New World

Melanie and Emma along with Patten and Holter returned to the real world leaving their dragons in Narnia, until Aslan would change the world forever - magically moving Narnia into the real world. The four Kings and Queens are faced with ruling a kingdom while also trying to live every day life.

(P.S if you haven't read the previous books read those first, it starts with New Kingdom then New Dawn. Most of the characters are ours, all the others we are just borrowing.)


7. I'm a Queen of Narnia, Deal With It


I woke up sprawled out on my bed, opening my eyes I looked up at the chandelier yawning. I slept with no nightmares last night, which was great since I've had a nightmare almost every single night for a long time. I was expecting to have another one with the prospect of being on TV,  and talking to madam president in front of the whole country. There was a knock at the door and in came a maid carrying a platter of food followed by Patten. "Good morning my love; I assume you would want breakfast in bed today." he said with a bow. I laughed standing before walking over to him. 

"Thank you," I kissed him lightly before taking his hands and walking us back to my bed. 

"The pleasure is all mine, though I didn't cook, Gretta had that honor," Patten said with a laugh sitting next to me. I sat criss-crossed facing my fiance, he was leaned up against the wall. The maid set the food down next to us and I thanked her, she bowed before leaving. 

"Are you ready?" I asked picking up a plate of eggs and bacon. 

Patten shrugged picking up his plate of pancakes, "I get to go to China, what isn't there to be ready for?" We made the plan of where everyone was going, I would go to America, Patten to China, Melanie to the United Kingdom, and Holter to Russia. Tomi would go with me, since she wanted to explain to her parents where she was, and Hutch had wanted to go to Russia for the longest time since coming to the real world, so he would go with Holter on Julionna. 

We would all be leaving at ten this morning, which gave me - I looked to the clock, 8:00 am - two hours to eat, shower, and get ready for the flight to America. We chose the countries by looking up what the most powerful nations in the world were.

"I wish I could go with you," I said taking a bite of my eggs - they were so good. 

"We will be together again before you know it - after all, you still have to finish high school and I will be your faithful body guard; since after today we will be famous," Patten joked feeling for a fork, I quickly grabbed one and handed it to him. "Thank you." 

"No problem, and how do you know we will become famous?" I asked gesturing my fork at him, though I knew he couldn't see it. 

"Well, after today, everyone will know who we are, where we live, what we do for a living, and literally everything else. Paparazzi will probably be killing to get a picture of you, my queen, after today, and I will be there to shield you from the flashing lights - they won't affect me much since I'm blind," he said waving a hand in front of his face. I laughed leaning forward before kissing his nose. 

"You're too kind," I joked before finishing my breakfast. I walked into my closet before talking again, "I'm wondering what to wear today? I don't want to wear a dress, because of the wind, but I need something fancy." 

"You look beautiful in anything and everything, Emma," Patten said from my bed. I poked my head out slightly to see him dousing syrup over his pancakes. 

"You don't even know what I look like right now - I could have a ginormous pimple on my face, and you wouldn't even see it," I joked. 

"That is true, but I don't think anyone will really care about a pimple when you ride a dragon." 

"You'd be surprised at what the paparazzi notices," I said pulling out a full black leather riding outfit with a hood and cape, this would be perfect. Walking out of the closet I grabbed a towel before walking to Patten and kissing him lightly, "I'm going to take a shower, you need to go change - but let the maids pick out your clothes, we don't want you looking stupid in front of the whole world." 

"Notes taken," He said kissing me back. I laughed pushing him away before walking into my bathroom. 

I took maybe 40 minutes getting ready, and talking to Maulduen about how we would approach today. He was ready to fly again, after being pampered by the palace staff, they had killed five cows just for him, and more for the others - despite them saying that they could hunt for themselves. 

I exited my room and walked down the stairs to the entryway where Melanie, the brothers, and Tomi and Hutch were waiting; all looking stunning might I add. All four of us kings and queens wore our crowns, and riding gear for the flight, though I was the only one with a cape. We also all wore our weapons - and I had to say, we looked amazing. Patten wore black too, but with blue accent lines, the color of Romnly's scales. Melanie wore a white blouse, like Jura, and black riding pants and Holter wore black with red accents like Julionna. 

"I packed food for your trips, Your Majesty," Ronan said bowing, followed by two workers holding bags of food. I thanked them taking one of the bags. "And if you need us, just have one of the dragons connect me and we will have a war boat ready in less than an hour." 

I laughed, "Thank you Ronan, but that won't be needed," I said gripping the hilt of my sword. Then to Melanie I whispered "I don't think the war boats would last one minute in the real world." She muffled a laugh with her hand. 

Jura and Romnly clawed there way into the room, scales sparkling in the light. "We are ready," Romnly chirped, her voice flowing like the water she could control. Patten smiled walking over to me, and I could tell he was seeing through Romnly's eyes. Somehow, when they were close, or their minds merged without a seam, Patten could see through her eyes - we figured this out when we came back from Narnia the last time and Patten said he could see but couldn't see anything around us. 

"You are beautiful  - and no pimple either," I smiled before he kissed me, drawing me closer. Holter cleared his throat and we broke away from each other smiling.

/We should be going/ Maulduen said to all of us through the mind. I sighed nodding. 

We all said goodbye to each other before mounting the dragons and taking to the skies. Tomi and I sat at the base of Maulduen's neck and talked; she was bundled in three blankets and a sweatshirt, her staff-sword laying beside her. "How are you not freezing?" she asked rubbing her hands up and down her arms, I shrugged.

"I guess I'm just used to it." I said patting the large scale beside me, "And I am wearing a fur lined riding suit with a thick cape and a fur lined hood." Tomi laughed and I smiled. 

"Madam president is going to think dead people are coming to destroy her," she joked and I rolled my eyes. 

"I'm not that pale," I tried but Tomi gave me a look, "fine, I am that pale." 

"That's right, and you are riding a big black dragon who is probably as long as the white house, or longer. Do you even know if Maulduen will fit on the grounds around it?" I shrugged, I hadn't really thought about that. 

/I can just fly circles around the area if I don't fit," Maulduen began, his deep voice full of humor at the thought of being longer than the 'mighty' white house. 

/Mighty white house?/ I asked him leaning up against one of his spikes. 

/Well, it is a house, but a white house, you small-lings seem to talk about it like its mighty./ Maulduen explained. 

I laughed and Tomi gave me a weird look. "Maulduen was just explaining to me that he - if he doesn't fit he will just fly around the area like a hawk." 

/I never said that/ Maulduen scoffed in my mind. 

/You implied it/ I replied and then to Tomi said, "He would find it funny if he can't fit." 

"I do too; our president lives in there, and you are riding a dragon larger - what must that say about the castle?" 

We laughed, talking about it a bit longer until Maulduen contacted both of us and said we were starting to pass over DC. I was getting nervous but then I remembered that Tomi was here, and that I couldn't just carry her down when meeting the president. 

"Do you want me to drop you off here, and then come pick you up after - you have your phone right?" 

"Yeah," she pulled her out and turned it on; her phone blew up with notifications, "oh my gosh -- yeah, put me down here, I need to call my mom." she grimaced, "These messages are not very nice." I laughed standing. Maulduen lowered to 100 feet, and I picked Tomi up before jumping off the side of Maulduen and plunging toward the ground. Tomi screamed clutching me harder, I laughed landing lightly on my feet. "You could have given me a little more warning, Emma." Tomi spit out as I let her down, the blankets that were around her falling to the ground. 

"Sorry," I said trying to hide my smirk. 

"No you're not, don't lie." I was about to speak when she gave me a look, "You better get going, the country is waiting. I'll call your mom too." 

"Would you?" she nodded, "Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you." I repeated before jumping up and riding the wind back up to Maulduen. 

/You should really call your mom yourself./ Maulduen scolded. 

/Yeah yeah, but-/ 

/But nothing little one, or we are going straight to your house after we talk to Madam president./ I sighed but agreed nevertheless. 

We flew for another ten minutes before Maulduen informed me that we were directly above the white house. "Let's do this," I whispered to myself as Maulduen spiraled slowly down. Sirens sounded from below, and I watched as more than 100 agents with guns filed into the yard surrounding the white house. 

/Are you going to jump?/ Maulduen asked and I thought it over, pulling my hood up and unsheathing my sword. 

/Lower your wing, I'll slide down dramatically/ I felt Maulduen laugh under me, and he did as I said. I heard shouts and screams as I started down the wing, my cape flapping behind me, my sword out to the side. Landing, I was immediately surrounded by secret service men and women.

"Who are you?" one of the men yelled, I looked at him and smiled. 

"I am High Queen Emma, and I am here to speak to Madam President." I gave a mock bow, and I heard most of the guns turn off safety.

/I'm ready to burn them to a crisp if needed/ Maulduen said and I felt him fly over head once more. 

/Thanks, but I think I'm fine./ then aloud, "I'm sorry for the intrusion, I really am, but I need to make some things known. I am not here to hurt anyone, though my dragon Maulduen would gladly kill you all." I said gesturing to Maulduen who roared. 

Time seemed to hold still for the longest moment. No one said anything, and I just stood there smirking at the service men. Finally, the doors of the White House opened and out came Madam President surrounded by twenty more men. "Madam President, a pleasure to meet you," I began stepping toward her, the guns followed. 

"Who are you?" she asked. 

"High Queen Emma, of Narnia - the new continent. Can we speak in private?" I asked looking up to the skies where Maulduen was scaring off a news helicopter. 

"High Queen?" the president asked. 

"Yes, my sister is the other Queen, my Fiance is High King, and his brother is King." I explained. "We've been ruling Narnia for over 200 years, and now we are here." I paused sheathing my sword. "I will explain everything to you, if we can go inside; bring as many guards as you want, take my swords too if you want." 

Madam President gestured for two men to come toward me. I took off my swords and handed them to the men. One of them struggled to hold my white sword by the pommel and I hid a smirk at the thought that I was stronger than him. Two more men took me by my arms and started to guide me into the White House. 

We twisted through the halls, and I noticed that they were purposefully taking me different ways to confuse me; but we finally made it into an office, not the oval office, but one that had no windows, no escapes but one. Madam President was sitting there, legs crossed, and I smiled offering my hand - which surprised the man holding my right arm, since he was holding onto it so tight. Madam President didn't seem fazed, maybe she was expecting it, but nevertheless, she offered her hand as well. "Sorry for coming all of a sudden, but with Narnia coming to the real world and all, it needed to happen at some point." 

"I understand," Madam President began, then paused, "wait - real world?" she asked. I looked back at the service men. 

"If these wonderful gentle men would kindly leave I could explain it to you." They didn't move. "Fine." I began to tell them the story, of how we became the kings and queens of Narnia. 

"That is insane," Madam President said when I was done, I nodded leaning back on the chair that I had moved to during the story. "And so your hair and skin weren't originally like this?"

I laughed, "No." The president was silent, thinking over what I said before turning to the guards men. 

"Leave us-" 

"But Madam President-"

"Leave us." she ordered and I smiled, "I have no fear in my new friend here, and go kill a cow or something for her dragon." 

"That won't be necessary Madam President, He has already been pampered enough at home. Just give him a place to land and he would be happy," I said before adding, "and if you could, I would like my weapons back, I feel naked without them." 


"Do as she said Matthew." The men left and Madam president turned toward me. "I'm sorry for the UN invasion. We weren't thinking that it was inhabited already, or had rulers." 

"Oh, its fine, I understand completely, and I'm sure The other Queen and the Kings would do the same thing in your position." 

"When the men came back to base the other day, I was surprised at them saying that they met four rulers, older than anyone in this world, and had ruled for hundreds of years." 

"200, not hundreds, and yes, we are older than anyone in Narnia. Here, I am a simple 18 year old going to high school in Tulsa, Oklahoma," I said playing with my fingers.

"You are just a girl-" I nodded as she drifted off. "We won't invade your land, and I'll do all that I can to help." 

"Thank you Madam President," I said earnestly. 

"No problem, Your Majesty." she replied. 

We continued to talk, her asking questions and me answering them. The service men came back with my weapons, and I strapped them on. We were going to put on a news conference this afternoon to address the country, and Madam President was now instructing me on how to talk to the nation. I wasn't bad, but I could tell I wasn't a natural speaker, unlike Melanie who could go in front of anyone and give a speech, and literally make anyone do anything. 

"Now, the last sentence should leave the country stunned, yet wanting more. You want to be defiant just a little, and act your age." Madam President instructed. 

"What about, 'I'm a Queen of Narnia, deal with it'?" I asked a cheeky smile spreading on my face. 

"Perfect." we laughed a bit longer then I turned on my phone. Over 200 messages and calls dinged, and I grimaced. 

"My friend Tomi, can you send a car to go get her please? I left her on the outskirts of the city," I asked and the President nodded before barking orders. I quickly called her and told her transportation was coming to pick her up. "Thank you." I told the president.  

"No problem, it's an honor." 

Around fifteen minutes later Tomi was walking down the hallway, being escorted by three secret service men, one of which held her staff-sword. Seeing her, I ran down the hall to hug her. "Madam President, meet my best friend, Tomi. Tomi, meet Madam President." I said leading Tomi toward the president. They shook hands, and I could tell Tomi was mentally freaking out. 

"A pleasure," Tomi said with a smile. 

"Well, we have thirty minutes until the press conference so you two are free to roam and do whatever until then; just don't break anything. And take some of the secret service men with you." she said and we agreed before departing down the hallways.

I turned toward one of the men that followed us, "Is there anywhere that I could spar?" I asked gesturing to my sword and toward Tomi. 

"The back yard is open I believe Ma'am." 

"Please don't call me Ma'am, it makes me feel old, and I'm am technically only 18 years old," I said with a smirk down at Tomi. 

"Alright Majesty," the man said with a curt nod before leading us to the back yard. 

"Would it be possible for a couple of you secret service men to attack me? I promise I wont hurt any of you." some of the men snickered looking between themselves. 

"You promise you wont hurt us?" the main guy asked with a smirk. 

"I promise, though I don't know about Tomi here, but I won't hurt you." The secret service men laughed and I got into sparring position. 

The fight lasted probably 15 minutes at the max, it was almost too easy to defeat the men - though they came at me three at a time. Tomi was breathing slightly heaver than me, though not as hard at the men who fought us. I hadn't even broke a sweat. Looking through the windows into the white house, I saw Madam President watching with a slight smile on her face. I could already tell we would become friends. 

Some time passed before the press conference, and I straightened my crown  after fixing my hair and clothing from the sparring session. Walking though the halls, I realized that my world was about to be turned upside down and thrown into a hurricane. Madam President's voice echoed through the press room, the speakers carrying her voice around the room. "Good evening," she started, and I took a deep breath looking toward Tomi who gave me a thumbs up, "We all know about the new continent, how it magically appeared two days ago, and how we've all seen weird creatures roaming around-"  

I couldn't remember Madam president telling em anything on creatures, but I ignored it as she finished talking. Introducing me, she stepped off the stage, and I walked into the room, black cape trailing behind me as I walked my way down the isle like a wedding. Cameras flashed while people yelled questions at both me and the president. Once I got to the stage and up to the podium I cleared my throat, my voice sounding odd through the speakers. "Thank you Madam President," I said softly giving a slight nod before turning to the crowd. "I'm a Queen of Narnia," I started, "deal with it." camera's went off again, blinding me, and I smiled, welcoming the stories that would come with open arms.                       

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