finish his own questions, and she did not bother answering them as she flew for many hours until they had reached a small cave in a cliff. The cave was dark and had the faint scent of vulture, but there were no signs of life. The white wolf landed inside and slowly put him down. Luscas quickly turned around to see the face of this figure, limping as he did so.

          Suddenly, the pain did not seem to matter anymore as he stared at the white wolf in shock and confusion. "M-Mother?" She had the same blue eyes, but she also had new sliver markings on her face, which she never had. Her black markings from before had expanded and she was even taller. Her wings were white with golden tips and she wore a silver lace around her neck. She even looked angelic, and further on, she was his mother. 

          She knelt down and licked his face, than his wounded leg, which continued to bleed until she lapped at it. The pain had disappeared as well as the bleeding, but the scar looked like it would last him for the rest of his life. "Mother...why...?" He was speechless; first he had realized that his father was a demonic snake, and now his mother is an angel. It all made no sense to him. 

        "Always remember that I love you, no matter what. I'm sorry." She said as she turned around. "W-wait! Are you going out there? Will you be coming back?" He asked her, too scared to ask about her. She looked back, her eyes filled with sorrow, and almost ready to shed tears. "I will find you. He will come and get you." Than she went back and flew away, leaving Luscas in his place. 

       Him? Who was she talking about? Surely she did not mean his father. "Mother! I-" Luscas was interrupted by his whimpering when the pain came back. He backed away from the entrance and leaned against the back of the den to lick his wound and watch the sunset. He was in the dark about so many things. Hopefully someone would come and explain to him.

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