Short Stories

From living a dream to breaking the laws of physics, these short stories have in mind action, love, death, despair and hope. These realities are at the very least in the same world. I invite you, from the side of the previous story I'm progressing on, read what else was on my mind. many of these stories were from my dreams that were unfinished that I intend to finish right here and now.


1. Luscas-Chapter 1: The Assassin of the North

            Every living soul lived their lives on. They walked along the roads, talked to each other and lived peacefully. Not even a hint of danger or despair glimmered in their eyes, but peace and norm. They know not of the world outside of them, the deep mysteries that could be solved or left to ruins. Mysterious as disappearances, deaths and unusual sights. The citizens of the Northern Civilizations have no regards of these events, but live on in life.

           No one wonders about mysteries. It is not in depth conversation, but blank in memory. They are not aware of the watchful eyes that stare into them day after day. These eyes could be the eyes of hope or the eyes of death. When one looks at them, they thinks of nothing but two spots of lights or fireflies. But this pair of eyes give some who look deeper a trembling discomfort. They cannot take their eyes off of the blood-eyed gaze that watches their every move, waiting for the moment. When one looks closer, the hidden figure stays and stares at them, making them back away and flee. These are the eyes of death. These are the eyes of a killer. These are the eyes of Luscas, the Assassin of the North.

          Luscas was no ordinary being, as legends say. Like everyone else, he was a wolf. He behaved, looked and sounded like a wolf. But his eyes give off a threat. Some call him the Devil's Curse, others call him the Night Stalker. He is most known for his past. The stories tell that he was the direct offspring of a demon and an angel. It explained his red eyes and his desire to kill, but little is known about his angelic side. They say he doesn't have one, and lives under a curse.

           His personality or abilities, if any, are unknown. Many would think he is dead until he makes a kill with a mark. His mark was a circle with a line crossing it diagonal. Didn't matter where, for when it came to unsighted kills, investigators would always look for marks. Luscas was not the only Assassin. but was the well known. He usually killed important citizens, such as council members, thieves, dictators and of the sort. He was seen as a hero and a villain. To him, it didn't matter, for he wasn't sure himself of what he was. An Assassin has no side, they do the work for the best of the citizens. Many want him dead, but none could kill him. He was stealthy, clever, nonvisible and determined.

           The last sighting of him was quite unusual. He had the same bodily characteristics, having black fur with white covering the majority of his face. His eyes were red with black slits like that of a snake. He had a long dirty-white strip of cloth wrapped around his left front leg. The sighting that was unusual was that he had a weapon. it looked similar to a scythe, but it was thicker and had some sort of red force coming out of it. A spy was watching him while he was making a kill and reported it after escaping death.

          What this scythe was, no one knew. It was a mystery, and it didn't matter. But others are wondering who Luscas really is, and if there was a way to stop him. Of course, no one really puts the effort into the investigation, for they want nothing to change their daily lives. Let him do what he wants, and he can't possibly hurt us because we as peaceful are not worth the kill, as they often say. As much as everyone wants to believe that, they are completely mistaken. Luscas had killed the innocent before, even if they were as lowly as a blacksmith or a Beggar. Could it be because they were witnesses? Or did someone he was working with know something about them? Was his killings for the common good or just because? Everyone knew Luscas existed, but let the topic go.

          Ever since the last sighting of Luscas, there had been less of his kills. After a month, he was gone. Knowing that Luscas was an Assassin that everyone keeps hearing about, his disappearance was a concern. Those who had blessed him for his work had began to talk about it and make up several theories. Is he dead or alive? If he were dead, someone else must be trouble to us. If he were alive, he must be on a special mission and had forgotten about us. Those who had hated him had completely taken the topic off of their minds and smiled. A killer is gone, so why should it matter after what he had done?

         Several years had gone by, and still, nothing of Luscas. It was concluded that he was dead, though there was no evidence to support that. Everyone was fine with that, one less thing to worry about. His existence became a topic worth talking about to the young ones. The ones who told them these stories usually claimed to have seen Luscas so the listeners would grow interested. They had always made stuff up, like fighting him, seeing that he could transform into a beast and breathed fire. None of this was true, but the young ones believed it and loved hearing about him.

         So where is Luscas? Could he truly be dead? Or could he still be living on and plotting a mission? And just who is he exactly? Is he the devil everyone sees? Or could he be something more?   





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