New World

Melanie and Emma along with Patten and Holter returned to the real world leaving their dragons in Narnia, until Aslan would change the world forever - magically moving Narnia into the real world. The four Kings and Queens are faced with ruling a kingdom while also trying to live every day life.

(P.S if you haven't read the previous books read those first, it starts with New Kingdom then New Dawn. Most of the characters are ours, all the others we are just borrowing.)


6. It has running water!!!


The castle was just as big as the last one but much more clean. The walls were a normal stone but every few feet you could see a lamp sticking out of the wall or lamp posts lined up along the road. A smile grew on everyone's face as we landed inside the court yard. A door slammed over to our right. Out came several servants and some advisers of ours that I recognized from when we were last in Narnia. They didn't look any older than when we left, perhaps time in Narnia moved along the same as ours. 

"My Queens, my Kings." They all said with a bow. A male adviser, Ronan, stepped forward.

"We are pleased you made it safely. We were afraid you wouldn't know we were here." he smiled, straightening up. 

"It's hard to miss when this place is all over the news." Tomi said. Confusion flashed over Ronan's face briefly. 

"We met a few outside people investigating this place. Do you know of any troubles with visitors?" Emma said getting down to business.  

Ronan's smile faded, "Yes, actually there have been many complaints about metal boats at the docks and large metal birds flying around. These are just from nearby villages, we have not yet heard from anyone on the southern part of the kingdom. A lot of people are scared and confused." I looked at Emma.

"How much of Narnia has changed?" 

"I do not know. One night there was a loud roar that ripped through the land. The next thing I knew I was in a new castle." Ronan shrugged folding his arms. "A warning would have been nice." 

"So if this is a new castle, how many other buildings are new? Did people just appear in different houses that they don't know?" Emma showed a face of concern. 

"It appears in the village not far from here the people woke up in their homes, everything was the same except something was off. The people there are confused and I'm sure so is every other person in Narnia." 

"We should head over there and try to straighten things out best we can." Emma nodded at my suggestion and climbed on Maulduen. I hopped on Jura and we fly over to the village. As soon as we landed the people swarmed us spitting out questions left and right. It was so noisy I couldn't even think straight. 

"Quiet!" Jura yelled and the whole village went silent. "Thank you." Jura boosted me up so the people could see me. 

"Please listen. We don't know what is going on or why you are here but we promise to help make things better." Their voices rose above mine again. 

"Listen!" Emma spoke up, the crowd fell in silence out of fear, even though Emma didn't even yell. "We will get things straightened out." Emma, Patten, Holter, and I split up and went around the town addressing everyone's concern. Most of the questions where the same 'What is going on?' 'Why would Aslan send us here?'. One person was concerned about the farmers who lived outside of town. Jura and I flew around town accounting for every house and person who lived in the area. It seemed everyone was accounted for and there houses and land was the same. It took us all day but eventually we put the towns peoples' minds at ease. The sun began to set when we landed outside the castle again. Ronan greeted us with a bow. 

"Your Majesties look tired. I have found this new castle to be quiet interesting and I hope it suits you." We followed him inside. "I managed to piece together where your rooms are by your belongings." He showed us our individual rooms. Alone, I searched through my closet. It was full of the most beautiful ball gowns and other clothes. Every article of clothing I could think of was in there, and they were all modern fashioned. I changed into a simple floral dress that went to my knees. I found my bow and quiver and my crown. My room had it's own bathroom. When I walked in I was surprised by how modern it was. A shower, hot tub, toilet, and sink were all there. I turned the sink on and ran my hands under the water. 

"Oh my gosh! Emma!" I ran to Emma's room. She jumped as I burst in ."Emma!" She was sitting on her bed running her hand over one of her swords. "Emma guess what?!"

"What! What is so important you had to give me a heart attack?"

"There's running water!!!" I jumped on her bed studying the large chandelier that hung from the ceiling. My mouth hung agape. "And electricity!" 

Emma laughed sheathing her sword, "You just realized that now?" I shrugged as she stood up and walked over to her closet. She came back a moment later in a long sleeved baggy black shirt and spandex. "Aslan really went all out with this stuff - these are the best quality, the best everything," I laughed as she sat down next to me. 

"Well, we are queen's of Narnia, we deserve the best." Emma motioned around the room.

"I wonder what else is modernized here." I set off to explore the castle. The kitchen was so elegant. There were several refrigerators, ovens, pantries with all the food I could ask for. A chef greeted me before hurrying back to work preparing the meals. There was a large sitting area and a few rooms down a living room complete with a massive flat screen T.V. Of course I ran to the couch and turned it on. News about the new continent was the first thing I saw. People outside were just as scared and confused than the people inside. 

Emma and Patten walked into the living room before sitting down on the couch beside the one I was on. "We need to make an announcement to the world," Emma began after watching a couple minutes of the news feed, "tell them what is going on, tell them that we are the kings and queens - and set some rules." I nodded in agreement while watching Patten. His head was down, his hazed eyes staring straight down seeing nothing; Holter and Patten had gone back to looking more elvish since Narnia was back, their features now looking like the inhuman's they were. 

"But how do we do that without a broadcasting station?" Patten asked tilting his head slightly. 

"We could go to the different countries, land in the most influential areas and start talking," Emma suggested turning the sound down on the TV so we could talk a bit better without the distraction. "The news would spread fast - faster than we could do on our own." 

"That sounds like a great idea," Holter said sarcastically from the doorway, making me jump a little, I wasn't expecting him to be there, "land in the most influential, heavily guarded places on earth; you forget, that people here have guns and could shoot on site." 

I nodded, "Holter is right, they could shoot at the dragons - that would be disastrous." Patten shrugged, his eyebrows furrowed slightly as he thought it over. 

"You are right though," Holter began again, walking farther into the room before sitting next to me, "it would be the quickest way to spread the word." 

Patten lifted his head before leaning against the back of the couch, setting his ankle on his knee, "I'm in -"

"Of course you are," Emma cut him off, adjusting her seating also so she was cross-legged. 

"I am in," Patten said with a sigh, "because we can't just wait for the world to come knocking on our doors, asking if they can come in. They wouldn't do that anyway! They are scared, confused, and in situations like this every country in this world is extremely dangerous. Taking it to them first is a way to dodge the bullet; we can explain what is going on while also making it clear that we are the rulers of this continent and no one else." 

"I agree; its the easiest way Emma." I said before biting the inside of my lip. 

"Alright, I see where you two are coming from; but we are risking our lives by doing this-"

"It wont be the first time any of us have done that." Patten cut in. 

"I'm in if you're in," Holter said looking at me. 

She scrunched her nose, clenching her eyes close while thinking it over, and I prayed to Aslan that she would say yes. "Fine." I smiled. 

I was about to say something when she began talking again, "I get America though; I want to scare the shit out of the president." I laughed and we all agreed. 

We talked for a while longer before Ronan knocked on the door to the living room, "Dinner is ready, Your Majesties." 

"Thank you Ronan," I said standing, followed by Emma, then the brothers. Ronan lead us into the dining room where the largest meal I had seen in a long time was waiting on the table. 

"All your favorites," Ronan said with a bow; I smiled over at Emma before walking quickly to the food. And indeed, it was all our favorites, steak for Emma, a chicken salad for Patten, stew for Holter, and meatloaf for myself. 

"Well, I'm tired, and stuffed," Emma said leaning back against her chair. 

"Should I carry you to bed?" Patten asked standing before walking over to her, and I looked down at my empty plate. 

"I would say yes, but you are blind," Emma joked standing, she gave a mock bow at Holter and I before saying, "Good night my dear sister-Holter," then she took Patten's hand and lead him away. Holter looked at me.

"They gave us different rooms for a reason you know." I smirked. 

"Oh right, because we are both still 'teenagers'." He nodded. 

"Technically, we are." I stood, booping his nose. He scrunched his nose. I left him sitting on the couch and went to my room. When I entered my room he was already in there laying under the blankets.

"Want to know the greatest thing of being an elf again?" I rolled my eyes and crawled into the bed beside him.

"What?" I snuggled into his arm.

"I have my speed back." He smiled down at me. 
"Really? I would say having your cute elf ears is the best thing." His ears twitched back.

"Oh yeah?" 

"And your not that fast, I could still beat you in a race any day." We both laughed before I closed my eyes. As I did I could see Aslan. He stared into my eyes. I heard a lion's roar in the distance as I fell asleep.

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