New World

Melanie and Emma along with Patten and Holter returned to the real world leaving their dragons in Narnia, until Aslan would change the world forever - magically moving Narnia into the real world. The four Kings and Queens are faced with ruling a kingdom while also trying to live every day life.

(P.S if you haven't read the previous books read those first, it starts with New Kingdom then New Dawn. Most of the characters are ours, all the others we are just borrowing.)


9. School sucks


No matter how much we begged, mom still made us go to school. Reluctantly we went, Emma driving the car while I was in the passengers seat. There was a huge crowd outside the school with cameras flashing at every car that passed. We parked at the very back of the parking lot and walked toward the school. We shoved through the gathered group of people to see Stephanie standing among several reporters answering questions, looking directly at the cameras on her face.  

"Yeah, I'm definitely a queen of Narnia like my sisters." I heard her say as we approached. Emma scoffed and every head turned to look at us, first in confusion, then in awe before they all swarmed around us leaving Stephanie. "Hey!" she cried stomping her foot like a child. 

"Queen Emma, Queen Melanie! Over here!" they flashed their cameras in our faces, and I could tell Emma was getting sick of it. 

"Excuse us. We have to get to school." Emma pushed passed them and into the building. I followed behind ducking every microphone. Once in the building the principal shut the door on the reporters.

"Your Majesties," She began, bowing, we stopped in front of her. All the kids in the school stopped to take pictures of us. "If there is anything you need, just ask." I rolled my eyes searching the halls for Holter. He was next to his locker and I barged through the crowded hallway toward him, leaving Emma to deal with the principal.

"Hey babe," I said getting up on my tippy toes to kiss him on the cheek.

"Hi - isn't this crazy?" he asked nodding his head toward everyone taking pictures of us. I laughed nodding. We went to class and I spent all day signing autographs and taking pictures with everyone.

During lunch I found Emma, sitting at a table, warning all who passed with her eyes not to approach. "Having fun, Queen Emma?" I asked jokingly. Emma gave me a look as I sat down next to her. Holter had gone to pick Patten up from College, and then he was skipping the rest of the day, so I was stuck here at school with Emma and the paparazzi.

"As much fun as I can have with these people prying on everything and anything I ever do or say," she said taking a bite of her lunch. Tomi budged through the crowd surrounding our table and sat on Emma's other side. 

"You would think that I would get asked more questions, but I'm not." both Emma and I laughed at her pouty face, and camera's went off. I scanned the room to see Zach trying to comfort Stephanie, as no one was paying her any attention now that we were here. Serves her right. /I wish you were here to block everyone from getting to me/ I said to Jura and I could feel her humor through the bond. 

/Maulduen would be more effective for that, or even Julionna/ I rolled my eyes.

Lunch ended and we went back to classes - which were basically pointless because the teachers either gave us no homework or did nothing but ask questions the entire hour.  

At the end of the day all the reporters were still there and I contacted Jura again, seeing that Emma and I couldn't get to Emma's car without being trampled by paparazzi. /Jura? Could you come pick me up?/ 

/Of course./ she answered. Not long after we heard a harmony of roars before Jura and Maulduen landed around Emma and I, shielding us from the prying cameras. Maulduen towered over the school while Jura looked like a baby dragon compared to him. Ignoring the reporters we climbed on our dragons and flew home. 

"We should probably take a trip to Narnia." I said once we landed. 

"We should, but its a school night." Emma said. 

"So? We are Queens, we don't have to go to school, and its not like any of the teachers gave us homework anyway." Emma gave me a doubtful look. 

"I'm completely done with the press." Holter said hugging me from behind. I laughed looking up at him.

"What happened?" I asked. 

"Lets just say that guy will have a black eye for awhile." I hit his arm.


"I'm sorry he just came up behind me and it was my natural response." He put his hands up. I watched Emma go inside after patting Maulduen's long claw and walk inside. 

"I think we just need to keep you in Narnia." I said kissing him. 

"Should we go tonight?" He smirked.

"My mom would kill me." I smiled up at him. "Lets do it." Emma came back outside with Patten in enough time to hear me suggest it and gave me a disapproving look.

"At least ask mom first," she said and I sighed. 

"Fine." I said before pulling Holter into the house before asking mom if we could go to Narnia for "official" work. She agreed and we quickly ran outside before mounting Jura and Julionna. Jura quickly nuzzled Maulduen before we took off. 

The sun was long set by the time we got there and we were greeted at the gates by the staff before going to our wing of the castle. 

"This place is amazing." I said.

Holter kissed me. "You're amazing." 

"And you're cheesy." I laughed. We ended up spending  the night in Narnia.

The pole was so clear just like it was those many years ago. My dreams had ceased long ago but with the magic of Narnia flowing around me they were brought back. The long wooden post in the middle of the street. The manacles cutting at my wrists. The sting of the whip on my back sent me into a frenzy of screams and thrashing all through the night. It was like I was there all over again. I just couldn't wake up as the whip cracked again and again. Starving and bleeding to death in a muggy cell.

"Melanie! Melanie wake up!" I was ripped from my dreams back to my bed in Narnia. Holter's face was over mine, his look of concern broke my heart. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled my face to the crook of his neck. My skin was sweaty against his.

"Memories again?" He rubbed his hand up and down my back trying to calm my quaking.

"I -I was back at that place." I said shakily. 

"I'm hear. It's ok, I'm hear, always." He kept rubbing my back which seemed to help. He helped me lay back down and snuggled against me. I took his scent and my breathing eventually slowed. The room seemed colder than it previously felt. "I think you should skip school tommorw." I could only nod as I fell back asleep on his shoulder. 

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