Tales Of Days Gone By |Diversity Competition Entry

Ivy Luna always wished she was a character in a fantasy novel, going on crazy, jewelry induced adventures and encountering mythical creatures beyond her imagination. She should have been more careful of what she wished for. |The rating may change once more scenes are more thoroughly planned/written| There's a sequel/epilogue for this story called Tales Of Today already written, please have a look at it.|


4. Chapter Three

Groggily, Ivy opened her eyes, sitting up and taking in her surroundings. She was is a forest, but it was different somehow, more alive. The difference brought the memories of being chased by an unseen creature back to Ivy's mind. Ivy stood up in her panic, stumbling as black spots momentarily filled her vision. As soon as her vision cleared, she looked around frantically for what had attacked her. Seeing nothing, she began to relax, only to fill with dread upon hearing a growl from behind her.

Slowly, she turned to face her attacker, letting out a scream of terror as she met a pair of flaming eyes. The creature was large and dog-like, it's head chest level with Ivy. It's long, deep green fur was matted, giving the beast a wild and aggressive look, despite it's delicately braided tail. The creature's muzzle was pulled up into a snarl, revealing it's long, sharp fangs. The animal's growls grew in volume, leaning back on it's hind legs to pounce. Ivy was gripped with panic as she realized there was no way she could escape this thing.

"Cithsu!" A strong, female voice pierced through the forest. "Leave her, it is not her time."

The creature, Cithsu, instantly relaxed, ceasing it's growling and slowly walking towards the voice. Ivy turned to see the one who had saved her and was met with the most beautiful woman she'd ever seen. The woman was tall and slender, yet her aura radiated power. Her red-gold hair flowed down her back, the silky waves flowing in a gentle breeze that seemed to touch nothing else. Her gaze was almost as sharp as the sword that hung at her belt, and the sunlight on her armor made it appear as though she was dressed in silver flames. But most stunning of all was the wings that folded out from her back, they were the wings of a raven. Cithsu came to stand by her side, suddenly appearing more like a domestic pet than a dangerous mythical beast.

"T-thank you," Ivy managed to stutter out, finally finding her voice.

The woman's head tilted to the side, though her face remained expressionless. "For what?" The woman replied. "Your time will still come, I have not altered this."

Ivy hesitated for a moment, considering if she wanted to question what the woman meant. "Who are you?" 

"Hugin, ruler of the Valkyrie and harvester of souls," the woman gave a small smile, but it didn't make her look any happier, she smiled as if it was only a formality. "And now, it appears that I am also the fetcher of saviors."

Growing more and more confused, Ivy began to look around. Her blood ran cold as she realized that she didn't recognize anything around her. "W-Where am I?"

"The Forest of Tenebris, just inside the domain of the joined kingdoms," the woman replied. "You have been tasked to save us all, and a guardian has been sent to see that you do."

"You're crazy!" Ivy began to back away, fearing she had been kidnapped. "There's no such thing as the joined kingdoms, and I haven't been tasked with saving anyone!"

"It would seem the guardian has quite the challenge ahead of them," the valkyrie did not move to calm Ivy or stop her from running, seeming to only take interest in the situation.

"Where is the savior?" asked a voice that reminded Ivy of a gently flowing stream. "All I see is a frightened little girl."

Ivy turned to look at the face that belonged to the soothing voice. The girl stood tall, her slender but powerful frame held in a regal stance. She looked to be in her late teens, but the wisdom in her leaf green eyes belonged to someone much older. She wore a long green tunic, with leaf-like armor along the chest and shoulders and a long, thin sword hung at her belt. Her skin was the colour of the acorns growing in the trees around her, and the tips of her pointed ears could be seen from behind her dark hair. She looked at Ivy, with a displeased look that Ivy wanted to wipe off.

"Then you know what you must do," Hugin replied, ignoring Ivy in favor of the young woman before her. "I have done my duty, and now I must go. My people will have much to do in the near future."

The young woman rolled her eyes as the Valkyrie spread her wings and took off into the sky, with Cithsu disappearing into a cloud of smoke soon afterwards. Then, she turned to look at Ivy, barely even sparing her a glance before she began to walk off into the woods. "Come, we must make haste. You have much to learn and little time to learn it."

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