A Supernatural Story

A young girl meets the Winchesters and soon becomes part of their team. What will happen in the long run?

Some chapters follow the happenings of episodes. Only a few though. The first few chapters take place in the episode 'Provenance' Season 1 episode 19


1. The beginning

Everything was normal. Or that being that everything seemed normal to the inhabitants of Downton Grove. For anyone noticing detail, things were very much not normal. Whether that be the flickering of a light, or a shadow, or a slightly unnatural death. Much like what Cassidy Zeddmore had experienced.  


She was making lunch when she first heard them. She had heard them before, and although she was expecting them it was still a slight shock. She went over to her dining room window and looked out onto the suburban street. That's when she saw them.  


Two men, tall men making their way from door to door, an old Chevy Impala parked at the end of the road. She smirked, 'amateurs' she thought in her head as she turned back to her lunch.   

"Hi, I'm special agent Rhodes, this is my colleague agent Michaels. We're here investigating the disappearances that have been happening lately, do you mind if we come in?" 


Cassie could hear them speak even though they were still a few houses away. She laughed to herself. She was one to notice details, The way that in between the houses the two men called each other 'Sam' and 'Dean' and neither of them actually looked like FBI agents. 


"Dean, I don't think this is the right thing to do." The taller of the men said. The other man, Dean ignored him, walking up the drive to Cassie's front door. 

"Shut it, Sammy we only have one more house." 


Cassie straightened out her top, the hem of it only just grazing the top of her hips. She combed her hand through her long blonde hair as she went to open the door. She opened it before either of the men could knock. She smirked once again seeing their facial expressions as she did so.  


"Hi, I'm special agent-" Sam started to say.   

"No, you're not," The girl said cutting across the man. She folded her arms, and smiled at the men, looking between them. 

"I'm sorry, what? Dean asked.  

"You're not special agent Rhodes, and he's not special agent Michaels. You two don't even work for the FBI." 

"Don’t we?" Sam questioned. 

"No. You're badges are fake. And I saw you poking around two blocks down yesterday. FBI agents don't usually go door to door, or stay in motels and eat stacks of pancakes and bacon every meal. Oh, and when you're trying to use a different identity, don't use the car, Winchesters." And with that she turned and walked into the house, leaving the door open for the men to walk in. 


The two men walked into the house, taking in the edgy décor of the twenty-two-year-old 

"You know us?" Sam called out into the empty living room. 

The young girl had disappeared into one of the rooms."You could say that" She said shouting back from the kitchen, where she returned from with three beers. "How do you know us?" Sam asked, taking one of the beers off of her, she passed the other to Dean.  

 "You have a reputation," She said eyeing the older Winchester up.  

"How do you really know us?" Dean interjected, smirking.  

"You did a case a few months back in Richardson. I was working at the diner you guys ate at." 


She said sinking back onto her sofa, the boys copied her.  

"I thought you looked familiar," Dean said leaning forward. "What were you doing in Richardson?" 

"Oh you know, same as you, hunting. The family business" 

"How do you know about hunting?" Sam asked. 

"I'm Cassie Zeddmore." 

"Sister of the paranormal investigator" 


Sam smirked as he said this, Cassie knew exactly what that meant, she shook her head.


 "My brother is, enthusiastic. We grew up in a not very nice house. Something killed our parents six years ago, my brother believes because he has to, because of what happened. But he doesn't want to."


Cassie bent her head, her blonde hair partly shielding her face, her fingers played with the corner of the beer label. Not wanting to make eye contact. 


"Whereas, you want to find what did it and get rid of it" 

"Yeah, anything that causes pain to people, So when people started dying here, I knew it was only a matter of time before you both showed up" She looked up and her icy blue eyes made contact with Dean's green. 

"You're beautiful," Dean said, transfixed on the blondes face. He realised that he had said that out loud, and quickly averted his eyes. 

"Thank you?" Th girl replied slightly amused. Sam smirked and scoffed behind his hand. 

"Anyway, I want to help. I know how to shoot, I've ridden places of ghosts, and spirits, I'm small, I'll come in handy" 

"We don't usually get h--" 

"Of course you can!" Dean butts in. Sam smirks once more.  

"Great, I'll go get my FBI badge" 

"You have one of those?" Sam said looking impressed.  

"Special agent Marks at your service" She said bowing slightly.  




The three of them pull up to the motel carpark and the engine stutters to a halt. Dean enters the room first and then Cassie enters, she takes in the view of the newspapers stuck to the walls. Empty takeaway boxes littered the tables. 


"Sorry, it's not clean. That's Dean. The takeaway stuff" 

"It's fine, my house is only clean because you two were poking around. Speaking of takeaway I'm starving, can we order, I need something greasy?" Cassie asked, sitting down on the end of one of the beds, Sam and Dean who were hurriedly shoving food boxes into bin bags, stopped and looked at the girl.  


"Oh, I like her very much, she can stay", Dean said smirking. Sam laughed whilst grabbing the phone and the menu. He handed it to Cassie who studied it for a second and then threw it on the bed next to her.

"I'll have a double cheeseburger with curly fries please" Dean's smile got bigger every time Cassie said something, Sam watching his brother fall for the girl on the bed.

"Oh and salad on the burger please" Dean's smile temporarily got lost. 

"Damn you're right, she can stay," Sam said also looking amused.

"We can look past that" Dean said quietly. Cassie stood and walked over to the wall of news articles. 


"So this is what? A wall of cases you've done?" 

"Not exactly, it's one case, just different potential routes, so see here," He said pointing at one of the news clippings from a few days previous.

"This is about the couple who were murdered, so the branches show what could have happened. Actual murder, or ghost tied to the house or something more sinister."  

"Or it's a ghost tied to an object?" Cassie added. 

"That's quite rare when that happens, we've only ever seen one case where the ghost is tied to an object." 

"But it's happened twice?" She said her brows furrowing. 


"Two sets of murders happened within the space of 5 days of each other" 

"There's only been one murder Cassie?" Cassie looked up and smiled a little at Dean. 


She shook her head and moved to her bag, she pulled out a leather bound book with lots of paper sticking out. She opened it on the newest page where a newspaper article was folded up. She handed it to Sam and Dean who suddied it, and looked at each other.  


"How did we not see this?" Sam was shocked, they never miss details like this. 

"It's not been printed yet" Cassie chirped up from her spot on the bed. 

"How do you have it?" 

"I know people. I saw the police tape earlier and then rang the newspaper and told them I was with the FBI, they let me into the printing room."


Cassie stood back up and took the newspaper back from Sam, who absent mindedly gave it to her, she walked over to the wall and compared it to the newspaper article which was already pinned to the wall. 


"So there are two murders, in different places meaning it has to be connected to an object," Sam asked. Dean was looking at Cassie from behind, looking her up and down admiring her figure.

"Earth to Dean" Dean shook his head, breaking out of his day dream. 

"Well this is new, we've never done one of these. The only one I did, dad was there. He did most of it I just watched. Sam I don't know, it's difficult"  

"How do you even remove a spirit from an object, and how do we know what the object is?" 

"It's the painting." Cassie said not taking her eyes off of the wall. 


"Come look" She motioned for the boys to go to her, Cassie pointed to a detail in the background of the image.

"Look the painting, it changes. The man's face moves."

Surely enough, the painting in the first image hung above the fireplace, a family of four, mother, father and two children. The man's face changes from looking out of the painting to looking at the young girl in the painting. 


"Because that's not creepy at all" Dean said getting a little spooked.  

"How did you notice that?" Sam asked, taking the paper out of Cassie's hands. 

"That’s what I do, I focus on details rather than the whole picture, that's what I've always done, since the beginning."

She made eye contact with Dean, who had been staring at her while she spoke, she smiled to herself knowing that Dean was struggling to control himself.  

"I'm going to go and get the takeaway, Dean you getting your usual?" Sam asked, shutting his laptop down.

"Yeah, grab some beers too," Dean said, still looking at Cassie who was now looking through her journal.

Sam got up and left the motel room. The atmosphere of the room changed immediately, the air turned thick and the tension was so that Cassie looked up because she felt it too.  


"You're beautiful,"  Dean said admiringly. 

"You're not bad yourself" 

"So tell me more about yourself," Dean said going over to the bed and sitting next to her she closed the journal and turned more so that she was facing him. He took hold of her hands.

"Well, what do you want to know?" 

"If I'm your type," Dean said, closing the gap between them. He kissed Cassie, softly with one hand on her cheek, his thumb brushing against her cheekbone. Dean broke the kiss, Cassie looked confused.


"Sorry, I usually would carry on, but I don't want to take advantage, or ruin it." He said, his hand still on her cheek. Cassie smiled and brushed a piece of hair behind her ear.

"Dean Winchester, a gentleman?" 

"I wouldn't go that far, I just think you're too beautiful to sleep with on the first date" 

"You class this as a date?" She said laughing slightly. 

"No, that I need to take you on first, after we finish the case. Something to look forward to"  

"That would be nice," Cassie said 

"I'm going to go ring Sammy, I forgot to tell him to get pie" Dean got up and walked to the door. 

"Oh and Dean" He stopped and looked back at Cassie.

"You are my type"


He smiled and then tried to hide it by clearing his throat. He left the motel room. She lay back on the bed, trying to calm her nerves, she could hear his voice on the phone to Sam, her heart was fluttering.

As the door opened she sat up and tried to make it look like she was okay. Dean, smiled almost shyly and beckoned for her to go over to the laptop.  


"I want to show you some of our other cases, we were thinking after here we're going to go check out Colorado, we're looking for our dad who keeps leaving us clues like a trail to where he's going. He was here a few weeks ago but we think he's gone to a place called Manning" 

"Oh I know that place, there was a vamp nest there a few years ago, it might still be there," Cassie said moving closer to the computer screen.

"You really know your stuff don’t you" 

"Like I said, I want to get rid of things that cause pain. I do my research"


They looked at one another again, and the atmosphere changed once more, as they began to lean in towards each other, the door opened and Sam walked in. The two jumped apart and quickly busied themselves in the papers lay around them.

Sam smirked, seeing the blush on Dean and Cassie's cheeks. 

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