A Supernatural Story

A young girl meets the Winchesters and soon becomes part of their team. What will happen in the long run?

Some chapters follow the happenings of episodes. Only a few though. The first few chapters take place in the episode 'Provenance' Season 1 episode 19


2. Something or Nothing


Three happy, full noises came from the three people sat in the motel room, new empty takeaway cartons littering the tables.  


"I've never been so full in my life," Cassie said, lying back on the bed. 

"Me either, I don't think I've ever met someone who can eat as much as dean and yet still be the size of a twig" 

"I work out," Cassie said groaning a little from all the food in her stomach. She sat up, smiling contently "I should get going."  


"So, we'll pick you up tomorrow at nine?" Sam said, from behind his laptop. 

"Sounds good" 

"Come on, I'll drive you home," Dean said picking up his keys.  



The drive home was done in complete silence. With each tiny movement that Cassie made, Dean's eyes jumped to her to make sure she was okay. He turned the radio on and out blasted 'Highway To Hell'. Cassie laughed.  


"I should have guessed, that this was your go to song"  

"It's a good song!" 

"Yeah, it's just a bit cliché, you know male racer drives a chevy" 

"Woah you leave baby out of this" 

"Baby? Wow no okay, I have you down to a T" She said laughing as they pulled into the drive.


Dean turned the engine off and the car fell silent. "So you live here by yourself?" Dean asked. 


"Yeah, I bought it a few years ago. After mom and dad diedmy brother and I moved in with a family friend, and then into our own apartment. My brother is a special guy, not the best roommate. So I moved about three years ago. I don't really live here for large chunks of time, I'm out hunting a lot so I usually stay in hotels like you and Sam. I work in diners or bars to get money"

Dean nods, not knowing what to say next. Cassie scratches her head in thought. "You could, come inside for a bit, if you wanted?"  


"Yeah sure." Dean nodded, undoing his seatbelt.


The two of them walked up to the front door and then into the house, Cassie turned around after locking the door and was faced with Dean, who had already taken off his coat.

For a second they looked at each other before pouncing on each others bodies.

Their hands intertwined in each others hair, needing to touch any part of each other. They absent mindedly made their way to the bedroom, where they fell next to each other, still connected.  



Cassie woke up, looking around at the room she was in. It was her bedroom, it was dark so she knew it was the middle of the night and looking at the alarm clock it confirmed that it was three in the morning. But something was different, a steady rhythmic breathing coming from somewhere next to her, and then she remembered Dean.

She felt the covers glide across her skin so she knew that she wasn't wearing clothes either. She smiled to herself and lay back down, relaxing into the form next to her. A large, muscular arm moved to wrap around her and pulled her further into an embrace. The two fell asleep, their breathing perfectly in time with each other, the clock ticking on, the night drawing on outside the window.  

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