New World

Melanie and Emma along with Patten and Holter returned to the real world leaving their dragons in Narnia, until Aslan would change the world forever - magically moving Narnia into the real world. The four Kings and Queens are faced with ruling a kingdom while also trying to live every day life.

(P.S if you haven't read the previous books read those first, it starts with New Kingdom then New Dawn. Most of the characters are ours, all the others we are just borrowing.)


2. Camping is Actually the Best Thing Ever


We rolled out from Jeremy's house at 6:20, due to Stephanie refusing to change into something more suitable for camping. She wore a romper. Not exactly something you would wear out to camping. But once we could finally leave we headed off to Tomi's land where we would go way out into the small forest and set up camp. Emma drove her car while Patten and Stephanie rode. I rode with Holter in his truck along with Alice. Tomi and Hutch took Tomi's truck. 

Once we got there we quickly set up the camp and started a fire. "How did you learn to start a fire?" Alice asked watching me. 

"We go camping a lot." I lied, well technically it wasn't a lie, we were camping at the time in Narnia, but I guess the where doesn't really matter. 

After everything was set we all sat around the fire and talked. Patten and Emma were sitting on the hammock cuddling, Hutch was sitting next to Tomi on a dead log, Alice sat on a fold out chair, Holter and I were sitting together on two other fold out chairs. Stephanie was standing in an opening spraying an impressive amount of bug spray on her body. "Ugh there's to many bugs here." She complained. We snickered to ourselves.      

"We can go swimming in the lake nearby, that'll keep the bugs off you." I suggested. 

"Whatever." Stephanie scoffed, "We just have to wait until my boyfriend gets here." 

"Boyfriend?" We all asked in unison. A white sports car came up the road. I recognized it right away, Zack. He stepped out and ran a hand through his hair. 

"Hey babe." He said to Stephanie as she ran to him and hugged him, the hug was completely one sided. I gave Emma a look that said 'this weekend went from a two to a zero.' Stephanie and Zack walked over  to us with their arms wrapped around each other. "So who's ready to swim." Stephanie said with a fake smile" We had set up two tents one for girls and one for boys. We changed into our swim suits and walked to lake. I had bought Holter swim trunks with little palm trees on them, he of course was wearing them and was shirtless. I wore a pink and maroon bikini. Emma was wearing a high waisted black bikini, Tomi wore a purple one piece, and Alice wore a grey bikini top with black bottoms. 

"You better not have put me into something hideous!" Patten told Emma as he walked out of the tent. He wore plain blue swim trunks with black rimming. 

"I would never!" Emma joked and I laughed walking to the lake. Once the gist of us were there we all jumped in, not waiting for Stephanie or Zach. Holter dove under the water towards me, then picked me up on his shoulders. Patten did the same to Emma. "What are you doing?   You can't see!" Emma squealed.  

"Chicken fight!" Tomi yelled, splashing the water. Everyone laughed as Holter made his way towards Patten. 

"Just stand still, and don't fall!" Emma yelled at patten.  

 "I won't, I promise sweetie." He said laughing, and the fight began. It was full of laughs, and screams from Emma and I, until I grabbed her shoulders and pulled her toward me. We fell back into the water together, screaming the entire time. I resurfaced first and spit water from my mouth before clearing out my ears. Emma surfaced a second later. 

"Hey, where is Stephanie and her boyfriend ." Emma asked.

"Hopefully stuck in a bear trap somewhere." I said to myself. Right as the last words left my mouth Stephanie and Zach came around the corner. Stephanie wore a bikini that covered almost nothing. Emma fake gagged leaning against Patten. Everyone laughed. Hutch smiled and swam to the shore, looked back at us, then shrugged before splashing water on Zach and Stephanie. Steph screamed, a loud pitched ring that echoed off the tree's. Zach just looked annoyed, at both Hutch and Stephanie. 

It took another 30 minutes to persuade Steph to come into the water, and once she was in, she stayed near the shore. The rest of us messed around near the other end of the lake, playing a couple more Chicken Fights, and splashing each other a bit more. A huge wave splashed over Emma and my heads. Once we surfaced we saw a sharp form in the water. It rose and splashed over Stephanie, who was sun bathing. Again she screamed. We all laughed except for Patten who seemed to  be looking for something.  

"You okay Patten?" Emma asked setting a hand on his back. 

"It's happening again, but it's not Narnia." He said and I looked at him confused. 

"What's happening?" A chirpy voice asked and I looked around for the source. 

"Romnly?" Patten asked reaching out his hands, trying to find something. 

"Romnly isn't here, she's in Narnia." Emma said sadly.  

"No I'm not!" The voice said again, and then there was a large splash, the water pushing us to the shore and pulled us back to the middle where a large blue dragon sat. 

"Romnly!" Patten yelled swimming toward her. I looked at Emma confused. Stephanie screamed again, and her scream was joined by Zachs, and Alice's. I turned toward there voices to see Julionna standing on the shore. Holter ran to her and hugged her, I laughed looking for Jura. The water froze around me and I smiled as Jura landed in front of me, her large white head bowed towards me. 

"Jura!" I exclaimed

"Melanie!" She replied lovingly. There was another scream, but it wasn't Stephanie's, I looked around for the source to find Maulduen towering over Zach. Emma flew out of the water faster than I could follow and hugged Maulduen's snout. I turned back to Jura laughing. 

"How did you get here?" I asked hugging her snout. 

"Aslan said it was time to come, that something big is happening. "  She answered. I looked down at my collar bone to see my dragon mark starting to form again. 

"Something big?" I asked 

"He didn't say anything more." Jura answered with a slight purr. Alice crept up behind me, and put a shaky hand on my shoulder. 

"What's going on?" She asked softly, her eyes never leaving Jura. 

"Come on." I said starting to walk towards shore. "We will explain in a second." I added then extending my mind, contacted Emma, Holter, and Patten. /We need to explain to Alice and the others./ Emma looked at me and nodded as well as Holter. Patten climbed onto Romnly's back and she flew out of the water and towards our little camp. I did the same with Jura while Holter, Julionna, Maulduen, and Emma walked, along with the others.  

Once we were all seated around the fire, Alice, Stephanie and Zach on the far end, watching the dragons warily, I looked around the group. "Who's going to start?" I asked the group. "I guess I will." I swallowed, "Ok you'll have to forgive my storytelling because I had to learn this all from other people." I explained the whole adventure from what others have told me. After I was done I looked over to Jura to make sure I told it right, she nodded. 

"How old are you guys in Narnia?" Alice asked and Holter laughed. 

"Over 200 years old, the dragons very in there ages. Like Maulduen is over 1000, while Romnly is only a few years old." Holter explained and Romnly blinked her large sapphire blue eyes. 

"So you guys are royalty?" Stephanie asked, sitting up straight. We all nodded. "Does that make me a queen too?" I bit my lip and Emma just laughed. 

"No." She said in short. 

"If anyone should be a Queen, it should be me, since I actually went to Narnia." Tomi said speaking up. Stephanie sneered at her and Tomi just rolled her eyes. 

"Can't you change the law?" She asked and even Jura rolled her eyes.

"We couldn't make either of you of you queens, that's all on Aslan." I said, making them be quiet.

"It's been a long day we should get some sleep." Emma said making her way over to the tent.  I gave Jura a goodnight hug. As I was going to my tent Holter grabbed my arm and pulled me close. I placed my hands on his chest and looked up at him.

"Goodnight, love. Have fun with Stephanie." I kissed him.

"Goodnight, have fun with Zack." He rolled his eyes. We parted and went to our tents. As I zipped the tent close I watched Maulduen and Jura snuggle up to eachother. Their tales were interlocked. I shook Emma out of her sleeping bag. "Look! Look!" She crawled over to the entrance and stared out the gap.

"My gosh, my gosh, my gosh, my gosh!!" Emma exclaimed excitedly, Jura glanced toward us and I quickly pushed Emma down laughing. 

/I saw that!/ Jura exclaimed in my head. 

/What?/ I asked sarcastically. 

We fell to sleep, and everyone slept soundly, except for Zach, Alice, and Stephanie, who were all too scared, or stunned to go to sleep. 

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