Tales Of Days Gone By |Diversity Competition Entry

Ivy Luna always wished she was a character in a fantasy novel, going on crazy, jewelry induced adventures and encountering mythical creatures beyond her imagination. She should have been more careful of what she wished for. |The rating may change once more scenes are more thoroughly planned/written| There's a sequel/epilogue for this story called Tales Of Today already written, please have a look at it.|


3. Chapter Two

Ivy had always loved novels; romance novels, horror novels, mystery novels, anything really, but what she loved most of all was fantasy novels. The strange characters and mystical far off lands had always allowed her to escape from the boredom of everyday life. She wished with all her heart that she would need to go on a jewelry themed quest, or reclaim a mountain from a dragon, but unfortunately the real world wasn't as mystical and full of adventure as the lands in her books. 

As she climbed into the school bus to go home, she got a strange feeling, she felt as if someone was talking about her, but no one around her was. She shook it  off, choosing a seat on the bus and pulling out her favorite book to read until the bus reached her stop. She placed her bookmark and put her book back into her bag as the bus jolted to a stop. Ivy walked off the bus, inwardly groaning at the obnoxious, high pitched laughter of the group behind her as they too began to walk up her street. 

As she turned to walk through the forest to avoid the other teenagers, the strange feeling returned. The hairs on the back of her neck stood up, and uneasiness shot through her being. Hearing no one, she spun around quickly, and seeing no one, continued walking. The feeling didn't go away, only growing as she got deeper into the forest. Normally, she felt comfortable, and even happy in this forest, as it looked a fantasy forest where elves should be living. However, today, she couldn't help but feel like she shouldn't be there.

Hearing a twig snap behind her, she whipped around, long blonde hair, hitting her in the face with the speed of her turn. Seeing no one, but now sure that someone was there, she began to walk faster. Ivy pulled her phone out of her pocket with shaking hands, sure she would need to call for help any second. 

As she was about to unlock her phone, she heard something sounding like a muffled cry. Something similar to the sound of a scream on a TV in another room. The cold grip of fear wrapped itself around Ivy's heart, causing it to skip a beat. Everything was silent for a moment, too silent. No birdsong, no animals running through the underbrush, only Ivy's heartbeat pounding loudly and quickly in her ears. She was about to turn around, overwhelmed with the sense of a presence behind her when she heard a growl. A deep, hungry, almost demonic sound that sent Ivy running down the forest path, desperate for escape. 

The feeling of a presence behind her dissipated after she took a few strides, causing her to look back. Seeing nothing but still feeling uneasy, she rushed off the path darting behind a bush to catch her breath. She reached to pull her phone out of her pocket, hoping she could call for help. As Ivy's shaking hands were struggling to unlock her phone, she heard footsteps on the forest floor behind her. 

She gasped, and the footsteps stopped. Ivy knew that whoever, or whatever was there had heard her. She lifted her hands to cover her mouth and nose, hoping to muffle her rapid breathing enough that whatever was chasing her couldn't hear her. Once again, everything had fallen silent, and Ivy could feel the pinpricks of tears behind her wide, hazel eyes. After what felt like hours, but was surely only moments, another murderous, evil growl filled the air, somewhere close behind Ivy's hiding spot. As it grew closer, her vision began to tunnel as she began to grow more and more certain of her fate. Soon, Ivy heard the sound of what she was sure would be her end in her ear, and her vision went completely black as she fell unconscious. 

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