New World

Melanie and Emma along with Patten and Holter returned to the real world leaving their dragons in Narnia, until Aslan would change the world forever - magically moving Narnia into the real world. The four Kings and Queens are faced with ruling a kingdom while also trying to live every day life.

(P.S if you haven't read the previous books read those first, it starts with New Kingdom then New Dawn. Most of the characters are ours, all the others we are just borrowing.)


5. Midnight Talk with a UN Soldier


The 'story time' as Melanie called it, took longer than expected. It would have taken maybe an hour or so if not for the men asking questions every five seconds, and they still weren't done. "How old are you?" The men's leader, who we found out was named Sam asked. 

"That depends on how you look at it," Patten started, his blind eyes staring blankly ahead; if it was creeping the guys' out they didn't say. "In Narnia, us four-" he gestured to Melanie, Holter and I, "- are over 200 years old. Those two-" to Tomi and Hutch, "- are in their teens to early twenties." 

"How was this continent created?" another asked. 

"Aslan." I answered, playing the the ends of my hair, "He created everything in Narnia." 

"But this isn't Narnia; its Earth." Sam cut in gesturing around himself at the earth. 

"Yes, it is; and it would seem that Narnia is leaking into the real world - as it has been for awhile. You could say Narnia is just a new continent." Tomi said. As the soldiers began to bicker again, I contacted Maulduen to see where he was along with Julionna. Sadly they were too big to land in the small clearing the men from the UN made. It turns out that they were flying over the new continent, finding civilization in multiple areas; including a city - a city! 

/It even has a castle; almost like the old one but more modern lookings./ Maulduen explained to me and I smiled leaning into Patten a bit farther. 

/Home./ I replied and I felt Maulduen's silent agreement.

Turning my attention back to the group of UN soldiers I remembered that we left mom and Jeremy to wonder where we were. They were probably sick with fear that we hadn't contacted them. "Do any of you have a satellite phone?" I asked. Sam nodded digging through his bag before handing me the phone. I thanked him before calling my mom. 


"Hi Mom-" I began before she cut me off. 

"Where the heck are you! Jeremy and I have been freaking out; I was just about to call the police!" 

"Calm down mom. We are safe, and on the new continent-"

"The new continent!" she cut me off again, and I had to hold the phone slightly away from my ear as she screeched at me. 

"Yes mom - we will explain everything; but I have to go. I love you." 

"Emma Vallory Watson! Don't you dare hang up on -" I hung up taking a deep breath, dreading having to explain this to her when we get back. 

"Everything alright?" Patten asked kissing my temple. 

"I'm assuming that you could hear her." I said just above a whisper, though with his hearing it probably sounded like a normal volume "The whole world is freaking out, and we have to deal with it." 

"We will get through it; I promise." He said and I nodded before handing the phone back to Sam. 

"Thanks again." than to Melanie, "Mom is freaking out, I'll go back tomorrow and explain everything to her." The soldiers looked back and forth between us confused. I could care less if they heard; our lives would be out in the open soon enough if what I assumed to be happening was going to happen. The world would know about our lives, and we would be put in the spotlight. Hopefully Patten was right and we could get through it. 

"We could just bring her and Jeremy here-"

"That would also mean bringing Stephanie, and I don't really think that would be a wise thing at the moment." I cut Melanie off as my hand found Patten's.

"I'll go with you." Patten said rubbing circles on my hand with his thumb. I reached up and grabbed his chin; squeezing it slightly before pulling his face down to kiss him. I knew what he was saying though. Narnia was in the real world, and in Narnia, I was tortured when I was ever left alone. I had nightmares about those long days; and I would be lying to myself if I said that I didn't want him to come. I was scared. Breaking the kiss I sighed opening my eyes. "Sleep Emma; we will go in the morning, but you need to rest." 

I nodded closing my eyes again, scooting down to lay my head on Patten’s lap. He started to play with my hair and lightly rubbing my forehead and temples. I fell asleep quickly, listening to the UN soldiers and my family talk more.

I leapt up, sweat covering my body, a silent scream falling from my lips. Looking around I found everyone asleep, the fire was still crackling in the center of the camp. Running a hand through my hair I tried to calm my racing heart. “What’s the matter Your Majesty?” Sam asked, and I jumped at his voice. He was laying against his bags and some blankets.

“Just a nightmare.” I answered him, hoping I didn’t look too startled from the dream.

“I know you say you are over 200 years old, but you look around my daughter’s age – she gets nightmares all the time.”

“You have a daughter?” I asked crossing my legs under me; Sam nodded moving to look through his bags.

“Yeah, she is 17 – I love her more than anything.” He said standing before walking over to me and handing me a worn picture. The picture was of a much younger Sam and a baby girl. I handed the picture back to him. “I carry this picture everywhere I go; that and my father’s dog-tags.” I didn’t say anything, didn’t know what to say. “How did King Patten go blind?”

“That’s a long story that I don’t want to get into; it started with a fire when he was a kid.” I answered and Sam nodded walking back to his belongings.

“Elves and Dragons are real?” he asked and I chuckled slightly.

Gesturing back to Romnly and toward Jura, “If this isn’t proof, I don’t know what is. Yes there are elves, and many other species that many thought were just made up.” Sam huffed once looking at the dragons.

“What happened to your skin and hair – I assume you weren’t born looking like that.”

“A witch tried to kill me with a poison arrow, thankfully my proctor was there.” I explained pulling up my sleeve to reveal the black veins.

“Is that what your nightmare was about?” Sam asked and I shook my head.

“No; if that was all that happened to me I would have been completely fine. No, what I was dreaming about was much worse than that witch.” Visions of my dream danced in my head and I blinked a couple times, mentally pushing the pictures away.

“How are you still sane? I watched you for a while, before you woke up, and you were tossing and turning pretty hard. For whatever happened to you, you hold yourself very well.” I gave him a look, but he wouldn’t meet my gaze, his hands playing with the grass nervously. “Sorry for the questions Your Majesty; I’m just very confused.”

“My life is confusing, I ask myself that same question though. The answer of how I am still sane would be him,” I started looking down at Patten, who was turning in his sleep. “My sister, my dragon, and her-“ I gestured to Tomi.

“Your dragon?” Sam asked eyebrows furrowed together in confusion. “Isn’t the one behind you yours?” I shook my head.

“Maulduen can’t fit in this little clearing, he’s too big. Julionna couldn’t fit either, so they are off somewhere else at the moment.” Sam took a shaky breath in and I laughed.

“Did you think that there were only two dragons?” even without finishing the question Sam was nodding. “Don’t worry; the dragons won’t hurt you, at least not if you don’t hurt any of us.”

“Well, this must be a baby dragon if it can fit here. And they can talk?”

“No she is not a baby, just small. And yes, though Maulduen doesn’t talk aloud very often, it scares too many people when he does.” I could tell it was hard for Sam to understand because his mouth kept opening and closing like he wanted to say something, but couldn’t find the words. “He is a very powerful dragon.”

“A powerful dragon for a powerful queen I suppose.” He mumbled under his breath.

“I don’t know how powerful I am, but my sister is just as powerful, or even more so. So is Patten and Holter.” I said, then with a laugh added, “Holter’s title is King Holter the Strong.”

“You all have titles?” Sam asked then shaking his head added, “I have so many questions, it’s not even funny how much I want to know.”

I nodded biting the inside of my cheek. Patten rolled over, bumping into me before inching closer, his arm sliding across my lap. He hummed and I laughed silently as he felt how I was sitting. “Why are you up?” Patten asked, his voice groggy, his words strung together.

“I had a nightmare.” I said playing with his hand, right as the word ‘nightmare’ left my lips Patten jumped into a sitting position, his hands running up my body to find and cup my face.

“Are you okay?” he asked, his hazed over eyes staring over my head. “Why didn’t you wake me up?”

“I’m fine, and Sam is up – I was just talking to him.” At the mention of Sam, Patten pulled slightly away, his head turned slightly so one of his pointed ears was toward Sam.

“Hmm,” Patten hummed and I laughed slightly.

“We were just talking about my daughter, and I had some more questions, Your Highness.” Sam said, his voice a bit shaky, as though he was afraid of Patten. Patten’s frown turned into a smirk, and I realized he heard the fear as well. Gripping Patten’s arms, I squeezed slightly in a warning to be nice.

“I see.” He said, and I sighed as the words didn’t sound threatening. That’s another thing that changed with Patten since we came back from Narnia; he was a lot more protective of me than before. It was probably because I had PTSD and that he just wanted to make sure I was okay. He had a hard time too though, so we were both helping and protective of one another. “What’s your daughter’s name?”

“Magen, sir, she just turned 17 this last fall.” Sam said, and I could tell he was trying to act at ease. If you were to look at Sam and Patten, most would probably guess that, just by their appearances, that Sam was older, and wiser; man would they be wrong. Patten had a lot more experience than anyone on this earth. I guess I did too in a way, but I still acted like an 18 year old in high school. Patten acted his 200 something age around people that looked older than him. I guess it was a way to show he was more dominate than everyone else.

“How old are you?” Patten asked pulling me into his lap as he leaned against Romnly.

“37, Your Highness.”

“I remember when I was 37; it was a little after Emma and Melanie left Narnia the first time.” Patten said tightening his arms around me, as though he feared that I would vanish from him again. I will never know how hard that 100 years alone was for him.

“You two were separated?” Sam asked and I nodded.

“Queen Melanie and I had to leave, it was very unexpected.” I explained. We were silent for a few minutes, and I listened to the wind brushing through the trees, and the birds and other creatures. It was peaceful, so untouched by this world; it was beautiful. “Do you know what time it is?” I asked Sam, breaking the silence.

Digging through his bags, Sam pulled out a small clock, “4 in the morning eastern time.” I nodded yawning.

“Go back to sleep.” Patten whispered in my ear, brushing a soft kiss on my jaw.

“I don’t think I can.” I whispered back, the dream was still fresh in my memory.

Patten sighed kissing my jaw again, “Try,” then he started to hum a Narnian lullaby, one that he would sing to me every night that I had a nightmare; whether it be over the phone or in person. I closed my eyes, taking a deep breath through my nose; Patten’s sent pulled at me, and I hummed along softly before falling asleep.

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