Invisible Love

What would you do? If everything around you crumbled at your feet? Would you have a toothy, white, smile plastered on your face?

Hm, that is a bit vague... isn't it?

Let's think of it differently. What would you do if, throughout your whole childhood, your Father would get drunk out of his mind, and let his anger out on you? Beat you until you cannot even cry anymore. Cried so much that a permanent dam on your eyes.

Well, Leonardo went through the unbearable with his Father. His mother would just stand back and watch. He saw hell in his Father's eyes, but he would never say that out loud. Nothing seems right, even after he moves out. Well, that is until he met Anastasia.

Disclaimer: Please do not read if you are easily triggered by mentions of abuse. I am very sorry if I don't accurately portray what abuse is like in this story. It is not my intention to offend anyone.


1. Prologue

“What do you think about love?” She asked as if each letter might shatter on her lips. He looked over at her longingly. Her piercing blue eyes showing curiosity.

“Be more specific.” She squinted her eyes as she thought.

“What is the definition of love?” He chuckled, lightly.

“There is no definition to love.” She narrowed her eyes at him. The breeze of the night rushed through her curls.

“What do you mean? Every word has a definition. It is a word!” He shook his head as he looked up to the stars that contrasted the dark sky, beautifully. The shine from the stars, reflecting onto his green eyes.

“You cannot put a definition on a word used so broadly. You can put a definition to it, but not everyone will see it that way.”

“Then what is Love? Like… To you?” She said in her sticky sweet voice. He looked over at her as they met eyes.

“Well, to me…” He paused for moment as the silence fell among them. He stayed silent though as she waited.

“Answer Leonardo.” He chuckled again and looked up at the sky.

“I do not believe in love so how could I have my own definition to it?” Her eyes widened. How could he not believe in love? Was all she could think about.

“What? Love is real.” She insisted, the night seeming darker than usual.

“How could I know? I was never taught what love is.” She breathed in slowly as she fiddled with her fingers.

“One day.... One day you will find it. One day you will have your definition to Love.”

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