Short Stories

From living a dream to breaking the laws of physics, these short stories have in mind action, love, death, despair and hope. These realities are at the very least in the same world. I invite you, from the side of the previous story I'm progressing on, read what else was on my mind. many of these stories were from my dreams that were unfinished that I intend to finish right here and now.


15. Agent X: The Mysterious Girl With the Medal Arm.

      It was May 15, 1886 when the Pering family had once again traveled back to their home in New York after a contest. Jean Pering, the head of the family, was a shoemaker, or some would call a "shoe stylist". His art work done on shoes was what caught the most attention, making him a valuable member of the Footwear Contest held twice a year. He made shoes for women who attended parties and dances, for men who are important business men and also endure style, and for children to enjoy. His family became wealthy as soon as he started his business.

      Mary Pering, Jean's wife, did what women in her state did; taking care of the kids and cleaning the house, domestic work. But she also had creativity that interfered with family income; she was a brilliant musician. Families who wanted their children to learn the instruments would pay her a fortune to teach them, and she gladly did so, even if it were worth a penny. She was happy to spread the joy of music and watching children learn. She had also supported the Women's Rights Movement, though she had not attended many of the meetings mainly because of the tasks and responsibilities she had to do.

      The Pering family consisted of six children, all women ranging from four-and-a-half to thirty-three. The oldest, Molly, was already married and had a family of her own in Maine, where she was rarely heard of by her family any more. The second, Catherine, being twenty-six, was also married, and lived in the same town as the rest of the family. She often visited for family birthdays or just to see them. The next two are twins, Sandy and Samantha, age of 20, both single and do almost everything together. They liked sewing and hanging with their friends. The second to youngest, Martha, was 14, who admired beauty and was always on the lookout for men her age. She was a chatter-box and was very social among other people even outside of the family. Finally, Elizabeth (or Eli) the youngest at five. She was always sick and required attention, but she loved to draw and was always shy. These six women all have their specialties, and have always stayed together.

       Mr. and Mrs. Pering along with Eli, Martha and Sandy had all returned back to their home. Samantha had stayed behind because she was job shadowing as a nurse in Kentucky. It was odd that she would do this without her twin sister, but Sandy had her own interest in becoming a performer. 

        After a long trip, the family had finally settled in, unpacking and already getting ready for bed, since it was night out and Mrs. Pering had to cook a quick meal before everyone went to bed. Little Martha and Sandy were helping her cut the vegetables when Mrs. Pering noticed that they were out of carrots. "Martha dear, could you go out and harvest four to five carrots about this big?" She asked Martha as she showed her how big she wanted them to be. Martha nodded and put on her shoes to go outside. 

        It was chilly, and thought the street lamps were on, it was still dark out. The family had a small garden consisting of, for now, carrots and lettuce. They will be planting tomatoes, peppers and possibly potatoes this time, if they did not rot. The back yard was only five acres mostly made up of grass and a few trees and a small pond. It was adoring to Martha to see the pond sparkle by the moon light. She could see a few ducks waddling about and dunking their heads into the water for aqua plants and stranded insects. 

        Martha bent down towards the existing carrots and picked out the ones she was asked to harvest. She could tell just by looking at the leaves what sizes they were. The soil was easy and the carrots were already loosened from the rain they apparently had yesterday. "Oh, my hands are already dirty. Can't have any dirt under my nails." She complained as she pulled a third carrot. 

     Seconds after she said that, she heard an odd noise behind her. She jumped by the sound of a snap, than an electrical-like pulse. She thought she had also saw a blue flashing light behind her before she turned around. She gasped when she saw the pond suddenly splashing. Was there another snake? What could have caused that noise and light? She stood there, startled and looking at what did not look like a long snake, but a person laying down on the shore. Had that been there before?

        Not knowing whether to wake the person up or to get her mother first, she had decided to slowly walk towards the figure, not making a noise and her three carrots carried in a small produce bag. She placed the bag down in case this figure would suddenly jump if she got too close. She was only a few feet away when she noticed a shining light coming from the right of the person. 

         She was close enough to see that this person was a woman. She could not tell of the age, but she was short compared to Martha herself. She had brown hair and wore a dark cloak with black travel boots that must be knee-high and dark pants. "What an odd outfit." Martha whispered. She could barely see her face, which was faced to the ground, but she could see that the shiny think from before was, in fact, what looked like an armored arm. She could not even describe how it looked herself, but it was rather odd and interesting. 

         Scared of coming closer, Martha ran, grabbing her carrots, to the house to get her mother. "Mother! Mother!" She yelled, bursting through the door and was too excited to remember her manners. Her mother was mixing broth when Martha came in. She had jumped as soon as the door opened. "Martha, how dare you burst into the house like that. You should know-" "Mother, I found a woman in our back yard on the shore! I don't think she is moving. You have to come and help me with her." She shouted, impatient for what her mother had to say. 

         Mrs. Pering stood there for a moment, processing what she had just heard, then swung the drying rag she had on her right shoulder onto a rack and followed Martha, not sure of whether or not to believe her. "You found a woman? Ridiculous. One should know better than to strand off into another property. Couldn't she have seen our borders?" She murmured to herself as she followed Martha to the pond. 

          Sure enough, the woman was still there, had not even moved an inch. Mrs. Pering had stopped short at the sight of the woman and looked surprised. "How can this be? It cannot be." She rushed to the young woman, keeping her distance. "Did you see her walking?" She asked Martha, who shook her head in reply. "No, but I did see a flash of light behind me, followed by a snap and shocking noises. I don't think she was even there when I first came out here for the carrots." Mrs. Pering listened as she knelt down to the woman, trying to see her face. 

         Mr. Pering later came to the scene after hearing Martha. "What is this I heard. Did you say someone was in our property?" He asked. He was wearing his brown robe with pale pants, meaning he was in the middle of getting ready for bed. He stopped next to Mrs. Pering, looking at the young woman's face. "Had she breathing?" He asked. Mrs. Pering paused. "She is breathing, but she had not woken up. Martha said she didn't see her hear before when she came out here." She said when Mr. Pering reached out his hand to touch the woman's right shoulder. Cautiously, he nudged her, harder each time. "Hello? Can you hear me? Wake up!" He kept saying, but she did not even open her eyes or speak.

        "Maybe she is knocked out? I don't see any wounds or bruises?" Mrs. Pering said. Mr. Pering rubbed his hand under his chin to think. "Most likely, but we cannot leave her here in this cold. I will carry her, but you make sure no one sees us." He said as he stretched out his arms to hold the woman. His attention was mostly on the shiny arm of hers. What is it? What was it made of? Armor?

       Mr. Pering was able to carry her on his arms and took her inside his house and onto the sofa. With the available light, they were able to see her face. She was indeed a young woman, maybe in her late teens or early twenties. She was short, maybe just above five feet. She wore a long, thin dark green trench coat that reached a few inches above her ankles. The coat was actually partially on, with her left arm covered in a sleeve and her right metallic arm exposed. She also had on under the coat a dark blue sleeveless shirt with a white scarf that surrounded her neck, only leaving it partially exposed. She also on dark grey pant that were the same fabric as blue jeans, tucked under black travel boots that almost reached to her knees and were folded. Who ever this girl was, she looked like she was not from here. Her face was smooth with a few scars, including a long scar that was carved across her left cheek. Her eyebrows were dark brown like that of her hair and looked serious, even with her eyes closed. Her hair was also dark brown, partially up and leaving several loose strands of hair, including loose bangs. She must be a traveler or a wild savage to look as messy as this. 

      Her right arm was cold from outside and was indeed made of medal, possible steel or some sort of other hard, strong medal. It looked almost robotic or engineered like those machines seen in factories. Was something wrong with her arm that she had to protect it with an armored sleeve? But it looked nearly impossible to stuff an arm under this, even trying to tuck her fingers under it seemed impossible. was her arm. What had this girl been through?

      Martha hid behind Mrs. Pering, who was carrying a bowl of warm water. "Will she be alright? She isn't hurt, is she?" She asked Mr. Pering as he swung a thick wool blanket on top of the girl. "I think she would be fine. She just needs rest and warmth, that's all." He answered, patting down the blanket to rid the air holes. "We aren't going to need a doctor?" She asked him. He shook his head. "Not necessary. She looks in bad shape, but has no injuries. Do not wake her up, but let me know if she does." He told her. Martha nodded.

       The family ate their dinner, keeping an eye on the girl who still lay there. Eli and Sandy were hyped by the look of her as well, always making up ridiculous theories that she was a pond monster in disguise, or maybe even a fairy. They can think what they want, but Mr. Pering knew just by looking at her that she had answers, and was very secretive about them. She just had to wake up.

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