Something There - A Beauty & The Beast Story

Belle thought she was happy. A loving family, an adoring kingdom, what more could the girl who longed for adventure want? But when Belle suddenly falls ill one unexpected night and The Enchantress arrives, Prince Alain finds out his beloved wife is far from happy. Can Belle save her beastly fate and the life of her unborn child before the last petal falls?

Title of Story, Chapters and quote comes from assorted songs and lines from the 2017 production of "Disney's Beauty And The Beast"
AMAZING and absolutely beautiful cover credit goes to @NightShadeCreepyPasa, who has also given me some amazing feedback and support in writing this story! Thank you :)


7. "Now I'm Wiser, But Unsure"

Belle pushed the baby carriage slowly down the long, dusty rocky path. It jostled here and there, but Rosalie remained completely quiet and still.

After three days of sleeping, napping, weeping, reading and some weed pulling, Maurice had suggested a quick outing through town before both Belle and the baby went stir-crazy. She had told him everything she knew, and since then had been sitting around waiting for something to happen. A few times, she had lost control with her father, and another petal had fallen. She only had three left. The redness on her belly had healed, but it does not swell as it should. Belle had felt a faint kick, and nothing more. There was no sign that her child was still growing, and Belle was growing more anxious and ill tempered every day.

"Perhaps you'll find answers away from here," Maurice had assured his daughter before she stepped out the door. The thought was absurd to Belle. What memories and connections could she possibly have with this place, the very one she had wanted to escape for the first seventeen years of her life?

Lost in her own little world, free of curses and family life, Belle hadn't realized she had almost run over Monsieur LeFou, her old arch-nemeses' only friend and sidekick, with

Rosalie's carriage. He dropped to his knees, begging for forgiveness.

"Oh, please don't punish me, Your Majesty! I had no intentions of harming you or your daughter!"

It's all right, LeFou, we're old friends, remember?"

"Friends, us? But I thought..."

"It's true that I was not the greatest of acquaintances with Gaston, but I had nothing against you. You were just following his lead in plotting to lock up my father and kill my husband because he forced it upon you."

LeFou stood up and brushed himself off. "Yes, well, I suppose that's true. But you really mustn't pour out all the blame on Gaston, rest his soul. He just wanted what was best for you."

And with that, the little man scurried off toward the pub.

"What an odd statement," thought Belle as she continued to push the carriage farther down the road. She thought nothing of it, until a shocking realization entered into her mind,

Deep down, was I always secretly in love, with Gaston?!

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