New World

Melanie and Emma along with Patten and Holter returned to the real world leaving their dragons in Narnia, until Aslan would change the world forever - magically moving Narnia into the real world. The four Kings and Queens are faced with ruling a kingdom while also trying to live every day life.

(P.S if you haven't read the previous books read those first, it starts with New Kingdom then New Dawn. Most of the characters are ours, all the others we are just borrowing.)


4. What is going on?


It all happened over night. First an earthquake hit our town. We hid under tables and under other objects. "Does this happen often here?" Holter asked hovered over me protectively. 

"No!" The birds from this morning, being disturbed by the commotion, were going nuts outside. The TV, which had been left on, broadcasted  news on the earth quake. The news anchor was in a panic saying the earthquake was happening world wide. A couple pictures hanging on the walls fell down, and Stephanie screamed.  

It lasted for another half hour before it stopped mysteriously. Mom turned the TV up frantically. Jeremy had to calm her shaky hands. The news guy was no longer panicked but relieved. Luckily nothing was broken- literally throughout the world, miraculously nothing had been damaged. Mom released a relieved breath. 

"You kids should go to bed. It's been a wild day." Emma and I didn't argue but went straight to bed after saying good night to Holter and Patten, who left to go to their apartment. Tomi was staying the night, and was sleeping in Emma's room. 

The morning was no less crazier. "Girls you should come see this?" Mom yelled, waking us all up. She turned up the sound as we rushed to the living room. A satellite image showed of the Pacific ocean with a giant land mass in the middle. "This is got to be some kind of news prank." 

/Melanie, meet us fast, we need to go!/ Jura exclaimed in my mind. I looked at Emma, and she nodded, probably having received the same message from Maulduen.

"Yeah, just some news prank; anyway mom, can Melanie and I drive Tomi home?" Emma asked grabbing the car keys. We piled into the car before receiving an answer. "Whats going on?" Emma asked us, weaving between cars as fast as she could without getting pulled over. 

"How are we supposed to know, we are just as confused as you are." Tomi said watching the colorful birds following us. 

"Do you think Holter and Patten got the message?" Emma asked.

"Hopefully." I said as we turned down the dirt road heading toward the dragons. We screeched to a stop and jumped out of the car. 

"What's going on?" Emma asked placing a hand on Maulduen's snout. 

Maulduen spoke aloud, his voice deep and haunting, "We need to go." 

"Go? Go where?" I asked, Maulduen was about to reply when Holter, Patten, and Hutch ran up to us. 

"I don't think we really have the time to ask questions. Soldiers are being sent to investigate the new land." Holter said as Julionna came up behind him, her red scales glimmering. Emma nodded, her face set in a excited smile. 

"Alright; lets go then." I said climbing onto Jura's back. Emma helped Tomi and Hutch get onto Maulduen as Patten got on Romnly and Holter got on Julionna. We took off to the skies. 

"Mom's gonna be so mad when she finds out about this." Emma said over the rush of wind. I laughed.

"Either mad or very proud." I laughed. I urged Jura faster. We flew fast for hours, stopping to give the dragons a break every so often. /What is this new land?/ I asked Jura as we flew again. She looked back at me. Her lips curling back into what I knew was a smile.

/Narnia!/ My eyes grew wide as the land came into sight. We landed near the shore. A tingle of magic crept on my skin. I stooped down and cupped dirt in my hand. Emma did the same. 

"Narnia. But how?" I asked.

Emma smiled, "Aslan. This was his plan." She ran over to Patten before kissing him lightly. I smiled looking at the land; Jura clawed over toward me before nudging me lightly with her muzzle. 

"Look, there's a boat." she said, I followed her gaze to find an empty raft. 

"Crap, they are already here." Hutch said setting one hand on Tomi's lower back. 

"Well, lets not stand here looking at the stupid thing and actually go find those men," Holter said walking toward the boat followed by Julionna. I shrugged at Emma before following after Holter. 

The forest dark, the sun only casting light through the slight break between the tree's. It was easy to follow the men from the boat since they paved a path through the thick underbrush. "They were just here around an hour or two ago, their scent is still new." Romnly said jumping out from between a couple trees. 

"That's good, they haven't been here long, which they won't have stake'n a claim yet." Emma said picking up her pace.

We walked for another thirty minutes, and the sun was starting to go down; that was when we started to hear voices. We all got ready, it occurred to me that all of us forgot any type of weapon; except for Patten, who had a knife. Of course we had the dragons, and they could tear through an entire army like it was nothing, but weapons still helped. "Who's doing the talking?" Tomi asked. 

"Doing the talking?" I asked looking at her. 

"Yeah, the talking; there are a bunch of us, and all of us trying to explain ourselves would be a train wreck." she explained. 

"How about you?" Emma asked looking at me, "You negotiated in Narnia for us the most; and it would be smart if I didn't talk - you know how angry I can get." I nodded, swallowing slightly. Everyone nodded in agreement and I prepared on what to say to whoever was on our land. 

Around ten more minutes and we came upon the group. "Hello!" I exclaimed as we came into their little camp sight. There was around 10 men, all of which jumped up, guns in their hands pointed at us as we came into the fire light. 

"What the f-" 

"Excuse us, but you are on our land." I cut the man off, standing as though I was at the castle in front of the entire city. Another man began to say something but I cut him off again, "I am Queen Melanie, this is my sister High Queen Emma, her fiance High King Patten, and King Holter; along with our companions and protectors. You are on our land."

​Hesitantly one of the men came forward, gun slightly pointed at us. "Your land?" 

I smiled "Of all the things you could ask, you ask that?" I asked. "This is our land, Aslan gave us rule over it. Now, we will let you stay here for tonight, but as soon as morning comes you guys are out of here." 

"We aren't taking orders from some little girl and her friends." The main guy said, then Jura crawled out of the shadows behind me as did Julionna. 

"How about us then? or will we have to eat you?" Jura asked the startled men. 

"How in the world-" 

"If you would stop pointing guns at us then we could explain a bit better." Holter said and Patten blinked startled. 

"Guns? They have guns?" he asked and Emma went to go hold his hand. 

"Can't you see?"

"Actually no, I can not see thank you very much." Patten said then pointing off to the woods he sarcastically said, "And you sir aren't very nice." 

"Over there honey," Emma said moving his arm so Patten was pointing at the man instead of the woods. I held in laughter, trying not to smile. The men all looked toward the one in the middle, who gave a slight nod before they all lowered their guns slowly. 

"I don't really know what to say-" the man began looking around at my companions, "Where did you guys come from?" I walked farther into their camp sight, Holter stood next to me crossing his arms, I could tell he was flexing to intimidate the men. 

"Story time anyone?" I asked smiling. Emma and Patten sat down followed by Tomi and Hutch. Jura crawled to lay behind Holter and I while Romnly took a spot behind Emma and Patten. "Lets begin." And with that we began to tell our story to the soldiers.       

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