Invisible Love

What would you do? If everything around you crumbled at your feet? Would you have a toothy, white, smile plastered on your face?

Hm, that is a bit vague... isn't it?

Let's think of it differently. What would you do if, throughout your whole childhood, your Father would get drunk out of his mind, and let his anger out on you? Beat you until you cannot even cry anymore. Cried so much that a permanent dam on your eyes.

Well, Leonardo went through the unbearable with his Father. His mother would just stand back and watch. He saw hell in his Father's eyes, but he would never say that out loud. Nothing seems right, even after he moves out. Well, that is until he met Anastasia.

Disclaimer: Please do not read if you are easily triggered by mentions of abuse. I am very sorry if I don't accurately portray what abuse is like in this story. It is not my intention to offend anyone.


2. Chapter One


He reminisced in his childhood memories, but not happily. Leo’s childhood was ripped away from his grip just like a bully ripped away a child’s candy. The boy was left with a bitter feeling in his mouth when he spoke and was given permission to grow up too fast. He remembered his father slapping his face with no remorse for not having his room cleaned up, and when his mother tried to defend him, she would get a slap as well. He never forgot the sting. Oh no! It was something pinned to his memory. He thought that maybe his mother would leave the man, but she was so blinded by “love” that she never stepped back and realized the harm she was doing to him… to herself. He never received that warm embrace from his mother. He never got kisses on the cheek. When he would say, “I love you, mom.”, as a child, she would respond in a monotone hum. That is it. She never said it back, and Leo grew up with the crave to hear his mother say it once. He wanted to hear his Mother’s emotionless voice that he loved, say it back to him. It never happened though.

His chest felt tight. His thoughts were an ocean that drowned him. He never knew how to get away from the thoughts until he met her. Until, he met Anastasia. She made him forget all his flaws. She was his Novocaine. The conversations they had were something so precious to him. They would talk about anything. She always becomes bitter because she wants to know what is wrong with him, but he never tells her. It is his secret. Once told, it is no longer a secret of his own. He always hints at it when they talk about a topic that he can connect to his past. But, due to his past, he has never believed in love. If my mom could not say it to me, why would someone else say it? Love was something fictional. Something that only stories could explain. It was all just a fairytale, and nothing more. When he met Anastasia, something within his hardened shell, bloomed with light. There was this small part of his shell that was not made out of titanium, but of paper. It was soaked with her love, and she broke through it, but he would never let her know that. Maybe that is a messed up thing to do, but what is right in this world? Everything that is nice and amazing, always has a dark and evil twist.

Leo opened his eyes wide as he tried to get used to the sun shining through his window. The breeze entering and blowing around his bed hair. He tugged his hair lightly as he tried to remove it from his sight, and rubbed the crust off his eyes. Ew, he thought. His body felt heavy, and tiresome. He stretched his limbs until he heard the satisfying cracks. He tugged his chin to each side to crack his neck. He twisted around as he cracked his back. Oh boy, I feel so much better. He stood up and walked over to the bathroom, looking down at the wood floor. Once inside the bathroom, he looked at his naked torso in the mirror. His lips turning into a frown when seeing the profound scars established around his body… Everywhere. Did he cut himself? You might ask. Well, no. Every scar on his body is a memory of his alcoholic father breaking bottles and using them to cut his body. His eyes stung with tears. He hated his father, but hated his Mother even more with a burning passion. She would just stand there and watch that man ingrain sharp glass into Leo’s porcelain white skin. What Mother, huh? So many times he got cut, if he was to take a knife and glide it roughly against his skin, he would not feel the pain. He was immune to it all. You could say he had Congenital Analgesia.

He looked at his messy, curly, brown hair that fell upon his forehead. He pushed it back, but there was no use. It would just fall on his face once more. He sighed as he turned on the sink, and started to brush his perfectly, straight teeth. The smell of mint took over his senses. He rinsed out his mouth and dried his face. He took his phone, and played some music. The soft acoustic song making him smile a bit in response. He turned on the shower, and let the water turn warm. He removed his clothes, and stepped in. He sighed in relief as the warm water relaxed his tense muscle in his back. Leo stood there for a while, letting the water drops glide down his white complexion. He took the shampoo and squeezed some product out onto his palm. He distributed the product, and massaged it into his scalp. When his head was full of soap suds, he was going to rinse it out when out of nowhere, there was a knock on the door. He rolled his eyes, and stepped out of the shower. He reached for the towel and dried himself a bit before wrapping the towel around his hips. He rolled his eyes again. Great! I look like the generic douche bags from the movies who open the door with a towel being the only thing to cover. He lifted the towel above his v-line so it would not seem like he was trying to show off his body. He thought it was just going to be a neighbor or something, but when he opened the door, it was Ana. His eyes widened. No, no, no! She cannot see my scars or else she is going to start asking questions. Damnit! What to do? What to do?

“Hi Leo.” Ana said with a smile. Leo smiled nervously, saying hello in return.

“Uhm, I am completely naked so I am going to dash up the stairs, and finish up showering.” Leo said rapidly as he dashed up the stairs.

“You can come in now!” He yelled. She came into the house and walked into the living room. He sighed and ran into the shower, and finished up.

He walked into his room, and opened up his closet. He looked around the full closet trying to decide what to wear. He looked at some black joggers and plain white t-shirt. He looked to the floor of his closet, and picked up his black huaraches. He walked over to his bed and dropped everything upon it. He took his towel, and dried himself off and dried his hair. He ran out of his room and down the stairs, almost falling.

“Hey.” Ana said as Leo sat on the chair.

“Hey. Here so early?” She giggled and started to fidget with her fingers.

“Yeah sorry. I did not want to be at home.” He looked at her, eyes narrowed.

“Hm… Your dad agai-”

“Please no. I do not want to talk about it… please.” She cut him off short. She looked down at her arm in silence.

“Ana please don’t tell me he.. That he hit you. He didn’t?... right?” She looked up. She saw the anger in his eyes. She averted her eyes to the floor, feeling strange in his strong and angered stare… She almost felt scared. Not of him, but of what he would do. “Ana show me. Show me where he hurt you.” He said, no emotion within his tone. She shook her head.

“Ana please let me see how he hurt you.” He continued,

“If you don’t show me, I cannot know how bad it truly is” He just wanted to know… and maybe hurt him more. He just didn’t want it to get worse for her. She was out of high school, and he did not let her get a job. Nothing. What if I offer her to live with me? Hmm. I have another room that I use for… Wow! What do I even have in that room? Perfect! I should make that her room. She stands up and pulls her shirt up. Bruises are all you can see. Leo stays silent and stares at all the purple spots that decorated her body. He showed no emotion again. She turned around and there were more and more bruises. To say he was angry, was an understatement. He was fucking furious. How dare he put a fucking hand on her? He did not know what to do, but to stay quiet. She pulled her shirt back down and sat once more. Leo looked down to the floor and exhaled roughly. “Leo… It is not that big of a deal. It is just a few-”

“A few…” He whispered before continuing.

“A fucking few?!?! Ana that is not a few. They cover your whole body! You should not even call that piece of shit your father. He is just a sperm donor at this point!” He scoffed. She looked down.

“He just worries about me. He said he loves me.” He looked at her, eyebrows furrowed. “Loves you?! Someone who loves you does not abuse you.”

“It is just discipline.” He scoffed again.

“Discipline, my ass.”

“Well… Whatever. At least I have my Father. Where are yours, huh?” He was stunned. She has never said something like that to him… ever. She did not know what to think. She could not see how he felt. It made her go mad. The fact that he could read her so easily, but she could never reciprocate his actions. He looked the other way, closing his eyes for a moment. She could have sworn his lip quivered for a moment, but maybe her eyes deceived her. She felt something… Like a heavyweight on her chest because maybe… Maybe she could have just ruined everything that she had. Her everything was that boy. The one sitting a few feet away from her. The silence killed her. She could not find the words to say because what the hell do you say to someone after you offend them in such a way? He sighed, then opened his eyes. She looked into them. The green in his eyes seeming darker than usual.

“Anastasia, I have to do some things today. If you want to stay here, you can. If you want to go back to your house, go ahead. Bye.” He said with a mysterious stare.

“Leo… I am so sorry. I did not mean to.” Ana said as she grabbed onto his hand. He quickly pulled away from her grip, and kept walking.

“If you are going to leave, make sure to lock the door.” He whispered in a raspy voice. Her chest started to ache. Why did I do this to him? He did not deserve that. He has always been so kind to me, and this is what I say to him…

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