Invisible Love

What would you do? If everything around you crumbled at your feet? Would you have a toothy, white, smile plastered on your face?

Hm, that is a bit vague... isn't it?

Let's think of it differently. What would you do if, throughout your whole childhood, your Father would get drunk out of his mind, and let his anger out on you? Beat you until you cannot even cry anymore. Cried so much that a permanent dam on your eyes.

Well, Leonardo went through the unbearable with his Father. His mother would just stand back and watch. He saw hell in his Father's eyes, but he would never say that out loud. Nothing seems right, even after he moves out. Well, that is until he met Anastasia.

Disclaimer: Please do not read if you are easily triggered by mentions of abuse. I am very sorry if I don't accurately portray what abuse is like in this story. It is not my intention to offend anyone.


3. Chapter Two


Anastasia was pulled out of her thoughts when the door was closed harder than usual. Her mind drifting to a deep dark corner. A door closing and locking behind her when she stepped into this part of her filled mind. This room filled with memories of her.

“I hate being alone… Silence is a killer. One that makes me think of things I should not be.” She gripped her hair before continuing.

“ All the memories come back, but it seems like she never can.” She stood up and walked over to Leo’s bedroom.

“I have paved this path for you to come back, and you do not see that. You do not see the way my hands have blood streaming from them due to how much I have scratched at this pavement… trying to lead you back home. The one that we shared.” She looked over at her hands, rubbing them softly.

“ My hands covered in dirt and cuts from this suffering that I cannot leave. Where are you, Mom? How could you leave me with him? That man that dares put a hand on the daughter that he supposedly loves. My body stings and aches, and yet you never come back. What could I have done? I was only five when you left me. Did I behave in such atrocious ways that I made you want to leave? The day you left, was the day that I died. Now, the rest of my life has been and will keep being purgatory, until I actually die.”

She turned over in the bed. Her eyes watering and heart racing. Her eyes became heavier, and the light in Leo’s room became dimmer as she finally went into a deep and dark slumber.


Leo honestly felt a tug at his heart when those words left her mouth with no remorse. Is being worried wrong? I understand some people need space, but she is staying around that fucking piece shit. How is that better than me trying to get her away from that?! Okay maybe I should not have talked about her father in that way… Right? But, I said the truth… Whatever. I need to get her out of my mind. I have things I need to focus on.

Leo walked over to his car, breathing shakily. How was this happening today? Today is the day that he must go back there. The place that holds most of his painful thoughts, and the one that held those people. The two people that had given him these agonizing memories.

He drove through the desolate streets. His journey seems to be passing by faster than he’d like. The song “Dancing on my own” by Calum Scott, playing loudly. Each lyric hitting his heart, painfully. He just wanted this pain to end. This.. This fucking pain in his chest that would not leave, and maybe he was overreacting, but it felt physical at this point. He felt like a spear was impaling his chest, and breaking his ribs in the process. The spear seemed to move slowly inwards. His breath slowing down, and his smile fading. He looked around all the empty streets, and started to question his existence. His mind on her.

Does she even like me? What if she is just using me as her safe haven when her father decides to beat her? What if… What if I am just her little toy? Stop it! Stop thinking about her!

His thoughts never ended. It seemed like maybe he was crazy, or just right out insane. The voices in his head got louder and louder. Like in orchestra that became more intense. The voices in his head craved him, wanting him to explode, and overfill with madness.

You know, Leo? You could just end it… You could just pull the steering wheel. Look! There is a truck right next to your small little car.. You could end it all, Leo… With just one tug.

“ Get out of my head!”


“Shut up!”


“I just want to be left alone!”

“Stop getting louder!”

We will be back, Leo. Just you wait...

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